Sweden: Video for Euphoria Released


Sweden does tend to take their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest seriously especially due to the fact that the representative is normally one of the upcoming or notable names in the country and thus signed to a major music label. Nevertheless, the music video to their entries has normally been recorded late on several occasions with the preview shows across the board showing the performance of the national final instead. Loreen was the sheer favourite this time round and when Euphoria picked up top honours, Warner Music Sweden wanted to make sure that promotion was done right and started working on a conceptual idea for a music video.

We have seen the video along with the extended version of the song as published by leading Swedish tabloid Expressen and one has to say that it reflects the artist more than it speaks about the song in general. Throughout her stay at the Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen was seen to be that type of mysterious figure who seems quite shy in front of the cameras when it comes to an interview but nevertheless, that sort of quirky character made it more interesting when she ended up being the winner. In the music video, the setting is a field along with terrible weather conditions which alternate from rain to sun and then finally snow keeping the effect as used in Baku, Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, her long stares at nothing and editing has made this track look visually stunning once more. The track has become one of the most successful winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in history.

Source: Expressen



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