Exclusive: The Return of Kevin Borg to the MESC


The Public Broadcasting Services are gearing up to produce a noteworthy showcase featuring a total of twenty-four acts, known as the Malta Eurovision Song Contest from which, one entry will be selected to represent the country in the prestigious competition abroad which in 2013 will be taking place in Sweden or most notably, the city of Malmö. One of the key artists to have submitted his bid and will ultimately be competing for the elite ticket is none other than two time former participant; Kevin Borg who has become synonymous with the Maltese public after managing to find success in Sweden by virtue of winning the Idol competition which saw him sign to Sony Music and release; two successful singles entitled With Every Bit of Me and Streetlights as well as an album bearing the name The Beginning. The management behind Kevin Borg has been in touch with escflashmalta.com with some exclusive tidbits about the upcoming participation.


TV4 and Idol have become very popular in Sweden and as a matter of fact, Kevin has been riding on a wave of success since then noting several collaborations with renowned songwriters and performers. Nevertheless, his heart remains close to the Maltese public and in fact, despite receiving several offers from SVT to participate in the Melodifestivalen in the past, he has respectfully declined hoping that one day he would represent Malta at the prestigious event. That day has indeed come as he presents an entry bearing the title Needing You which features a collaboration of five songwriters; Kevin Borg, Simon Gribbe, Thomas Thornholm, Michael Clauss and Danne Attlerud. This is a team that between them have had at least twenty-five entries in Melodifestivalen, and three entries in the Melodi Grand Prix, also being represented in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2004 on behalf of Norway with the track High sung by Knut-Anders Sorum.

The songwriters spoke in unison to say ‘creating the song really became a great period. Being five composers in the same studio co-writing  wasn’t anything anyone had experienced before, but everything really became the very best of song writing sessions. The result is Needing You, a song exactly matched for Kevin’s voice and performance and for the Eurovision format’. The artist has also just issued a statement with regards to the fact that people did not hear the track and that the management have swiftly sent an email to the personnel responsible at the Public Broadcasting Services in order to clarify the situation and possible post a minute and a half of the songs as is currently going around on several channels within the viral website, Youtube. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the Malta Eurovision Song Contest which is taking place on the 1st and 2nd February 2013.

Source: Kevin Borg’s Management


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