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In the past, the local music scene was somewhat well adapted to promoting artists who had a solid solo career rather than possibly those who would team up and create a band although, the few which eventually did managed to release some stunning music as we pay them tribute. This has been a changing trend noting that there are a number of bands presently and they have been achieving a lot of success on both local and foreign waters, making them somewhat enviable at times. One should not fret about the other section of the industry though because the artists who are trying to do it on their own are also managing to find their feet with some funky modern music which is always enjoyed by the masses. 89.7 Bay has always been on the forefront to promote talent which is spectacular and easy on the ear. Therefore, it is not surprising to note that for the ninth edition of the Bay Music Awards, the Best Solo Artist of the past couple of months will be given an award during a ceremony which is taking place at the Bay Arena on the 12th December 2012 hosted by Ben Glover, Dorian Cassar and Nathan D, the latter of which is pictured below.
Five solo artists have been given a nomination and it is up to their fans and radio listeners alike to select the very best from the possible choices. It is worth pointing out that three females will be competing against two males and the former take precedence as per gesture. In fact, the first nominee is Christabelle, a talented young individual who has been around for quite some time by virtue of working her way into public perception in a number of showcases such as the Junior Eurosong and the Għanja tal-Poplu competition before heading out to try and conquer the world of local radio, something that she has so far achieved successfully. For the past three years, Christabelle has gladly taken up the award noting that she has released a number of number #1 singles including; Everything About You, I Wanna KnowEverytime I Bleed and most recently Say which will be unveiled once more at the awards show in a different manner. Her latest single was proudly released onto digital platforms online through the help of CAP Sounds, a German company which runs under the supervision of Universal Music Germany and which has taken care of several Maltese entries in the Eurovision Song Contest in the past.
The second artist to feature on the list of nominees does not need too much introduction either with Muxu building a solid fan-base over the years by virtue of releasing material in r’n’b format whilst also collaborating with a number of other artists along the way. The renowned male performer has managed to reach the higher echelons of the airplay at 89.7 Bay on several occasions including with tracks such as Still Missing You (ft. Talitha), Feel Good Song (ft. Davinia), Broken, Beat My DrumElectronicSo Good and his most recent release coming at the end of September entitled Pour Down On Me. Muxu has worked with several times, even releasing his last two music videos exclusively with this portal. He brings about variety and distinction and tends to stand out from the crowd just for the sake of being original. It is also worth noting that, just a couple of days ago, it was revealed that he is also one of the songwriters in the 2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest as he penned the lyrics to the song Betrayed, composed by Elton Zarb, which will be performed on the semi-final of the showcase on the 1st February 2013.
Moving onto artist number three, a female who goes by the stage name of Brooke, a talented young artist who does not live in Malta anymore choosing to pursue her career in the United Kingdom where she is also studying. In a similar route taken up by Christabelle, Brooke started from the Junior Song for Europe before showing prowess in her later years and began performing with up and coming singer Daniele, an Italian on a regular basis. Just a couple of years later, she also recorded the track Echo with the Sanremo Giovani winner; Tony Maiello and performed the song live on The X Factor which back then used to air on RAI DUE. She has never looked back ever since and has released a series of hit singles including Achilles Heel, Love Not War, Fairytale and her latest being Bingo. She has been known to perform mainly generic pop with some fusion of r’n’b synths but what makes her wanted for more performances is the fact that she sounds great when she sings live, on most occasions, better than the recording. have been honoured to have also worked with her on the release of the video for the track Fairytale earlier this year.
According to the latest reports, the partner of the artist above is none other than Kurt Calleja, the fourth nominee in this years’ solo artist category who has gained fame through the world of competitions. In fact, the male singer first appeared on the music scene alongside Kaya in the performance of Waterfall, before returning as a solo performer in 2011 with the track Over and Over, which reached third place and catapulted him to local success. Earlier this year, he entered with the song This Is The Night and ultimately won the competition over fan favourite Claudia Faniello and represented the country abroad making it through to the final selection of the event before ultimately only managing twenty-first place. Since returning back from the Eurovision Song Contest, Kurt Calleja has released a brand new track entitled Boomerang and is planning several more releases in the coming months including a debut album which will surely involve some cracking tunes that people will end up enjoying.

The final artist to have been nominated for the Best Solo Artist award is actually one who has been around in the local music industry the longest and has marked her return to the scene earlier this year with a strong number entitled What I’d Give. Ira Losco was one of the people who worked her way up to the top by reaching the best possible lengths in competitions including being the Maltese representative at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2002 and also winning the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza back in 2001. At this point in time, Ira has released six studio albums including those for remixes and acoustic versions respectively. Following her stint at the international competition, the female performer started to reinvent herself and in fact, signed a record deal with Jagged House to start working with songwriter and producer Howard Keith. The collaboration has been a huge success and Ira has been rekindling her followers in anticipation for the release of a brand new album in the beginning of the new year. During the evening like all of the performers mentioned above, Ira will be performing live so make sure to enjoy the show.
This was the second  in a series of features that has planned for the 2012 edition of the Bay Music Awards and that is because people have to party as if it’s the end of the world. In order to vote for the Best Solo Artist Award, it is vital to send an sms with either of these acts’ respective name sakes as show in the article in bold to 50615304. Make sure that the vote you make is for the song which you believe deserves the award because it managed to make some sort of impact. The voting is open until the 5th December which is roughly just less than a month. Make sure to get cracking and stay tuned to both and 89.7 Bay for all of the latest updates from this years’ edition of the prestigious music awards.

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