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Melodifestivalen is somewhat keeping an intriguingly low profile thus far considering that Sweden is hosting this years’ edition of the Eurovision Song Contest but nevertheless, SVT is making sure that showcase is successful and as a matter of fact, viewing rates have been stunning thus far. The fourth and final semi-final will be taking place this Saturday evening and based on just the names of the artists, it will surely be a firecracker with two potential winners competing. As a matter of fact, the first are a group who barely need any introduction within a European front following their success during the nineties where they defined a distinctively different form of pop. Army of Lovers will take to the stage in Malmö Arena, the venue of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest to perform the song Rockin’ The Ride written by Per QX, Andreas Öhrn and Henrik Wikström.

Several individuals were somewhat disappointed when the nineties came to an end because as a decade, they had introduced a brand new genre of music, Eurodance which technically speaking was a merge between pop and dance. The noughties sought to change the meaning and indeed, the electronic sound became more predominant and groups such as Army of Lovers were somewhat coming to an end altogether yet seeing you back to compete in the 2013 edition of Melodifestivalen is stunning. What reignited the comeback and was is the plan that will follow?

We had a great track in the studio – written and produced by Gravitonas –  which suited Army Of Lovers perfectly. Universal Music wanted to release the track as a brand new Army Of Lovers single and then Swedish Television heard about it and the rest is history.

Turning back the years, and going back to 1991, it was the highlight of your careers or rather the first noting that your single Crucified managed to reach the top ten in at least seven countries including Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States leading to more success with the follow-up single entitled Obsession which managed to peak at number #2 in Sweden along with at least four top ten positions in Finland, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland. When coming up with the idea of Army of Lovers, did you believe that success in such a manner was possible and how was it to garner credibility and fame?

We never thought about whether we would be successful or not. We just wanted to do our own thing, our way.

In the 2013 edition of the Melodifestivalen, you are set to be competing with the track entitled Rockin’ the Ride has been penned by the male members of the group alongside Per QX, Andreas Öhrn and Henrik Wikström. This is a team which has worked with Alcazar, Carola, Shirley Clamp and Robyn amongst others and thus needs no real is necessary. The focus here is the track and many people are asking what is to be expected from the song and will it has that charm that the group has been known to present over the years, considering the fact that there has been quite a long period of hiatus?

You will find out on February 23. “Rockin’ The Ride” has been described as a merger between Gangnam Style and Swedish House Mafia which we guess sums it up pretty well. 

One of the Alexander Bard projects which many people will remember apart from this will surely be the group known as Bodies Without Organs (BWO) which had a lot of exposure at the Melodifestivalen competition having taken part a total of four times, the first time in 2005 with the track Gone, second time round with the song Temple of Love in 2006, then came Lay Your Love on Me in 2008 and last but not least You’re Not Alone in 2009. From non-qualification into the final to runner-up finishes, it was a rollercoaster ride but what did you take from each experience and what do you plan to bring as you compete this time round?

Alexander was a member of BWO but Jean-Pierre and La Camilla are participating in Melodfestivalen for the first time. Not that it makes much of a difference, we all three have lots of TV experience before and different TV shows are actually quite a lot alike. 

If one does indeed take up the amount of studio albums that you have released into the music market, there would be four along with another one being a different type of release directed for the United States, therefore amounting to five. These were indeed followed by two compilation albums of hits which you released throughout the years and then also a remix album this comeback is seemingly getting your strong fan base excited as Army of Lovers are back with a band and also a brand new album. Would you care to tell us some details about the album and when it should be released to the market?

The album is called “Big Battle Of Egos” and is set for release in March. It will feature four brand new tracks, “Rockin’ The Ride” plus three more brand new tracks and potential follow-up singles. The rest of the album is a compilation of Army Of Lovers classic hits, released for a new generation.

This year, the Eurovision Song Contest will be taking place in Sweden and according to the bookmakers, Army of Lovers are one of the acts that is being considered as a strong contender to represent the nation on home soil yet the first task is set forth for the 23rd February in the fourth semi-final which SVT will be hosting in Malmö, the city which will indeed be the host of the international showcase. How do you view such a scenario and do you believe that a victory is possible?

Of course Army Of Lovers would be happy to compete for Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest and Sweden would do well to finally send a proper LGBT act this year, like Dana International from Israel and Verka Serduchka from Ukraine before. But it is up to the Swedish TV audience to decide. 

The Melodifestivalen competition has played a major role in the Swedish charts in the past couple of years considering that it receives major promotion throughout the weeks that it takes place and ultimately ranks as more viewed that the actual Eurovision Song Contest when figures are released at the end of the year. Why do you think that the Swedish competition for the international showcase has gained such prestige and if you had the opportunity to change to suggest something to improve it in future editions, what would it be?

The problem is that the Melodifestivalen has much higher artistic standards than Eurovision. Too many countries send bad entries with crappy and unimaginative songs to Eurovision which always surprised us. Eurovision is after all an amazing opportunity for promotion of new music, so why not send the best a country can offer? 

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