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Hungary is one of the participating countries in the Eurovision Song Contest whose appearances have been quite sporadic with this years’ entry set to mark a milestone in being the third consecutive entry without any breaks necessary. A Dal, the selection process established last year returns for another outing with three preselections heats and two semi-finals leading to the selection of eight entries, all of which will be hoping to become the eleventh entry of the Eastern nation. Whoever is chosen has somewhat large shoes to fill noting that for the past two years, this is a nation which has managed to qualify to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, albeit finishing in a mid-table and a lower-end position. Magyar Television (MTV) is putting a lot of effort into the participation and this will be seen in this evenings’ grand final.

The jury will be quite pivotal this evening noting that following a first round of performances, they will be selecting the top four entries in their respective opinion and therefore, this brings down the field by half considering that there are eight entries in contention this evening. When the super-finalists are selected, the public will be the ones to make the final decision. This mixture of public and jury voting has somewhat worked in the past and has rarely been touched due to the fact that there is a consensus in realistic terms. Gábor Gundel-Takács and Éva Novodomszky will be taking on the main role as hosts this evening with Márton Buda interviewing the artists backstage. Amongst the members of the jury there are Magdi Ruzsa from 2007, Viktor Takonczai from 1997 and Csaba Walkó, lead singer of the group Compact Disco who took to the stage in 2012. The show will be shown on the Official Eurovision Website.

The Show (Part 1)

An opening sequence depicting this evenings’ contenders is currently shown on screen to introduce the final of A Dal with the background music being The Sound of Our Hearts. A huge set up and it seems that this will be quite the formal evening with our female host wearing a stunning lilac dress complemented by the male who is wearing a stunning tuxedo. Once more, the broadcaster is really promoting the artists competing this evening as they are invited onto the stage in the running order sequence. Well, it seems that the introduction is going to be relatively long but we’ll be hanging on to follow all of the proceedings as they unfold on MTV. It seems that we’ve got some commentary going on between the front and the backstage and whoa, that is one big cake with the logo of the selection!

Running Order

Tamás Vastag – Holnaptól

Vastag Tamas takes the stage all alone in the setting mimicking a street bench as the song progresses he is joined by four backing vocalists, males and females as he moves to centre stage. He is perfectly in tune throughout the song. The song picks up a more interesting pace towards the climax as all five voices together create a heavenly sound. This was definitely a good start to the show with a great song, amazing vocals and a cute singer.

Ildikó Keresztes – Nem akarok többé játszani

The song is introduces by a piano player on a grand piano. Ildikó Keresztes’s voice soon enters into the mix, as do the rest of the band and backing vocalists. The song has a classical vibe, with the use of instruments such as a cello and violin. As the song progresses more attention is given to the singer’s powerful voice. The emotion in the song builds up, and ends at a high point.

András Kállay Saunders – My baby

The song begins with a cheerful tune, accompanied by a number of backing singers, a cello, clapping, and András Kállay Saunders himself. The setting of the stage consists of a red, black and white colour scheme and flashing hearts. The singer as well as the accompanying group are very charismatic and show amazing chemistry between them. The song is very catchy and, together with the performance, puts a smile on the watcher’s face. The song makes one want to sing and dance along with the performers. This song definitely has a chance of being the song that will lead Hungary to Malmo.

Gigi Radics – Úgy fáj

This is the second classical style song of the night.  Gigi Radics is accompanied my a grand piano and cello, but the song has a more modern vibe due to the beat provided by a set of drums. Also on stage are two backing vocalists. Gigi’s voice has a sweet quality complimenting her looks. She is dressed elegantly in a floor length black gown, while her long tresses are blowing in the wind. Her voice is very powerful but she maybe seems to be trying a bit too hard to impress us with it. 

Gergő Rácz – Csak állj mellém

Gergő Rácz opens the song singing whilst playing a guitar. As the song picks up he lets go of his guitar, takes centre stage and is joined by 4 backing vocalists. This song is an easy listener with a poppy vibe. It is pleasant but probably not powerful enough to be the song to represent hungary. Overall the performance was well coordinated and Gergo’s good looks might win him some extra points.

Szilvi Agárdi & Dénes Pál – Szíveddel láss

Szilvi Agárdi & Dénes Pál are the first singing duo of the night. The song begins with a very monotonous tone. Denes begins singing, and is joined by Szilvi. They are colour coordinated in monochrome. Four backing vocalist compliment their voices. The singers have chemistry between them, though the performance is quite static, maybe because of Szilvi’s visual disability. The song did reach an emotional climax but in comparison with the good songs we have heard so far tonight, it has little potential to be the winner.

Laura Cserpes – Élj pont úgy

 Laura Cserpes opens the song with herself and her voice at centre stage. She is the focal point, with an angelic look consisting of a white gown and blonde curly locks. Her 4 backing vocalists compliment her look in white. The song has a heavenly, angelic vibe which is increased by the video graphics consisting of many visuals of the singer herself and bubble like graphics. This is the first ballad of the night which was sung perfectly. Laura’s super in-tune voice lent  perfection to the song, with its magical quality. 

ByeAlex – Kedvesem

The song is opened by a singer and a guitarist. The pair have an indie look, consisting of nerd-look glasses, skinny jeans, a mo-hawk and a beanie. The song is simple but has a pleasant ring to it. The setting compliments the playful element of the song, with artsy cartoon graphics. The singer’s good vocals were complimented by a backing vocalist. The song did not really have a powerful climax but was however, pleasant throughout. Even though the song is not a typical Eurovision song, it could possibly be successful in the local charts. 

The Show (Part 2)

All of the performances from this evening have just come to an end and now both the jury and the public will be selecting the top four songs, the ones which made an impact and will be given the chance to compete for the role of the Hungarian representative at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The jury are very attentive at the moment as they cast their votes in this evenings’ edition of A Dal. They have to select wisely because they do not have a vote in the super-final. András Kállay Saunders won the judges vote, closely followed by Gigi Radics. The other two finalists are ByeAlex and Tamás Vastag. Live entertainment is taking place while the public is casting its vote with Compact Disco taking to the stage with last years’ entry Sound of Our Hearts.


ByeAlex – Kedvesem

Gigi Radics – Úgy fáj

András Kállay Saunders – My baby

Tamás Vastag – Holnaptól


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