Bosnia and Herzegovina: Maya Sar Unveils New Single


In 2012, Maya Sar took to the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the song Korake Ti Znam which she co-wrote alongside Mahir Sarihodžić and Adriano Pennino. Despite the fact that the piano ballad did not set the scoreboard on fire, finishing in eighteenth (18th) place with a total of fifty-five (55) points, the female vocalist has maintained a good reputation in the balkan region. Together with her husband, she has been working on her debut studio album and as a matter of fact, a brand new single entitled O Meni Nikom Ne Pričaj featuring guitarist Marijan Brkic Brk has been published with the accompaniment of a music video.

Maya Sar is thus far the last artist to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina noting that they did not participate in this years’ edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and are yet to cement their place for Copenhagen, Denmark although rumours suggest that their return is imminent. Maya Sar is a Bachelor of Music Graduate from the University of Sarajevo and therefore holds high regard in the industry for understanding the technicality of it all. Prior to taking the lead vocals at the international competition, she had also accompanied Dino Merlin and his entry Love In Rewind as a backing vocalist. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news. 

Source: Official Facebook Page


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