Netherlands: Media Suggest Anouk Involvement


AvroTros, the national broadcaster responsible for the participation of The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest is yet to reveal their selection method but the media has seemingly been speculating that another internal choice would be made, with the actual song set to be written by none other than Anouk. The female singer/songwriter represented The Netherlands at the international showcase earlier this year as her performance of the song Birds saw the nation in the final for the very first time in almost a decade.

In a radio broadcast, Anouk did not want to deny the recent rumours with regards to a possible second participation within the Eurovision Song Contest, albeit as just a songwriter. She has gone on record stating that if she had a say, then it would be Shirma Rouse who would represent the country but nevertheless, the female vocalist who accompanied her as a backing singer is currently appearing in The Voice of Holland. One name who has been ruled out completely is Armin Van Buren, the popular DJ who said that his upcoming tour will keep him busy. He also said that if Anouk is penning the song, then it is impossible that popular vocalist, Ilse de Lange would perform it due to their ever growing feud. Stay tuned to for more news about this story and the participation of The Netherlands at next years’ Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Oikotimes


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