Exclusive: The Madhatters Release Debut Single


In recent months; SkyCity, The Crowns and Skinny Genes have been amongst the newest bands to enter the local music scene providing music which has been enjoyed by the masses either during a series of gigs or on the radio. As of today, that list will add at least one new name, that of The Madhatters, a foursome of young talented males who have come forth with their debut single My Remedy. This track which they co-wrote together will get it’s first exclusive airing through escflashmalta.com as part of the commitment to promoting new and upcoming talent, which shows promise.

At this present moment, the song is currently being set to radio stations across the country in hope of finding solace in the ears of the public. The Madhatters is made up of Robert Muscat on lead guitar, Ismael Bonello on drums, Daniel Cachia on bass and escflashmalta.com‘s very own Senior Editor, Antoine Farrugia on lead vocals. On first listen, the realisation of the band seems to have been very much inspired by one of the most successful groups in the Island, that being Airport Impressions because there is the typical element of pop/rock with a slight tinge of country. That particular sound should make them stand out in an industry which has been said to be extremely alternative. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com in the coming days, weeks and months for all of the latest news from the music industry.

Source: escflashmalta.com, The Madhatters on Twitter and Facebook



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