Russia: RTR Officially Presents Tolmachevy Twins


RTR, one of the two public broadcaster in Russia, responsible for selecting an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest every other year has decided to scrap the national selection process in favour of an internal selection following recent developments in the nation found at the far east of the continent. The Tolmachevy Twins, winners of the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be trying their luck in the senior counterpart of the event, one which will prove to be a much more ardous task.

The Twins; Anastasiya and Maria return back to the world of the Eurovision Song Contest a total of eight years after making their debut in the music scene. The song which they will be performing at the event is yet to be revealed although the broadcaster is expected to make the announcement either tomorrow or on Monday noting that the Heads of Delegation meeting is now upon us. The girls had already been part of the senior counterpart of the Eurovision Song Contest having been invited to perform as the opening act in 2009, when the event took place in Moscow, Russia. Stay tuned to for all the latest news.

Source: RTR,


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