Spain: Interview with Ruth Lorenzo (ESC 14)


In recent years, has been on the forefront in chatting to artists who would be heading to the Eurovision Song Contest and hopefully representing their country and achieving a positive result. Next up is Ruth Lorenzo who will be representing Spain with the song Dancing in the Rain co-written with Julian Emery and James Lawrence Irvin. She speaks of her time on the British version of the X Factor and her music career since then.

It was once remarked that one could never go wrong by performing a piano led ballad at the Eurovision Song Contest and it seems that Dancing in the Rain, co-written by Julian Emery and James Lawrence Irvin ticks such boxes. Why did you select this song to submit for the preselection and could you talk us through the creative process?

I wrote this song about 3 years ago, and at first many artists asked me if I could give it to them, but I always resisted. I knew it was a special song. When the opportunity of Eurovision came up I knew that ‘Dancing in the Rain’ was the best song. I selected it because it is really special to me and because of it’s message of hope and encouragement.

In the national selection a couple of weeks back, you had to endure an extremely fierce competition for a number of extremely talented artists including fan favourite Brequette who also ended up winning the vote of the professional panel of judges. What did you personally think of her entry Run and were you ever in talks with RTVE to represent Spain as an internally selected artist?

I think that Brequette’s song is amazing. She did such a good job that night. There were initial talks about an internal selection, but RTVE finally decided to let the public decide.

Despite the process though, you were clearly selected as the representative of the public which in turn gives you a lot of confidence to carry out their will in what is the most followed global event in music. Other artists describe that moment as a mixture of emotions, and thus comes the question, what were you thinking as the votes of the tele-voting were being read out?

I literally cannot remember! I was so nervous… I didn’t think I was going to win. Actually, when the result was said, I still did not know I had won!! The moment I relized I could not believe it so I started shouting!! I felt so much happiness because I have worked so, so much!

An emotional rendition of True Colors, originally by Cyndi Lauper is the song which got you through to the final phase of the X Factor, having been chosen by Danni Minogue and guest judge Emma Bunton to move forward. What were you thinking of whilst performing the song and why did you decide to audition for the British version of the X Factor in front of music mogul Simon Cowell?

It was a last minute decision! I was in my hometown Murcia and I decided to pack a suitcase and travel to London to audition for The X Factor. I thought it would be a great opportunity but obviously never expected to get so far!! It has been one of the best experiences of my whole life and career.

Away from the X Factor, and back in Spain, you have released at least two successful singles, one in 2011 entitled Burn and of course Dancing in the Rain, both of whic which peaked in the top twenty at number #16 and number #7 respectively. What many do not understand is why you took that much time to release new material following your stint on the reality talent show, care to explain?

After The X Factor I signed to EMI and worked during more than a year on songs for my album. But things did not go well because the record label and I had different visions of my project, so I decided to leave the record deal and start working independantly. That’s why it took so long for me to release material.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a global event watched by music fanatics all over the continent and beyond noting a strong following in Australia and the United States, with the European Broadcasting Union also introducing it to New Zealand this year. What do you plan in terms of performance for the night of the final and who will be joining you on stage?

I cannot wait!! We are still putting the finishing touched to everything. For the moment I can confirm I will be joined by 4 amazing backing singers!!

Most of the countries will have to get through a semi-final phase of the competition before coming up against you in the final of this prestigious event. Have you had the opportunity to listen to any of the songs taking part this year, and if so, would you be able to tell us your favourites?

I have listened to most of them! I love the entries from UK and Ireland. And of course I love Conchita! The Malta song really surprised me this year! I love it because in some way it reminds me of one of my favourite groups at the moment, Mumford and Sons!

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Thanks so much for reading my interview! I hope you enjoy my song ‘Dancing in the Rain’ and see you in Denmark!!!!! xx


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