Malta: Federica Falzon Emerges Victorious in Italy


Malta has been nicknamed by many as the small country with big talent and after a number of close finishes in the Eurovision Song Contest and victories in foreign festivals, Malta was able to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest last year thanks to Gaia Cauchi, Elton Zarb, Gillian Attard and Matthew Mercieca. It was no surprise when after Gaia’s emergence from La Voix Academy, that Federica Falzon from the same academy made the headlines by making it through to the finals of ‘Ti Lascio Una Canzone’.

The young Maltese starlet was partnered with Vincenzo Carni and together they formed a lyrical duo. The duo hit the right chord straightaway as they impressed from the very first programme where they went on to win it. After that the duo had another four victories – something impressive especially considering the talent of all the singers competing in this show. The duo did not compete in one of the ten programmes because Federica was unwell but in the others they left their mark as when they did not win they still managed to reach the finals in that particular programme.

Tonight the lyrical duo sang two songs ‘Un Amore Cosi Grande’ and ‘Il Mare Calmo Della Sera’. Federica was impressive in both songs tonight whilst Vincenzo after a small glitch in the first song picked up well and was as equally impressive. This never hindered them in anyway, as the song ‘Un Amore Cosi Grande’ went on to the final three. After the super finalists sang again, it was very evident that the Maltese/Italian duo meant business as they managed to up their game to a new level and their performance had everyone on their feet right from the start. 

Federica Falzon and Vincenzo Carni were announced as the winners of the seventh edition of ‘Ti Lascio Una Canzone’ with the song ‘Un Amore Cosi Grande’. Another feat for our country, especially considering the amount of talent one finds in Italy, known for its culture and musical capacity. A well deserved mention goes to Federica Falzon’s teachers Gillian Attard and Matthew Mercieca from La Voix Academy who have guided the young star throughout her impressive journey. Stay tuned to for all the latest news.

Source: Rai Uno


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