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In recent years, has been on the forefront in chatting to artists who would be heading to the Eurovision Song Contest and hopefully representing their country and achieving a positive result. Next up is Valentina Monetta who will be representing San Marino with the song Maybe (Forse) composed by Ralph Siegel to the lyrics of Mauro Balestri. She looks back at hes experience in the music industry and the manner in which she is taking up the challenge of representing hes country in the biggest music event for the third time.

Valentina, the Eurovision Song Contest is to be noted as a major part of your music career, having given you the opportunity to showcase your talents to a broader audience that the one come to be expected of a microstate like San Marino. Have you thought about what lies ahead in the future?

Of course .. I think the work I’ve done for me, for my music and for the public who follows me is great and I hope of course that it will bear fruit. Along with Ralph Siegel and the Eurovision Song Contest, I had the opportunity to learn so many things to grow and mature both humanly and artistically and fine tune my talent, I hope to get feedback for my always greater commitment.

In the past two years, you represented San Marino with two completely different entries; The Social Network Song in 2012 and Crisalide (Vola) in 2013 alas failing to get through the semi-final stage of the competition. This time round you will be performing a ballad, in English. Would you care telling us about your entry Maybe (Forse) and how you came to the conclusion of selecting this entry as the one to complete your hat trick?

We had a lot of choice because of my versatility, but in the end, I and my team,  considering the result last year decided of continuing on the same path .. evolving what we somehow managed to convey with Chrysalis. “Maybe”, in Italian “Forse” is a song that wants to open a door in the dense mesh of the certainties of which we are constantly looking for. If the certainties give you a temporary feeling of tranquility, at the same time we are trapped in an amorphous bubble as cosmic beings and we cannot do anything but sit tight.

Maybe (Forse) is a breath of possibilities, maybe the idea we have of reality does not match with what really is reality. The moment we allow ourselves in doubt … maybe to the chance of being something else, it may surprise us and make us fall in love. So… when you’re in love you understand this very well and with absolute certainty that we ourselves are something far beyond, with respect to our limited imagination … Maybe!

Many have commented that the level of songs in this years’ edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is somewhat average in comparison to the past couple of years. Have you heard any of the competing entries and do you agree with this statement?

I think every year there have been more or less valid entries. Last year was of really high level and it’s a source of pride for me to have arrived eleventh, although I have not gone in the final. Hungary and Germany are my favorites this year.

One of the key figures behind your music career is surely Ralph Siegel, who is also co-writer of your entry in this years’ international competition, alongside Mauro Balestri. The German record producer and songwriter has been responsible for some of the most successful songs ever to come out of the competition including none other than Theater, Papa Pingouin, Johnny Blue and Ein bischen Frieden between 1980 and 1982. How did this collaboration begin and do you anticipate a future working relationship?

For me it was a great fortune to know someone as a great as Ralph .. Great opportunity, great collaboration and I can say that if today I respect my passion for music I owe it to him. Maybe we will continue to work together, maybe not, Whatever happens Ralph will always be a mentor and a significant figure in my career as a singer.

In three years, you have managed to build up a sensational following, one which also stretches beyond the confines of the Eurovision Song Contest. Maybe (Forse) is one of the tracks in your upcoming studio album. Would you care to tell us more about this project and what people can expect of it?

So much to say but better to listen: my album is titled SENSIBILITA, it is full of colors and different styles of music. You listen to songs ranging from pop to soul and funk, from swing to reggae and bossa nova. I would call it a nice eruption of energy; mine, that of Ralph and collaborations with other artists of San Marino: Military Band; Choir of San Marino; Roberto Monti, a great musician of the Republic and beyond; Sara Jane Ghiotti, a friend, colleague and fine singer; the legendary big band ”Of Course” of Simone la  Maida, great jazz saxophonist and arranger,; a young rapper from San Marino Mirco Moroncelli  aka Gullo and finally with great joy, my brother Vincenzo Monetta, with whom I shared my passion for music since childhood.

Not forgetting the fabulous musicians who follow me for some time now in my live concerts: Simone Migani (piano), Alex Gorbi (bass and electric bass) , Max Castri (drums) who is also the drummer of Raphael Gualazzi, Claudio Malerba, Luke Florian, Mecco Guidi; and great support from Lello Piergiovanni, studio technician who has helped me in what I personally call a masterpiece.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that San Marino would be performing in twelfth place on the night of the first semi-final meaning that it is a relatively late draw, similar to the one back in 2012. Do you believe that the running order has an influence over the final result?

Well everyone says yes .. but beyond the position in the lineup, I think it’s what I can pass on to audience that gives me satisfaction.

Joshua de Cadenex, also known as Joshua Alamu is one of the most well regarded vocal coaches in Malta, working with some of the most promising talents that the country is known to offer. Your duet entitled A Kiss took us all by surprise but nevertheless was well regarded in the music industry. How did you two meet and how did the collaboration take place?

Joshua is just precious and one of a kind. I had the privilege to know him last year during my preparation for “Chrysalis”, he has helped me a lot for the technique and interpretation and I was very happy to have inspired him to write “A Kiss”  for me and even more to have sung it with him, a great honor.

The 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is not too far away especially due to the fact that it has been set for the beginning of May rather than the latter as has been the case in recent years. How are the preparations going along and what are we to expect on the stage of the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark?

I already feel a mermaid! As always I prepare psycho-physically and I take care of my voice.

In 2013, San Marino was the first country to award their points during the night of the final, giving Malta no less than ten (10) points and an astonishing second place. Have you heard our entry Coming Home by Firelight and would you encourage the jury and the public of San Marino to support our country once more for the second consecutive year?

Yes, absolutely!

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Enjoy your life .. kisses Vale x


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