ESC 2015: Match Made in Heaven for Malta


If Malta does truly want to succeed at the Eurovision Song Contest, I am going to make a suggestion, one which people seem to agree on. A duet featuring both Gianluca and Ira Losco. In reality, both are former representatives, both are talented and have versatility beyond compare. Whether performing on a national scale or during an intimate concert, the male and female combination have always drawn the crowds, getting applause beyond compare and even standing ovations.

The rumour around the music scene seems to be that the Public Broadcasting Services is re-thinking their strategy in support of the Eurovision Song Contest, and possibly opting for an internal choice of artists for 2015. I could imagine the duet between Gianluca and Ira having the same feel that the Dutch brought to the stage during their entry in 2014 ‘Calm After the Storm‘ which finished as the first runner-up, the first top three result for The Netherlands since their victory in 1975. Performing ‘Let Her Go‘ by Passenger, ‘Say Something‘ by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera and ‘Xemx‘ by The Tramps, they oozed charm, confidence and talent.

I say to the Public Broadcasting Services, if you are choosing the artists internally, this is the most likely combination that both the people and the rest of the industry would agree on. Fair reminder that Ira honoured Malta back in 2002 with the track ‘7th Wonder‘ finishing in second place whilst Gianluca represented Malta in 2013 with the infectious ‘Tomorrow‘ managing eighth place. Whilst a victory would not be assured, the fact that Ira would be forming a duet, would ease expectations ever so slightly. Stay tuned to even on Facebook & Twitter for more of such editorials.



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