Malta: Ira Losco Continues to Set the Bar High


Ira Losco is back and she is back to stay – she took a substantial break from releasing anything new but around a year and a half ago she returned to the scene with the hit single ‘What I’d Give’ which released tones of airplay and occupied the top spot in the Bay Charts for a very long time – the rest was history. After lots of determination and hard work, Ira Losco set her sights on rewarding the public with their support through a concert something which she had not done in a long while; the public had plenty of opportunities to catch the star at of the gigs she gave in the past months but your own concert is always special.

The concert sold out in four days, quite impressive although admittedly Ira Losco is riding a wave of success and this was undoubtedly no big surprise. The venue chosen for the concert was ‘Pjazza Teatru Rjal’ which has been hosting some of the best concert on the island – the history of the place, along with the set up give the venue an intimate feel which electrifies the positive vibe. Ira Losco along with Jagged House Management used this to their full advantage and created which was undoubtedly one of the best concerts of the year. The playlist was well thought out and the artists chosen to join our local star could not have been better. 

Some might think I am patronizing but from the get go the venue was buzzing with positive energy and the audience surely felt the vibe as they were mesmerized by the whole thing. The set up was truly idyllic – with a perfect combination of lights and projections that changed according to the mood and theme of the song. This was surely something which aided and enhanced the whole spectacle. Ira’s set list was mixed with the right combination of popular songs from her repertoire, a few covers and some duets with her guest stars which included Sanremo runner-up Irene Fargo, up and coming local starlet Alex Alden, well renowned Maltese beat boxer Dana McKean and the popular Ivan Grech and Gianluca Bezzina. 

It is not an easy feat to hand pick a few stand out moments from the concert as each song proved to be special on its own merits but there were some songs that they surely a bit more magical then the others. For starters, the duet Ira Losco sang with Dana McKean was breathtaking – I could only watch and listen carefully in awe at how talented Dana is. I have watched her before but I had never watch her perform live and when she hit the stage with Ira Losco it left me yearning for more but that was just the beginning as more surprises were in store for the crowd who were all listening attentively.

The crowd did get over excited when it was Gianluca’s turn to hit the stage – the guy oozes charisma and his sympathetic smile makes you fall in love with him instantly. He has reached new heights after his Eurovision success and when he duets with Ira, you can almost feel the sparks in the air. They are special and insanely talented in their own merit but when they came together to do ‘Let Her Go’ and ‘Say Something’ the venue was in complete utter silence – listening attentively to each and every word! At the end of their performances, some parts of the crowd even rewarded them with a standing ovation but the others I guess were still in awe stuck to their seats, that is the only viable explanation I can think of for not standing up to salute these two great artists. 

Ivan Grech joined Ira to sing her hit song ‘Waking up to the Light’ and then she reciprocated with singing along one of Winter Moods’ hits but the special moment came when Ivan joined Ira and Gianluca on stage to perform the Maltese hit ‘Xemx’ – a song where the audience sang their heart out along with the main stars. Another highlight was when Ira sung the Italian classic ‘Almeno tu nell’universo’ with Sanremo star Irene Fargo – Ira’s and Irene’s vocals were a perfect match on this number in particular and unquestionably it went down well with those present. Italian is a language enjoyed by many locals and Ira’s raspy touch when singing in Italian works wonders. 

Apart from the duets, Ira Losco’s solo performances were equally strong and entertaining and the crowd got going from the get go. The only negative thing about this amazing concert was that since everyone was seated one could not loosen up and enjoy the great vibes Ira was passing. Everyone was tapping away, yearning to stand up at the edge of their seats. Something the audience did on Ira’s last number of the night – when she sang her hit single ‘What I’d Give’. Thankfully the roof was brought down a number of years ago because with so many strong and breathtaking performances, Ira would have brought the roof down over and over again during this astounding concert. 

I start finishing off by saying it was not an easy audience to please but Ira knows that whenever she performs, the expectations are high as she continues to raise the bar higher every time she performs but she did prove that she is undeniably one the very best artists ever to come out of this island.  Those who missed the concert should be on the lookout for Ira’s upcoming gigs and maybe a second run of this concert – rumour has it they might hold it again in September. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news on the local music scene and beyond. Surely this should be your one stop site to keep yourself updated with all the latest activities.

Source: Ira Losco (Facebook), CNG Photography


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