Malta: Rumours Spread about a Possible Duet


Rumours are spreading like a wild fire that Ira Losco and Gianluca Bezzina would be submitting an entry into the next edition of the Malta Eurovision. Both singers were contacted by about these rumours but they did not answer the big question but one would say that both their answers will give way for even more speculation. Ira Losco answered that she always thought that as long as she has a song she believes in and reflects her as an artist, she would not refuse to take part but whether this will happen is another story. On the other hand, Gianluca refused to comment for the time being.

It is important to note, that rumours have been circulating after they both hosted the Malta Eurovision successfully earlier this year and there they presented a number of duets that left the audience in awe. A number of Maltese enthusiasts and also foreign enthusiasts could not help but suggest that the duo should join forces and try representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest. The idea in itself is genial both artists are popular in Malta and they are also well know with the Eurovision crowd with Ira Losco securing second place in 2002 and Gianluca securing eighth place in 2013. 

What fuelled the rumours even more was the change in the regulations which stated that the only artist who cannot represent Malta in next year’s contest is the band Firelight, all the others can try their luck once more. This regulation has been amended as up until last year it stated that the artists who represented Malta in the last five years cannot represent the country. So, with this change, the dream of many can actually be realized but one may say that if this happens, the dream of all the other artists who can actually represent the country will be put on hold for at least another year as no one sees the duo missing out.

With all this said, one would ask one simple question. If both artists are interested why is PBS holding a selection? Well this is a song competition and no matter who sings it, the best song should win. If this principal is applied than there would be no problems in terms of the popularity of the artists, especially baring in mind that the public say is rather limited and in any case of ties, they will be resolved by the jurors’ votes. So even, if Gianluca and Ira Losco go in for the competition they need to present a strong entry and compete with all the others artists who have the same exact goal. Their popularity would help them sweep the public vote, but as we saw in 2014, it was not enough for Jessika’s entry ‘Hypnotica’ or Kevin Borg’s entry “Needing You” the year before.

Yet, the regulations also state that the winning song can actually change and the winning team can be asked to write a different song. This might question the validity of the contest as a number of people commented whether this will be a song festival or a singer’s festival but one must note that since they are all competing with original song, the best song should triumph at the end. PBS put that clause to make sure that the country is represented in the best way possible abroad and hopefully we will slowly work towards achieving a win at this prestigious event which is followed by millions around the world! 

In Malta, this is the biggest platform for all local artists and stopping the selection would mean you are not giving a chance for new talent to brew and showcase itself. On the other hand, all the artists and teams behind the respective songs pay a lot of money to even submit a song, and continue spending more money if they reach the finals so one expects everyone to have the same chance to win the contest. So it is very important to remember that this is not a popularity contest but a SONG contest. The public response and feedback for all the artists is more than enough to be part of the showcase but ultimately winning would surely be rewarding.

The applications for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest will close on the 29th of August and the competition will take place in November, two months earlier to what the Maltese crowd is used to. In fact this was a bit of a shock for all the people interested in participating because this meant they needed to start working and finding studios which are available surely proved to be a nightmare for all those interested as no one had foreseen such an eventuality. 

The editorial team of would like to wish the best of luck to all the artists, composers and authors interested in submitting a song. May the best product triumph and represent Malta successfully at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.

Source: NewsBook


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