SHSC 2014: Sing and Be Part of the Competition


Televiewers can now be part of the finals of this year’s edition of the Summer Hit Song Contest by filming themselves singing one of this year’s entries and uploading the clip on YouTube. The producers of the show are inviting viewers, of all ages, to be an active part of this year’s finals of the Summer Hit Song Contest.

”Our aim is to involve as many people as possible, making it interactive and closer to the general public.  We realise that there are several potential singers out there who want to be part of this contest and we are helping them to turn their dream into reality. We invite them to film themselves while singing their favourite Malta Summer Hit 2014 tune, upload it on YouTube and notify us through our Official Facebook page ‘Summer Hit Song Contest‘, remarked Deo Grech, one of the minds behind the successful Summer Hit Song Contest series.

In order to participate, there are 4 simple steps which every user is to follow;

1. Follow this playlist on YouTube and select your favourite Summer Hit Song Contest 14 entry.

2. Record yourself singing on camera (mobile phone camera is quite handy for this purpose!)

3. Upload the clip on your personal YouTube or Facebook Account.

4. Share it with us on the Official Facebook Page ‘Summer Hit Song Contest‘.

When done, your video will officially be public for everyone to enjoy and you might also be one of the lucky ones whose video gets screened during the final night of the Summer Hit Song Contest. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Deo Grech (Summer Hit Song Contest)


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