SHSC 2014: Neville Returns to Scene of First Triumph


Tonight! The Summer Hit Song Contest continues. A music competition which originally took place between 2008 and 2011 and featured Miriam Christine, Neville Refalo, Romina Mamo, Minik and Siconix as winners, with a brand new selection of original songs. The celebrity-packed show is set to host leading singers from the local entertainment scene.

Neville Refalo, winner of the second edition of the Malta Hit Song Contest is the special guest of the fifth show from F Living’s Summer Hit Song Contest. He will perform “One Day” composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas to the lyrics of Rita Pace, with which he had won the competition five years ago.

Six Summer Hit Song Contest 2014 entries return to the show this week including:  Mauro’s “Fire Spell” (DJ Toby / Natasha Turner); Ana Maria Grima’s ”To Hell and Back” (Philip Vella / Rita Pace); Simone Gauci’s “Hourglass” (Rita Pace / Emil Calleja Bayliss); Ina Robinich’s “Summer Ladies” (Andrew Zahra / Rita Pace); Rachel Verzin’s ”The Joke is On You” (Elton Zarb / Emil Calleja Bayliss) and Anna Azzopardi’s ”My Hero” (Renato Briffa / Keith Zammit).

The competition aims to promote the local music artists in search of a true hit song. The show is produced and hosted by Deo Grech and Ignatius Farrugia. Stay tuned even through Facebook and Twitter for the latest news from this year’s edition of the Summer Hit Song Contest. Show is aired on Mondays and Sundays at 20:30 CET on F Living channel, your favourite tv channel for the best music this summer.

Source: Summer Hit Song Contest


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