Malta: The New Victorians Release Extended Play


Music-making sister duo The New Victorians have just released their debut single ‘Dustpile’ which was also accompanied by a music video. “The song is about trying to be a good person – sweeping up dust – and someone else – the cat jumping in – making a mess all over again…” said Bettina  (one of the sisters).

The New Victorians, fronted by Sister duo Bettina and Philippa, is made up of Kurt Vella on drums, Pete Farrugia on percussion, Sean Borg on violin, Ryan Abela on double bass, Bettina on keys and Philippa on guitar. The band had a number of Live performances lined up before their release, namely Rockestra, Earth Garden and Music & Steel amongst others. 

Their three-song EP, which includes their much loved ‘Somebody To Love’ cover, current single – ‘Dustpile’ and their first claim to fame – ‘Tom , Dick & Harry’ which won them a song writing competition in the US, can be purchased from iTUNES and all other digital portals worldwide. 

Phillipa added “As musicians and as people, if someone else is in need, we have to help out. If we’re one body, the mouth screams when the toe is being stepped on, and it is the mouth that has to speak for the rest of the body .. So that’s our little activist song.”

The duo will be performing during Rockestra in September and look forward to releasing a full album in the coming months. In the mean time they are keeping busy with rehearsals, recording and lots of song-writing! Follow The New Victorians for new music, shows and exclusive news updates through their official website, and social media website.

Source: Press Release


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