MESC 2015: Shortlist of 48 Entries Made Public


On the 3rd October, Xarabank will kick-off for another season, and it will do so with a bang, as the revelation of the acts through to the semi-final of the 2015 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will be made public. Following the initial submission process, where the Public Broadcasting Services received 134 entries, a shortlist of 48 entries has now been published through the official website.

A quick glance at the list of shortlisted entries, one would realise that the list features a relative amount of established artists including; Glen Vella (ESC 11), Miriam Christine (ESC 96), Olivia Lewis (ESC 07), Lawrence Gray (MESC 98-99, 01-04, 09, 11), Gianluca (ESC 13), Trilogy (MESC 05-07, 09), Daniel Testa (JESC 08), Chris Grech (MESC 13-14), Jessika (MESC 08, 11-14), Amber (MESC 11-14), Domenique (MESC 11, 13), Danica Muscat (MESC 12-13), Marilena Gauci (MESC 11, 13), Andreana (MESC 98, 02-06, 09-10, 14), Fiona Cauchi (MESC 98, 01, 02, 05, 09) & Franklin Calleja (MESC 13, 14).

12, Baker Street – Karen DeBattista

Beautiful to Me – “L-Aħwa”

Break All Borders – Jacqueline Richard

Breakaway – Glen Vella

Call It Love – Kurt Cassar

Chasing a Dream – Trilogy

Close Your Eyes – Danica Muscat

Closed Doors – Chris Grech

Could Have Been Me – Iona Dalli

Dark Dark Waters – Domenique

Dream of Love – Rebecca Mifsud

Eclipse – Ana-Maria Grima

Empty Hearted – Domenique

Fandango – Jessika

Flame – Monroe

For All Those Times – Gloriana Arpa Belli

Freedom – Simaria Galea

Hey Yo – Domenique

Hold My Hand – Estelle Imbroll

Hold On To Love – Olivia & Miriam

Home – Lyndsay Pace

Hurricane – Marilena Gauci

Indestructible – Annabelle Vella

It’s OK – Deborah C

Look – Neville Refalo

Love & Let Go – Sr Michaela, Sr Monica, Sr Rita, Sr Claudia, Sr Denise & Sr Magdalong

Love Call – Danica Muscat

My Next Tattoo – Domenique

Never Ask Why – Andreana & Fiona

Once in a While – Minik

Ringside – Gabriella Azzopardi

Rush – Christabelle

Secretly – Corazon

See Through Lover – Larissa Borg

Shine a Light – Malcolm

Something in the Way – Daniel Testa

Still Here – Franklin

Stop Haunting Me – Raquel Galdes

Stuck Without Me – Kylie Coleiro

Take Me as I Am – Domenique

The One That You Love – Lawrence Gray

The Thief – Dario Mifsud Bonnici

Warrior – Amber

What You Wanna Hear – Stefan Galea

What? When? Where? – Joseph Refalo

Where Do We Go? – Kurt Cassar

Who Needs a Heart – Soraya Cardona

Your Phone – Fiona Cauchi

Apart from the established names, it seems that the line-ups of established groups such as Trilogy and Monroe have both been altered for the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with Ludwig Galea replacing Daniel Debono in the former, and Nadia Vella becoming a new member of the latter, joining former Malta Eurovision Song Contest finalist; Kelly Schembri.

Other names which have caught our eye in the list are surely those of; Karen DeBattista, winner of this year’s edition of L-Għanja tal-Poplu; Kurt Cassar, winner of the Best New Talent at this year’s edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza; Annabelle Vella, backing vocalist to Malta’s entry at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2008 and a group of nuns, who have most likely been inspired by the recent phenomenon on The Voice of Italy.

Everyone is somewhat gasping about the non-inclusion of Ira Losco in the first shortlist with the general feeling around the industry being that the Public Broadcasting Services may go ahead and offer a wildcard as is stated in the rules and regulations. This will be made public in a week’s time as Peppi Azzopardi and his dedicated team at WE Media reveal the chosen acts. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the 2015 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: PBS / TVM


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