Malta: Kevin Paul and Kurt Calleja Take Centre Stage


ONE Radio 92.7 and ONE Television merge into a professional broadcasting house, whose output is of extremely high quality. One such programme delivered through this system is “Clint on ONE” hosted by Clint Bajada, which aims to brings musicianship back into the term artist, promoting the singer in a setup where being comfortable is a necessity.  Following the inauguration of the autumn/winter schedule, the programme made a much anticipated return, and later on, will be welcoming, Kevin Paul & Kurt Calleja.

Kurt Calleja, representative of Malta at the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with “This Is The Night” is a singer/songwriter who knows what it means to succeed on the international stage.  Having amassed a hit record, he ensured that his career flowed in the proper direction with his debut album “Love on Mars” comprising of a series of catchy tunes, all of which sought out to merge the concept of pop with another genre.

Kevin Paul, accompanied Kurt at that same edition of the international music competition but most recently coming into his own element, having signed a contract with Ironic PR & Artist Management, having the opportunity to showcase his music to the masses through his guest spot on ‘Ħadd Għalik‘, while working on a series of a brand new projects, including original material.

“Clint on ONE” airs every Saturday morning as from 11am onwards, so make sure to tune into ONE Radio 92.7 and ONE Television. Any foreign fans will also be able to follow the show through the LIVE streaming portion which is offered through the official website of ONE. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from the local music industry.

Source: ONE Television, ONE Radio 92.7


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