JESC 2014: A Story That Proves Dreams Come True


It is not an everyday occurrence that a child’s dream comes true but at this Junior Eurovision a 12 year old’s dream did actually come true. Tome Kindler is a big fan of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and has been following it since 2012 which also happens to be the last year her home country Israel, participated in the contest itself. was at the right place, at the right time yesterday evening to witness all this because as soon as one of our editors walked into the official hotel where all the delegations are staying he found a sight which surprised many. The 12 year old Israeli, managed to make her dream come true when she got to meet our shining star Federica Falzon. 

Malta is a small country but Tome never expected that from the airport to the hotel she will be chauffeured in Federica Falzon’s mini-bus and when the parents told the driver the reason for their visit, Federica’s uncle phoned his brother to arrange the meeting and make Tome’s dream a reality.  The girl was in fact gobsmacked and at first could only hug Federica as tears streamed down her face but the shy timid girl quickly built her confidence and started chatting to one of her idols.

Tome has waited to come to Malta for quite a long time since this was the present she asked for her 12th birthday.  Her parents are very supportive and thought that this would be the perfect environment for her since she will get to meet other children from all over Europe to celebrate this musical journey together. After finding out that Federica Falzon will be Malta’s choice, the young girl from Israel researched her performances on YouTube and was instantly hooked. 

It was never a question on who she will support at this years’ contest and she believes that ‘Diamonds’ should win the competition hands down. She managed to meet two of the songwriters behind the song, Gillian Attard and Matthew Muxu Mercieca, both expressed their gratitude at Tome since she knows the lyrics by heart. It was a great surprise for the Maltese delegation that made sure that the girl takes with her some merchandise and an autograph by our star Federica. 

Apart from meeting the Maltese representative, Tome also got the opportunity to meet the Dutch and Cypriot representative. She enjoyed the rest of the night at the EuroClub running around and playing with Federica Falzon and her friends. On Saturday, she will be definitely be rooting for Federica Falzon and holding our flag high; maybe Tome will be Malta’s lucky charm this year. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter.

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