JESC 14: Italy Finish on a High with Debut Entry


“It has been a rollercoaster of emotions” according to Federica Falzon on Twitter, but it has definitely been the best edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to date, in terms of quality of entries, and production. The Public Broadcasting Services deserves a standing ovation for putting on such a show, which enthralled the public watching at home, and those present in the arena.

At the close of the voting, Vincenzo Cantiello and his entry “Tu Primo Grande Amore” on behalf of Italy were clear winners, with Bulgaria and their entry “Planet of the Children” performed by Krisia, Ibrahim & Hasan finishing in second place, and Armenia’s Betty finishing in third place with “People of the Sun”. Malta was in agreement with the top 3, although not specifically in that order, having awarded Bulgaria with 8 points, Italy with 10 points, and Armenia with 12 points.

A galvanised crowd inside the Shipbuilding gave Federica Falzon the right ingredients to give a magical performance, and “Diamonds” never sounded any better. The performance was rewarded with a fourth place finish, obtaining points from every other country in contention except Croatia. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter as attention turns to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014-2015 for the next week.



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