Malta: Veronica Rotin in Debut Collection of Songs


Veronica, a ten year old female vocalist, who was also a finalist in the 4th edition of the hit television programme Io Canto, has been busy in the recording studio in the past couple of months, putting together the finishing touch on her debut album, Veronica Rotin, a compilation of cover versions.

Featuring a songbook of true musicianship, ranging from All by Myself to And I Am Telling You as well as the contemporary Domino and Thunder, originally by Celine Dion, Jennifer Holliday and Jessie J, the sky is the limit for Veronica, who showcases her full vocal range throughout the record.

Apart from her role as a vocalist, Veronica has recently taken on the challenge of hosting a radio programme, “Is-Sewwa Magħruf” alongside Gaia Cauchi, George Cremona and Martha Carabott on RTK, discussing issues of everyday life whilst looking at things from a different perspective.

Veronica Rotin, comprising of 14 tracks in total, was recorded by Elton Zarb at FreeTime Studios, and is available to obtain by sending an email to [email protected] or a message on the Official Facebook Page of Veronica Rotin,

Source: Press Release (Ironic PR & Artist Management), Kurt Paris (Photograph)


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