Malta: Lawrence in Emotional Television Interview


Lawrence Gray, an accomplished male singer/songwriter, a three time runner-up in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, and also recent finalist with “The One That You Love“, co-written with Elton Zarb recently gave an interview to Deo Grech on “The Celebrity Night” which airs on Saturday nights on F Living.

In light of his most recent participation, Lawrence felt ‘disappointed’ for the simple reason that the ‘public reaction was extremely positive’ and as a result did not expect to finish as lowly as 8th place. He went onto add, that without the support of Maronia, his wife, he would have long given up on the music scene, ‘opting out of it’, and vying for other strongholds in life. We do agree, as that position was definitely unwarranted, as were many others during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Lawrence Gray, is a versatile male singer/songwriter who has twice been denied the right to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest, in 1999 with “The Right Time” written by Philip Vella and Paul Abela and in 2003 with “Why Not?” written by Ray Agius. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from the local music scene, and do not forget to view the New Year’s Special of ‘The Celebrity Night’ which is airing tomorrow night.

Source: The Celebrity NightDaniel M Photography


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