GħTP 2015: Interview with Christabelle Curmi


On the 21st March 2015, L-Għanja tal-Poplu, a local music competition known to breathe life into the music industry, will be turning thirty-nine. Following the huge success of “Jien Ma Naħdimx“, composed by Mark Scicluna to the lyrics of Rita Pace, with vocals provided by Karen DeBattista, a surge of interest was reported, as a record number of 105 submissions were received.

escflashmalta.com in partnership with the organising committee has been given the opportunity to have a chat with the sixteen competing acts, whilst also presenting the full version of each respective entry in contention. Act number fifteen is Christabelle Curmi, whose song “Bit-Tlikki Tlikki” is written by Clifton Casha, to the music of Carmel Dalli.

After a first runner-up finish, the weight of expectation is well denoted, but nevertheless, you have called upon an accomplished songwriter, and an upcoming lyricist, to support your bid in 2015. What went through your mind as the results were announced last year, and since you will be taking to the stage by yourself in terms of vocals, how will this experience differ? 

Clifton Casha, the lyricist, called me up as he had just written this song and felt that it suited me perfectly, and asked me whether I was interested to do it. So I contacted Charles Dalli as I believe he is an ideal composer for this style of lyrics. When we won first runner-up the previous year with “Kif Xrobbtuli l-Menti” I was very satisfied with this result as I felt the song was judged well and the result was justified appropriately. Now that I will be performing for the 2nd time as a soloist, with the first time being my solo debut in this festival performing ‘Il-Kappar’ in 2013,  I am looking forward to performing again this year which will mark my 6th consecutive year performing at this prestigious festival.

“Bit-Tlikki Tlikki”, composed by Carmel Dalli, and penned by Clifton Casha is the song that you will be presenting in this years’ edition of L-Għanja tal-Poplu. Would you care to explain the meaning behind the lyrics and the genre that the song encompasses?

This song reflects a realistic situation and in just a few minutes depicts the frustrations and all the panic that is found in our traffic congestion. It is a pop song with a reggae rhythm, cheerful and humouristic.

In 2015, L-Għanja tal-Poplu is turning thirty-nine (39), and during the years, it has earned a positive reputation, by virtue of breathing life into the music industry. It is no secret that the lyrics of each entry could cause controversy amongst the public. What is your view with regards to this statement, and do you believe that your entry challenges public perception?

I agree with this statement. All songs always portray a message which can be controversial to the audience and I think that “Bit-Tlikki Tlikki” directs the audience to reflect on this situation and exploit the reality of what is happening in our streets today.

Would you like to say anything to our readers at escflashmalta.com?

I would be delighted if they continue to nourish the Maltese music industry, I suggest attending to these festivals, buying our CDs, and last but not least, to be proud of what our singers, songwriters, composers and musicians do and express gratitude towards the work they put through.


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