Malta: Amber Hints Vienna Stage Presentation


The Maltese representative has been busy with her preparations for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest and the team behind her has been working hard in making the 2015 experience a positive one. Amber is working hard with her vocal coaches, lyricist and composer in making sure that she delivers a strong performance on stage. 

A lot of rumours have spreading around about Amber’s presentation and something which always catches the attention of a lot of people is certainly the outfit for the final night. The whole team behind the song has been working hard in improving on every sector and has taken each and every comment on board to ensure that the song has the desired visual impact needed to impress on the Eurovision night.

Something that a number of people criticized during the final night back in November was that her outfit was too common and far too dark especially with the general setting of the stage for the song. In fact after a number of consultations with industry professionals, the team is working on making sure that she will impress with what she would be wearing on the actual night.  In a recent interview, Amber quoted saying that she will be a true warrior. 

This interview generated loads and loads of interest and Amber was heard saying ‘off air’ that the team got the inspiration from ‘Xena the Warrior Princess’ hence the reason why she is working daily on her fitness routine, in order to look the best possible way. It seems that the team of designers will be taking a modern take on the warrior princess’ costume as they clearly want to highlight that Amber is a good warrior who is there to inspire others.

Whether the outfit is the best way to highlight this is yet to be seen but it is surely something on the right track. Malta and its people have proved to be warriors over the years, decades, centuries and it is believed that Maltese history will be taking the forefront for Malta’s visuals on stage with numerous sights and locations. Amber is going to be Malta’s gladiator in Vienna and she will truly represent Malta, its history and its beliefs by one dynamic performance.

No matter what the result would be, Malta this year is being represented by a strong independent woman with strong beliefs who loves ghost hunting and judo… one would never know but these two hobbies can surely come in handy in Vienna. Maybe she will have the opportunity to communicate with Mozart’s spirit who will give her some guidance in order to secure herself the victory whilst she fights her way thanks to her judo skills against some of the competitors.  

Update: On behalf of, we would like to wish Amber and the Maltese delegation the best of luck for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. We trust that the team is surrounded by the right individuals in ensuring that Amber’s outfit and stage presentation is of high caliber. Those who were left wondering whether Amber will be ghost hunting in Vienna and using her judo skills against them, rest assured she will definitely be focused on the task at hand. For yet another year, we have brought you a light article for April Fools Day – always good to have a laugh on such days.

One thing is for sure, Amber will be Malta’s true warrior in Vienna as she will dress, look and act like one. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about Malta’s participation in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.


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