Eurovision 15: Interview with Elina and Stig (Estonia)


Have you had a look at your calendar? It is already May, and that could only mean that the Eurovision Song Contest is just a couple of weeks away. This year, 40 participating broadcasters will be fielding entries in what has been coined the biggest entertainment spectacle in the world. We had the opportunity to record a couple of video messages from some of the competing artists, which we will be publishing in the next couple of weeks, but we also had a chat with Stig Rasta and Elina Born, the duet representing Estonia with the song “Goodbye to Yesterday“.

Stig, you are one of the most successful songwriters in Estonia at the moment, and many would jump at the opportunity to work with you, yet finding out such a talented artist must have truly been a gamechanger. Many of our readers are eager to know how this collaboration started and whether there are any plans in the pipeline following the Eurovision Song Contest?

Stig: I actually found Elina on Youtube and decided to give it a try at that point. In a couple of weeks Elina’s debut album will be released.

“Goodbye to Yesterday” is fresh, currently and extremely radio friendly, yet it is no secret that the song was written quite some time ago, hoping that you would be able to find the right artist, with whom to perform it. How long ago was the song written, and how did Elina react when she heard the first demo?

Stig: The song was written a couple of years ago. When I first let Elina listen to the demo she immediately thought that maybe we could sing it together. I wasn’t really sure about it at the first place but as you can see, here we are 🙂

In the history of Eesti Laul, no winning entry has ever achieved such an overwhelming victory, noting that “Goodbye to Yesterday” garnered 79% of the public vote. This result must have evoked different emotions, but then again does it put any additional pressure on you to succeed, considering that the public were so supportive?

It is a great honour that people trusted us. Now we have to repay the faith shown in us.

In the nineties, it is fair to say that Estonia was one of the most successful participating countries in the Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in the top ten on no less than 3 occasions with songs such as “Kaelakee Haal”, “Keelatud Maa”, “Diamond of Night”. This form continued into the early naughties leading to the nations’ first and only victory at the prestigious event. Do you believe that the negative results that followed, somewhat regularly were because of a lack of identity, or were there other issues?

Actually there have been some great songs competing after the win as well but maybe the contest has been mostly about everything else than music. It’s going back to the roots again now.

Without a doubt, the song that you are presenting for this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is considered to be a front-runner, as “Goodbye to Yesterday” is close to the top in most fan polls, and betting odds alike. Does this affect your preparation? and secondly, should the public expect any changes in the performance?

We will take one step at a time and try not to rush. There will some colours this time as well. But for the whole thing you have to see the show on the 19th of May!

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