Malta: Lynn Chircop in an Honest Revealing Interview


Lynn Chircop, a successful female vocalist and musician, who had the immense opportunity to represent Malta at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest with “To Dream Again”, was recently one of the special guests on “The Celebrity Night”, a Saturday night chat show hosted by Deo Grech on F Living.

In a short interview, she revealed that she had thought twice about going to the international music competition, due to many reasons I had wished I could postpone my opportunity to represent Malta after winning but considering the odds the experience turned out to be fruitful for my career and a person with other dreams to follow.

Asked by Deo Grech about the possibility of a return to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Lynn stated that she has written a song for every edition of the event since then, meaning that she has written no less than 12 possible entries, but never submit any of them. As many beforehand have stated, ‘never say never’.

In a second question, asked by lyricist Emil Calleja Bayliss, about whether she has ever thought of partaking in a competition with an original entry in Maltese, Lynn was even more positive noting that it is something she would like to do in the future, if time permits. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria.

Source: F Living, The Celebrity Night


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