Malta: 4th Singer Stage International Festival Results


Between Friday 8th and Sunday 10th January 2016, at the St Vincent de Paul Theatre, the 4th edition of the Singer Stage International Festival, organised by Kaya (Priscilla Giordano Psaila) took place. This year’s edition was divided into no less than five (5) different categories, with a total of thirty five (35) participants from Malta, and another ten (10) participants from Estonia, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and Poland.

All the participants had the opportunity to sing two (2) songs, one during the 1st two nights, and the other during the 2nd night, with a panel of international judges passing their verdict. Making up this aforementioned panel of international judges were; Tolga Gurdil, Irina Stamenovski, Stanislaw Zielinski, Sandi Vovk and Guillermo Albelo.

Category A: 5 to 8 years 

1st Place – Rihana Azzopardi – 266.90 points

2nd Place – Amy Pace – 265.60 points

3rd Place – Valery Savchuk (Estonia) – 255.70 points

Best Future Singer – Krista Sujak


Category B: 9 to 10 years 

1st Place – Martina Cutajar – 244.91 points

2nd Place – Martina Abela – 236.82 points

3rd Place – Elisa Muscat – 207.72 points 

Best Simpathy – Luana Schembri


Category C: 11 to 12 years

1st Place – Kayley Cuschieri – 269.70 points

2nd Place – Christina Magrin – 269 points

3rd Place – Polina Davydova (Russia) – 265.70 points 

Best Promising Singer – Shania Borg Lebrun


Category D: 13 to 15 years 

1st Place – Titti Girardi (Italy) – 259.40 points 

2nd Place – Aleksandra Vovk (Slovenia) – 258.20 points 

3rd Place – Bradley Debono – 248 points

Best Interpretation – Stamenovski Radica (Turkey)


Category E: 16 years over 

1st Place – Laura Gonzalez (Spain) – 243.20 points 

2nd Place – Wiktoria Sikorska (Poland) – 227.30 points

3rd Place – Bradley Gomez – 225.50 points

Best Technique – Luana Ciantar


Grand Prix Winner of Singer Stage 2015

Magdalena Chołuj (Poland) – 277.20 points 

All the winners of each respective category were given a free recording session by Dominic Cini at D Studios, whilst the winner of the Grand Prix was given a free set of song lyrics by Emil Calleja Bayliss. Previous Grand Prix Winners of the Singer Stage International Festival have included; Shieradye Micallef (2012), Destiny Chukunyere (2013) and Aidan Jay Drakard (2014). We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the local music scene, and aspiring young artists

Source: Press Release


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