Malta: Red Electrick Lift the Lid on New Studio Album


Red Electrick, a male pop/rock band, made up of 5 members; Matthew James Borg, Peter Borg, Ivan Borg, Jonas Delicata, and Robert Spiteri have come back stronger than ever with their new studio album “Inside You“.

Launched with a bang over 2 nights on the 5th & 6th March, with electrifying shows in which the album was played in all it’s glory along with a mixture of other original and cover songs. “Inside You” features 13 new tracks, which include the previously released; “Young Again“, “Shake“, “The Runaway” and the most recent release “Everybody’s Listening“.

Fans can expct a different sound in comparison to the previous 2 albums, “Vine Lady” and “The Unplugged Sessions“, however remaining true to the Red Electrick roots. With a list of talented musicans collaborating like Kris Spiteri on piano, Simon Vella on violin, Nadia Debono on viola, Akos Kerstesz on cello, Kevin Abela on trumpet, this album has a mature sound with honest lyrics which reflect the last 2 year journey the band have been on.

“Inside You” is now available for sale in digital retailers, and also directly from the band through their Official Facebook Page, where you may also stay up to date with all their latest news as it becomes available. We urge to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the local music scene.

Source: Press Release


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