Eurovision 2016: Striking 1st Rehearsal for Ira Losco


In her first run through of rehearsals, Ira Losco ripped the Globen Arena to shreds, giving a self-assured account of herself on all fronts, ascertaining that “Walk on Water” lives up to the expectation of saving the best for last. Co-written by Tobias Lundgren, Tim Larsson, Lisa Desmond, Molly Pettersson Hammar and Ira Losco, this is a song which a pulsing drum and bass sound which requires nothing more other than that special touch.

Clad in a rather long dress merging brown and gold as base colours, it depicts images on it, confirmed what the female singer/songwriter had stated earlier on in the day, that technology will be one of the special elements on stage during the performance. It seems that we also got a glimpse of the outfit, noting that Ira Losco walked out onto the stage wearing an extremely large dress, which depicts 3D technology, and which she removed with the help of Skorpion, the male dancer mid-way through the song.

The lead vocals were spot-on and the off-screen team of backing vocalists made up of: Pamela, Anna, Molly and Lars made the song all the more pleasant, making sure that everything comes together. Other elements of the stage performance for Malta, include the female singer/songwriter walking down the catwalk, something which many will remember having done back in 2002, and also having several overhead shots which show off the stage theme for Malta, that encompassing water.

This was a stunning first rehearsal, leading to shortening odds for Malta, now 5th and just behind Russia, France, Sweden and Australia. We urge you to stay tuned to through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about Malta’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.



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