MESC 2018: Speaking with Avenue Sky


Eurovision fever is slowly gripping Malta – the nation’s national selection for the world’s most watched music contest is coming to it’s climax this weekend. Of the one hundred and twenty-nine entries submitted for contention in this year’s local festival, just sixteen made it to the televised selection. We had the chance to catch up with some of the competitors of this year’s show during their preperations. One of these was a group, making their debut in the Malta Eurovision. These are Avenue Sky with the song “We Can Run“.

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time out for this interview! How does it feel to be part of the sixteen finalists for this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest?

Being one of the sixteen final acts this year makes us feel a rush of different emotions. First and foremost the thought of performing on the MESC stage gives us an adrenaline rush. We feel extremely happy to be a part of the show this year and also very excited that after our second attempt we managed to make it through to the finals.

You’ve been performing together for just over two years now. Who had the idea to bring you all together as a group?

Well basically it was Kevin’s idea. He always wanted to be in a boyband. So he discussed the matter with Glen Vella, who is our vocal coach and mentor, and then the members started being chosen. Since all of are also trained soloists in the same Vocal training school both Glen and Kevin knew our style and what we could contribute to the group. And 2 years later we are here as 1 of the final 16 acts for MESC!!!!

Tell us more about your song, “We can run”. What is it about? In your opinion, what makes your song an ideal candidate for Eurovision?

Our song We Can Run is penned by Matthew Ker and Jonas Gladnikoff composed by Matthew Ker, Jonas Gladnikoff and Glen Vella. Our aim with this song is to present to the public an uplifting message. Basically the song is saying that whatever situation you might be going through, never lose hope, and do not ever give up because as long as there is blood in our veins and air in our lungs you are surly able to rise again. Through music you can find your inner strength to keep on going strong.

At this point what we can say is what makes it an ideal candidate for MESC When we heard our entry the first time we fell in love with it. The positive energy that the melody and lyrics have gave an amazing vibe. And it is because of that, that we feel it is an ideal contender for MESC. And basically we are working very hard to be able to transmit this feel good vibe to both audiences at home and in the auditorium.

How are your preparations going so far? Are there any surprises that you can tell us about?

Preparations are in full swing at the moment. We meet up almost everyday with our vocal coach Glen Vella and also our choreographer Sandro Zammit to rehearse. What we can reveal at this stage about our performance is that we are going to be 6 on stage .

What is the most difficult thing about being part of a group?

Probably the most difficult thing would be co ordination. To try and co-ordinate 6 individuals for rehearsals, tv appearances, clothes and all that it involves being in a group.

Are you following the Eurovision Song Contest in general? If so, are there any stand-out entries for you from the past?

We are all Eurovision fans some of us fanatics too . However we all agree that our favourite entry and ESC winner is Heroes by Mans Zelmerlow.

Do you have a personal goal for the competition?

Well it goes without saying that at this stage, since we are one of 16 finalists we are there to try and make it to the top. However while keeping grounded with both feet on the ground and aside from the element of competition our goal is to have fun and give the best possible show to all MESC fans who will be watching us live from MFCC and also from home. MESC is the most anticipated local song festival on our islands so we want to give our best on stage so that the audience both at home and in the venue will have as much fun as we going to have!

What can we expect from you once the MESC-madness is over?

Once MESC is over we are planning to go back to our routines of building a solid repertoire and also releasing our second single this upcoming summer.

Thanks for your time, and best of luck at this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest!

We would like to say a big hello and also a massive thank you to all the readers for your support and also for taking the time to read our interview. We would also like to say a big Hello to all the Eurovision fans. Hope that you like our entry for MESC 2018 – ‘WE CAN RUN’. Also we would like to thank you all for promoting Eurovision and also for contributing to the growth of this prestigious Contest.


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