Destiny’s song for Eurovision 2020 will be out in the next 48 hours – here’s what we know so far


There are a little over 60 days until this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – which is set to take place this year in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. As the winner of the latest edition of X Factor, Malta’s hopes are on Destiny Chukunyere.

The deadline for each country to submit and announce their entry is this coming Monday (March 9), meaning that Malta’s song will drop very shortly.

Not much has been said since the X Factor season wrapped early last month, but we can be sure that TV station PBS and Destiny’s team have been working hard behind the scenes. That being said, what can we expect when the song *finally* drops?

An international team is behind the song

For the third year in a row, the song that Malta presents to Europe will be by an international team. It is expected that the song is by Borislav Milanov and his collective Symphonix International, a Bulgarian-Austrian music label behind a number of Eurovision entries over the last decade, including Michela’s “Chameleon” from last year.

At this year’s contest, Germany and Bulgaria will also be represented with songs from the same team. Destiny has been in the Austrian capital Vienna in the past few days, preparing the final touches to her Eurovision song.

A stunning music video is on the way

The music video for the Maltese entry was also filmed within the past week, with Matthew Muscat-Drago and Steven Levi Vella behind the wheels. Matthew’s showreel includes music videos for Maltese artists such as Ira Losco, Red Electrick and The Crowns.

On the other hand, creative director Steven is also the mastermind and creative vision behind many local artists, in addition to many of the stage shows during the last season of X Factor Malta. But he’s no stranger to Eurovision either – being the creative force behind the music video and stage performance of Christabelle’s “Taboo” just two years ago.

The bookmakers have high hopes for the song

Ever since Destiny triumphed at Junior Eurovision back in 2015, many commentators agreed that it would only be a matter of time since she would step on the stage at the “adult” Eurovision. It’s no surprise that there have been high expectations pinned on Destiny ever since she was chosen for the contest.

Despite the fact that her song has not even been released yet – the bookmakers believe that Destiny is with a chance to win. According to bookmaker aggregator Oddschecker, Malta has stayed within the Top 10 of the “outright win” market since the moment Destiny was selected for the contest.

But will the contest even take place this year?

With the number of Covid-19 cases rising across Europe, many large events have been either cancelled or rescheduled – including in the host country of this year’s Eurovision, the Netherlands. There has been much talk and speculation about whether the contest will take place.

Speaking to the Dutch newspaper AD, host broadcaster NPO has a number of contingency ideas incase worst comes to worst. A spokesperson told the paper, “It is too early at the moment to comment on these possible scenarios, as they depend on developments in the coming period. Our focus is still on producing an unforgettable Eurovision Song Contest.


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