Meet Bernarda, the songwriter behind Malta’s Eurovision entry


Malta’s hopes this year at the Eurovision Song Contest lie on the shoulders of Destiny, with her song “All of my love“. Whilst she has spent the last month since the final of X Factor Malta preparing for the release of her Eurovision song, the song that she will perform began a life long before this.

The team behind the song of Malta this year is an international one – made up of two Swedes, two Austrians, a Bulgarian – and most importantly – a Swiss-Croatian. That person in particular is Bernarda Brunović – a singer with an incredible story.

Blind since birth

Blind since birth, Bernarda had over thirty eye operations by the time she was 15 years old. At this point in time, she decided “enough is enough” – and started to learn to live without the hope of one day being able to see like the average person. Despite her struggles through life, has always possessed a passion for singing and music. “I imagine beauty through different sounds, through different voices of the artists that inspire me. Music is a way for me to express my feelings, and also a form of prayer – a way for me to communicate with God.”, she says.  

She is also no stranger to the stage – also on an international level. With her old school, gospel-esque voice, she recently reached the semifinals of The Voice of Germany. She has also made attempts to make it to the Eurovision Song Contest for both her birth country Switzerland and native land Croatia.

On Destiny and Eurovision…

All of my love“, Malta’s song for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, is the first song that Bernarda wrote for another artist. Speaking to ESCFlashmalta, she said “So far I’ve only written songs for myself, but in the long run I would really enjoy writing for others just as well. This is officially the first song and I hope the beginning of a great, exciting musical adventure.”.

Bernarda is looking forward to being part of the Maltese team at this year’s contest in Rotterdam. Speaking of Destiny, she says “I’m totally looking forward to meeting Destiny. She has an incredible voice, and everything it takes to set the stage on fire. I hope with all my heart that she will have tons of fun – she truly deserves it.”

Aside from preparing for the song contest, Bernarda is also working on her own music. “I will continue to write songs, perform and develop myself musically. If everything works out, I hope to release an EP in the near future, which I’m working on at the moment with Boris Milanov [also the producer of “All of my love”]. I’m also looking forward to the summer as I have some projects in Germany coming up too. So, musically it’s going to be very adventurous.”.


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