Launch of Digital Compilation by Karen DeBattista


On this day, female singer/songwriter Karen DeBattista launches Meta l-Qalb Tħabbat, a digital compilation of original songs in Maltese which she interpreted throughout the years in various concerts of a national scale; amongst which L-Għanja tal-Poplu and the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. The songs, five in total are composed by Mark Scicluna while the lyrics are a collaboration together with Emil Calleja Bayliss, Rita Pace and Mark Amaira.

Regarding the choice of the title for this compilation; Karen DeBattista said that she wanted “something which had meaning… a phrase not only taken from a song, but one which shows that music is deeply rooted in my heart.” She also added that “whatever the circumstances in life, music is always there to give me life. Meta l-qalb tħabbat shows that though the road is not always smooth, I have always followed my heart, and got to where I am as a result of the sacrafices I made, and the passion towards music.”

The five songs which made up this digital compilation are: “Riflessi”, “Jien Ma Naħdimx”, “Ħarstek”, “Minn Wara l-Ħasira” and “Il-Bikja”. Five extremely different numbers, but consisting of “lyrics and music which give the heart a reason to beat, apart from bringing up memories and positive experiences which I will never forget.”

Delving further into the material, and commenting about the production, it is worth noting that two songs are the work of Manolito Galea, while Elton Zarb, Andrew Zammit, Philip and Sean Vella were all responsible for one song each. The digital publishing was handled by the independent publishing house, CAP-Sounds thanks to a collaboration with Ironic PR & Artist Management which Karen DeBattista forms a part of.

Meta l-Qalb Tħabbat by Karen DeBattista is available on all digital platforms, as from today. You’re welcome to access this link here: for more information.


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