Mużika Mużika – Festival Kanzunetta Maltija Re-Brands Itself on Return from Long Hiatus


22 uninterrupted years between 1981 and 2002 saw the “International Festival of Maltese Song” gain momentum and credibility as an outlet whereby artists, composers and authors who are nationals of Malta could promote their work, on a national and international level. This festival was brought back to life in 2013, and 2016 yet unfortunately never established itself as a regular fixture on the local music calendar.

This is all set to change, with Festivals Malta officially launching the return of this festival under the new name, “Mużika Mużika – Festival Kanzunetta Maltija”, based on an initiative taken by the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry for the National Heritage, The Arts and Local Government.

The Minister, Dr Herrera explained that this festival will continue to promote music in Maltese, adding that the level of musical talent in this country is of a high level, and therefore it needs to be honed further by providing more opportunities for Maltese composers, authors and singers.

The Chairman of “Mużika Mużika – Festival Kanzunetta Maltija”, Mr Raymond Buġeja explained that ‘we have sadly felt the loss of a proper outlet for songs written and sung in our language, and thus as a team, we are proud to re-launch this festival with the trust of the Ministry for thee National Heritage, The Arts and Local Government.

The Chairman of Festivals Malta, Mr Norman Hamilton said that ‘this festival is a unique platform for songwriters, singers, musicians from Maltese and Gozo which as from today will be known as Mużika Mużika – Festival Kanzunetta Maltija’. He went onto add that he is ‘proud that my dream together with that of the Minister will finally become reality as this time, the festival will be part of Malta’s cultural calendar.

The festival, spread on the 18th, 19th and 20th March 2021, will be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta with each of the 20 finalists accompanied by a 40-piece orchestra. Rules and regulations may be obtained by visiting the official website We suggest that if you want to try out for this spectacle, you get going cause submissions will be received either online or at Festivals Malta between the 28th and the 30th October.

Previous winners of the Festival Kanzunetta Maltija include: Mary Rose Mallia, Renato, Paul Giordimaina, Catherine Vigar, Lawrence Gray, Georgina Abela, Enzo Gusman, Fabrizio Faniello and Olivia Lewis amongst others. Stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about “Mużika Mużika – Festival Kanzunetta Maltija” and the local music scene.


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