23 January 2018

In the past couple of weeks, there has been a lot of scheduling appointments in order to make sure that the best possible coverage of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest is given so that our readers would find it interesting and ultimately stay with us during the journey. We have called on a number of individuals who will be joining our team as guest reviewers during all of the live shows, namely the first and second semi-finals as well as the final night. 

The first semi-final on Tuesday which does not feature Malta will still see a total of eighteen (18)participants with Azerbaijan and Spain given the honour to vote for the competing acts apart from the countries which are of course participating in this semi-final. The live report will be carried out by seasoned journalist Emil Calleja Bayliss who most recently penned the runner-up entry at the Għanja tal-Poplu competition entitled Tal-Komma Twila composed by Dario Bezzina and performed by Grecia Bezzina. He will be joined during the show by two great female artists, being Claudia Faniello, the runner-up at the 2012 Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the song Pure and also Raquela who is well known for her debut at the Malta Eurosong back in 2009 with the track Crossroads. Both have performed on an international platform and having them on board is astonishing.

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The second semi-final to be held on Thursday will feature Kurt Calleja, the Maltese representative as one of the eighteen (18) entries in contention for those ten (10) spots. The countries drawn to vote in this semi-final are France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The live report will be carried out by the lovely Elaine Camilleri who is our Head of Press on the website. Nevertheless, she will not be on her own doing what most likely will be the most important evening for Malta noting that it will be a time to see whether we will ultimately qualify fromt he semi-final. The man joining her is the Irishman Simon Casey, known for taking part in the Irish national selection back in 2003 with the track A Better Plan. Since then he has released two albums with Universal Music Ireland, both of which have been certified gold or better. He knows the industry inside out and it is great to have him on board for the third year running.

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For the final night, things will definitely be different with twenty-six (26) countries competing for victory and with some already looking strong than the others. I will be stepping in to carry out the live report but as my colleagues, I will not be alone having enlisted the aid of singer/songwriter Sophie, well known for representing Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest a couple of years back with the track Extra Cute. Following this experience, she also took part in the 2011 Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the track Love to Love You which has also made it to iTunes. Apart from her though, there will also be Swedish songwriter Magnus Kaxe who is known to the Maltese for writing the music to Autobiography, the track which Dorothy Bezzina competed in within the final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 but he has also worked with the likes of Clay Aiken, Celine Dion, Gareth Gates, Aqua and Benny from Abba. I am pleased to work with such talented individuals. 

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The Beland community has always been the one to organize different events that help promote local talent and attract locals to their events. It all started back in 2006 with the concert Alive and from then onward they never looked back. Last year they took the initiative of organizing a week full of concerts with different number of guests throughout the week. escflashmalta.com was on site for most of the days and the crowd just got bigger and bigger with each passing day; surely something the organizers hoped for from the start. This meant one thing – the event was a huge success and when you have a successful formula you stick to it hence why the Beland Music Festival is BACK. 

The festival will open on the 12th of May and will come to an end on the 20th of May and if last year’s event is anything to go by, this year’s festival will probably be better and even bigger. Slowly it is establishing itself as one of the event all the lovers of local music look forward to, in fact a number of people have been asking about the festival for quite some time. For the second straight year, the festival will take place in the Market Square in Zejtun and like last year it will take the form of an open air concert which will run for nine straight days. Each and every day has a special theme or a special act assigned to it which also includes a foreign tribute band of one of the biggest bands that ever existed.

Saturday - 12th May at 20:30

Winter Moods Live

Supporting Act: The Crowns


Sunday - 13th May at 10:00

Wheelspin Car Show

‘Belt l-ghannejja’ - Maltese folkloristic music (Ghana) will be performed by local folk singers and guitarists, with Kelinu Cutajar (Is-Superstar) 


Sunday - 13th May at 12:00

‘Belandfest’ - Marathon of entertainment with activity for all the family and many attractions including dance shows, animation teams and music performances. There will also be the mobile Blood Donation Unit to encourage people to donate blood and save lives. 


Sunday - 13th May at 20:30

‘Delicata Wine Night’ - Live concert by Cash & band, Planet Feed and Antz Walking.


Monday - 14th May at 20:30

‘Nostalgija’ - Special concert gathering most of the well-known local singers together to perform live their Maltese classics that have been entertaining the public over the last four decades. Amongst the artists taking part are Freddie Portelli, Bajzo, Georgina, Christian Arding, Bartolo Sisters (daughters of Sammy Bartolo), Tony Camilleri, Joe George and Mike Spiteri, all live with the Band of Mro. Paul Abela. 


Tuesday - 15th May at 20:30

‘Malta Pop Show’ - Pop concert with Malta's most famous Pop singers, including Claudia Faniello, Gianni, Richard Edwards, Fabrizio Faniello, Muxu, Christabelle, Urban Echoe, Keith Dance Studio and more. 


Wednesday - 16th May at 20:30

‘Think Floyd - The Definitive Pink Floyd Experience’; International Live tribute show of the legendary group Pink Floyd. 


Thursday - 17th May at 20:30

‘The Green Gathering’ - Exactly one month before the feast of Zejtun, all the Beland family and feast enthusiasts will meet at Market Square for this big gathering. 


Friday - 18th May at 20:30

Airport Impressions Live

Supporting act: Dry Connections


Saturday - 19th May at 20:30

‘Alive The Concert’ - A big concert with Malta's best voices, including Chiara and Glen Vella.

(UEFA Champions League final will be shown on Big Screen). 


Sunday - 20th May at 19:15

Zejtun Youth Mass


Sunday - 20th May at 20:30

‘Beland Spectacular’ - The grand closing of the week, with the Beland Band in the leading role in a live concert with a number of famous singers, namely; Mary Spiteri, Lawrence Gray, Thea Garrett, Mikaela, Wayne Micallef, Eleanor Cassar and Raquela. 

One can see the festival as an opening to the summer months activities as other activities take place all around the island during the summer months but most of them would not be held on such a grand scale. To organize such a massive event is not easy and Beland would not have been able to provide such a field with different artists were it not for the support they found from their sponsors. The event is free of charge but those in attendance are encouraged to give a small donation that will go directly to Puttinu cares as for another year, the event is being held in aid of Puttinu Care which works for such a noble case. So remember from the 12th of May to the 20th of May your entertainment spot should be in Zejtun at the Beland Music Festival. escflashmalta.com is proud to support this event in fact aiding in the production of the 'Malta Pop Show'. Stay tuned for more information.

Source: Facebook Official Page, The Beland Music Festival

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This year has been one of those years when the runner-up at this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest continued to garner more acclaim than the actual winner despite the high dose of support that Kurt Calleja and his team have been receiving in the past couple of weeks. In second place was none other than Claudia Faniello, an experience artist who first emerged on the scene in the Malta Song for Europe back in 2006 and she has never looked back securing popularity, a debut album and also two runner-up finishes at the esteemed music competition whilst also supporting some of the biggest acts in the industry. In recent days, French superstar Anggun recorded a duet of her entry, Echo (You & I) for the Eurovision Song Contest with Claudia within a bi-lingual concept but they have joined forces once more on another track.

The track that they have worked on together is none other than Pure composed by Philip Vella, penned by Gerard James Borg and produced by Sean Vella. The technique of the vocals is stunning and the way that they intertwine together is just brilliant. Pure was the runner-up entry in this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest and it seems that should she have been chosen, we would have got very high marks from the French Jury noting the fact that even Bruno Berberes, the Head of Delegation awarded her the maximum marks in Malta saying that it is pure beauty in all its entirety. Following the competition, Pure went onto a foray on iTunes, by climbing up to number #1 in just a couple of hours and staying there for a month, something which Kurt Calleja is yet to accomplish as his status at the top did not last that long unfortunately. You can hear the duet below in a Youtube video prepared for the occasion. 

Source: YouTube, escflashmalta

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This year’s French representative, Anggun, has just released a new bilingual version of her entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, Echo (You and I). We are in a proud position to reveal that the English part of this particular song is being performed by none other than Claudia Faniello, who placed second in this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest, with the simple, yet stunning ballad, Pure, penned and composed by Malta’s most notable team of songwriters being Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg.

Despite the fact that Claudia placed second, her voice was very much noted by the French representative, and thus, they teamed up to produce this great piece of music, which surely sounds ‘good’ to the ears. Their voices sound perfect together and this collaboration may result in further duets together! Anggun will be performing in position number nine (9) in the final night, since France is part of the ‘big five’ alongside the likes of the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy and thus are given the opportunity to automatically pass to the final night. This regulation was established in the earlier segment of the millennium. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Facebook, Anggun Official Website

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It has been quite the interesting season this year, especially with the lead up to the annual Eurovision Song Contest proving to be quite unpredictable most of the time with surprise victories all of the the continent including Russia, The Netherlands, Bulgaria and Malta amongst others. We have sought to make the experience as whole even more entertaining and that is why, we are preparing sublime coverage of the actual two weeks which will see the people in Europe even more interested in the ongoing process of rehearsals, press conferences and also interviews. When it comes to the actual shows, we have enlisted three incredible artists to help our team with the respective live commentary. In fact, we have already confirmed Raquela as the guest commentator for semi-final one whilst Simon Casey will be taking up the second semi-final. For the final, we would like to reveal the musical styling of Claudia Faniello who did the same thing just two years ago in 2010.

Since bursting out onto the local music scene, Claudia Faniello has been reaching new heights of success and one has to remember that she started on a local competition entitled Hotspot which aired on NET Television, also the beginning of the career for Cliff Zammit Stephens, Eleanor Spiteri, and Annabelle Debono amongst others. Following her initial participation in the Malta Song for Europe with the Ray Agius penned track High Alert originally performed by Olivia Lewis, she has not looked back, going onto win the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza the following year with the track Ma Nafx (I Don't Know). She has twice finished as the runner-up of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, the first in 2008 with the track Caravaggio and the second earlier this year with the song Pure. She is still the peoples' darling this year and the choice of Kurt still amazes everyone especially due to the fact that the public is still not behind him completely but warming up to him in general. Nevertheless, Claudia is moving forward and with a brand new brand which she spearheads entitled The Common Talk, she will surely reach more and more success. We are proud to have Claudia Faniello on board for yet another year.

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