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SHSC 2014: In-Depth Interview with Kelly Cassar

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In recent years, the Malta Eurovision Song Contest has been the only local platform for songwriters and vocalists to produce original songs in English, but that has officially changed with the re-introduction of the Summer Hit Song Contest which returns to F Living as from the 14th July 2014. A total of 18 entries got through to the final stage of the competition with no less than 8 of them having already made it to the top of the music scene by virtue of reaching the Malta Eurovision Song Contest on at least one previous occasion.

We're going to chat to ALL the artists in contention so that you, our readers will have the opportunity to get to know them better. The tenth artist in our series of interviews is Kelly Cassar, and the song which she is presenting bears the name "One Precious Mile" composed by Philip Vella to the lyrics of Gerard James Borg.

In Malta, the Eurovision Song Contest is a major outlet for the music industry, but then again, with such a mindset, what role does the return of the Summer Hit Song Contest have in your opinion and would you like it to be part of the music calendar?

In my opinion Summer Hit Song Contest is a very important showcase for singers to showcase their songs and talent. The competition inspired me to participate with what I think is a good song. I am very grateful to get this opportunity to sing at the Summer Hit Song Contest and hope people will remember me and give me a chance to compete in other festivals in the future such as the Malta Song For Europe. 

Kelly, another newcomer to the music industry with a distinct vocal. Why did you select the Summer Hit Song Contest as your first major competition and should we expect to hear more original material from you in the future?

I have always wanted to perform at the highest possible level. The Summer Hit Song Contest is a festival I am very happy to see revived. I want people to enjoy my music. I am passionate about singing and performing. There will definitely be more original material coming from me soon.

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Would you kindly introduce your entry to our readers and also identify the meaning behind the lyrics?

The style of the song is a ballad. The lyrics are emotional to me but everyone is free to interpret them in their own personal way - as they have a universal meaning.

One of the key elements which have transpired upon the return of the Summer Hit Song Contest is the promotion of each artist and entry. How has f living re-defined the competition and what has been the general public reaction?

f living have given me and the other competitors great opportunities to promote our songs. The publicity has been very good and the public reaction is very positive, not just here in Malta but from viewers abroad watching on You Tube and through streaming.

Would you like to say anything to our readers at escflashmalta.com?

I would like to thank escflashmalta.com for this opportunity to interview me. It has been a pleasure answering the questions. I hope the readers will enjoy my song and performance as much as I enjoy singing on the stage. If you like One Precious Mile please vote for the song. 

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