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The musical calender of the Maltese Islands might not be as full as those of other countries true but we do have our share of music events throughout the year kicking off with the Eurosong competition which normally takes place in February as features a total of 20 artists all of which would be competing to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest which is the biggest musical event in Europe. This event normally sees the best local talent fighting for the coveted top spot. It might be a year where several new artists become known or a year when several well known names surprise the crowds with their return as what happened with Chiara for example in 2009 when she came out of the shadows to win a third ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest.

In the meantime, following the Eurosong competition is normally the Malta International Hit Song Contest, a festival which should be heading into it's fourth edition next year. This festival is organised and aired on One Tv by a committee which is involved in the local music scene, among whom former Maltasong committee members, television and music producers as well as promoters of local and international artists. In the meantime, other might have just started out their career through this festival. This years' event for example saw the top three taking first time honours on the big stage with Romina Mamo garnering her first huge victory here in Malta.




The third event of the year is the "Konkors Kazunetta Indipendenza" which is organised within the Independence celebrations that take place in the week leading up to the 21st September. Now this festival is quite interesting due to the fact that a number of artists find the time to express themselves within the Maltese language knowing that the annual Ghanja tal-Poplu festival is not as it used to be. The submissions have been quite strong in recent years and the level has also been quite strong so it will be quite interesting to see what 2011 brings about within this musical competition in our native tongue.

In the meantime, throughout the year, we will also be keeping you updated about the latest from the Bay Music Awards, the Malta Music Awards and other events that might be taking place especially in connection with artists from the Eurovision Song Contest, Malta Eurovision Song Contest or any other related events. Therefore make sure to keep checking this page often because you are in for quite the ride. On behalf of ESCflashmalta.com and the EXOR Group, we wish you a pleasant stay on our site.


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