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A Relative Past...

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One of the most important moments in the entertainment industry is surely the annually held Malta Eurosong competition which is a festival in which the representative for the Eurovision Song Contest is chosen. When Malta became a member of the European Broadcasting Union, it entered within the international festival in 1971 and then in 1972 yet things changed and the next entry came in 1975 before stopping for a long period until 1991. Since then, the country has taken part each and every year.

One of the main changes in the Malta Eurosong competition was achieved back in 2009 when the Public Broadcasting Services was given the contest and therefore the Malta Song board was rendered costly and useless. At the moment the committee with regards to the festival is led by the Public Broadcasting Services which has chosen veteran Joe Dimech and Programmes Manager Reuben Zammit amongst others. Since kicking off, the Malta Eurosong festival has proved to be quite successful with extremely high viewing figures as well as interesting acts including artists who nowadays claim that the event is longer a true spectacle yet used to live within the hype each year. Below you are going to see the top three finishers of every year along with the videos where possible of both the national final performance, the Eurovision Song Contest performance along with the preview video. With regards to the first three years, no videos of the other two finalists were available and therefore not put up.

1971: Joe Grech - Marija L-Maltija (Joe Grech / Charles Mifsud)

1972: Joe & Helen - L-Imhabba (Charles Camilleri / Albert Cassola)

1975: Renato - Singing This Song (Sammy Galea / M.Iris Mifsud)

1991: Paul & Georgina - Could It Be (Paul Abela / Ray Mahoney)

1992: Mary Spiteri - Little Child (Georgina Abela / Ray Mahoney)

1993: William Mangion - This Time (William Mangion / William Mangion)

1994: Chris & Moira - More Than Love (Chris Scicluna / Moira Stafrace)

1995: Mike Spiteri - Keep Me In Mind (Ray Agius / Alfred C Sant)

1996: Miriam Christine - In A Woman's Heart (Paul Abela / Alfred C Sant)

1997: Debbie Scerri - Let Me Fly (Ray Agius / Ray Agius)

1998: Chiara - The One That I Love (Jason Paul Cassar / Sunny Aquilina)

1999: Times Three - Believe In Peace (Chris Scicluna / Moira Stafrace)

2000: Claudette Pace - Desire (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

2001: Fabrizio Faniello - Another Summer Night (Paul Abela / Georgina Abela)

2002: Ira Losco - 7th Wonder (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

2003: Lynn Chircop - To Dream Again (Alfred Zammit / Cynthia Sammut)

2004: Julie & Ludwig - On Again .. Off Again (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

2005: Chiara - Angel (Chiara Siracusa / Chiara Siracusa)

2006: Fabrizio Faniello - I Do (Aldo Spiteri / Fabrizio Faniello)

2007: Olivia Lewis - Vertigo (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

2008: Morena - Vodka (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

2009: Chiara - What If We (Marc Paelinck / Gregory Bilsen)

2010: Thea Garrett - My Dream (Jason Paul Cassar / Sunny Aquilina)

2011: Glen Vella - One Life (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

2012: Kurt Calleja - This Is The Night (Kurt Calleja / Johan J'Amtberg  / Mikael Gunneras)

2013: Gianluca - Tomorrow (Boris Cezek / Dean Muscat)

2014: Firelight - Coming Home (Richard Edwards Micallef)

2015: Amber - Warrior (Elton Zarb / Matthew Mercieca)



1991 (3rd Place): Renato & Marisa - It's Wonderful to Be In Love

1991 (2nd Place): Catherine Vigar - Let There Be You and Me


1992 (3rd Place): Mike Spiteri - Lonely People (Ray Agius / Alfred C Sant)

1992 (2nd Place): Moira Stafrace - Don't Throw Our Love Away (Benedict Galea / Joe Friggieri)


1993 (3rd Place): Alexander Schembri - Woman (Georgina Abela / Doris Chetcuti)

1993 (2nd Place): Marita, Jon Lukas & Marthese Tanti - Love We Share (Lukas / Agius)


1994 (3rd Place): Georgina - Remember the Beginning (Philip Vella)

1994 (2nd Place): Ray Caruana - Scarlet Song (Dominic Galea / Ray Mahoney)


1995 (3rd Place): Tarcisio Barbara - Castles Made of Sand (Barbara / Busuttil)

1995 (2nd Place): Claudette Pace - Our Love Could Never Be (Cynthia Sammut / Alfred Zammit)


1996 (3rd Place): Alexander Schembri - Say You'll Stay (Paul Abela / Doris Chetcuti)

1996 (2nd Place): Claudette Pace - My Butterfly (Paul Zammit Cutajar)


1997 (3rd Place): Mary Spiteri - Lovers Play With Words (Ray Agius / Alfred C Sant)

1997 (2nd Place): Catherine Vigar - The Call (Paul Abela / Ray Mahoney)


1998 (3rd Place): Claudette Pace & 6th Above - Listen to Our Voices (Ray Agius / Philip Vella)

1998 (2nd Place): Fabrizio Faniello - More Than Just a Game (Paul Abela / Georgina Abela)


1999 (3rd Place): Georgina Abela - Who Will Be There (Paul Abela / Georgina Abela)

1999 (2nd Place): Lawrence Gray - The Right Time (Paul Abela / Philip Vella)


2000 (3rd Place): Priscilla Psaila - Our Love (Alfred Zammit / Cynthia Sammut)

2000 (2nd Place): Fabrizio Faniello - Change of Heart (Paul Abela / Georgina Abela)


2001 (3rd Place): Lawrence Gray - Count On Me (Paul Abela / Philip Vella)

2001 (2nd Place): Ira Losco - Spellbound (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)


2002 (3rd Place): Ira Losco - One Step Away (Ray Agius / Philip Vella)

2002 (2nd Place): Karen Polidano - When Comes My Lover (John David Zammit / Ray Mahoney)


2003 (3rd Place): Gunther Chetcuti - You Light of My Life (Paul Abela / Roger Tirazona / Doris Chetcuti)

2003 (2nd Place): Lawrence Gray - Why Not (Ray Agius)


2004 (3rd Place): Fabrizio Faniello - Did I Ever Tell You (Paul Abela / Georgina Abela)

2004 (2nd Place): Olivia Lewis - Take a Look (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)


2005 (3rd Place): J.Anvil - You (Augusto Cardinali / Giovann Attard)

2005 (2nd Place): Olivia Lewis - Deja Vu (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)


2006 (3rd Place): Trilogy - This Heart of Mine (Paul Abela / Joe Julian Farrugia)

2006 (2nd Place): Olivia Lewis - Spare A Moment (Ray Agius / Godwin Sant)


2007 (3rd Place): Klinsmann - She Gives Me Wings (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Rita Pace)

2007 (2nd Place): Trilogy - Starlight (Paul Abela / Joe Julian Farrugia)


2008 (3rd Place): Claudia Faniello - Sunrise (Ray Agius / Ray Agius)

2008 (2nd Place): Claudia Faniello - Caravaggio (Ray Agius / Godwin Sant)


2009 (3rd Place): Q - Before You Walk Away (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

2009 (2nd Place): Eleanor Cassar - Someday (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)


2010 (3rd Place): Tiziana Calleja - Words Are Not Enough (John David Zammit / Paul Callus)

2010 (2nd Place): Glen Vella - Just A Little More Love (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)


2011 (3rd Place): Kurt Calleja - Over and Over (Johan J'Amtberg / Kurt Calleja)

2011 (2nd Place): Richard Edwards - Finally (Jan Van Dijck / Richard Edwards)


2012 (3rd Place): Amber - Answer With Your Eyes (Ray Agius / Alfred C Sant)

2012 (2nd Place): Claudia Faniello - Pure (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)


2013 (3rd Place): Davinia - Betrayed (Elton Zarb / Matt Mercieca)

2013 (2nd Place): Kevin Borg - Needing You (Clauss / Thornholm / Attlerud / Borg / Gribbe)


2014 (3rd Place): Daniel Testa - One Last Ride - (Stephen Rudden / Lawrence Peter Bridge)

2014 (2nd Place): DeBee - Pin the Middle (Peter Paul Galea / Debbie Stivala)


2015 (3rd Place): Glen Vella - Breakaway (Kevin Borg / Simon Gribbe)

2015 (2nd Place): Christabelle - Rush (Elton Zarb / Matthew Mercieca)


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