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Through the Hour Glass

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The summer season in Malta is jam-packed with cultural activity and actually this is somewhat quite important to the general aspect of music within the local sphere. Over the past couple of years, a new festival entitled ‘The Malta Hit Song Contest’ emerged and within this festival, original songs in the English language came to be recognized and awarded for their efforts. With the backing on ONE Television, it has become a very important viable means of promoting talent and music within the summer months and of course it adds that little bit of spice when concerning the language as well noting the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza which is encompassed within a Maltese traditional language.

For 2011, the contest has been rebranded into the ‘Malta Summer Hit Song Contest’ with that interesting flair for the summer months. This new change will surely be a point which many should look out for in the coming years hoping that the successful first edition of it in this format would show consistency and key. A mixture of styles, genres, genders and such, it will be quite interesting how things will pan out within the years to come. The contest organizer, Deo Grech has also given us the results of the last couple of years which we will be publishing to show that this contest now moving into its fourth year in succession is actually quite successful and promotes new talent in the best possible way giving the chance to perform more than once in front of both a television and live audience.


Public Vote: Talitha – Encore (Philip Vella / Rita Pace)

3rd Place: Talitha – Encore (Philip Vella / Rita Pace)

2nd Place: Jessica Muscat – Sweet Temptation (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

1st Place: Miriam Christine – Alone Today (Miriam Christine)


Public Vote: Romina Mamo – Primitive (Clinton Paul / Rita Pace)

3rd Place: Talitha – Emotion (Ian Dimech)

2nd Place: Romina Mamo – Primitive (Clinton Paul / Rita Pace)

1st Place: Neville Refalo – One Day (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Rita Pace)


Public Vote: Domenique – Violet Skies (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

3rd Place: Christian – Caruso (Clinton Paul)

2nd Place: Corazon – Set the Night on Fire (Philip Vella)

1st Place: Romina Mamo – Poison Ivy (Clinton Paul)


Public Vote: Walter Anthony - Turn On The Lights (Philip Vella)

3rd Place: Ina Robinich - Stay The Night (Andrew Zahra / Rita Pace)

2nd Place: Petra - Forget My Name (Heathcliffe Balzan / Natasha Turner)

1st Place: minik ft. Siconix - Let's Party (Siconix)


Public Vote: Rita Pace & Audrey Marie - Overboard (Rita Pace)

3rd Place: Odessa - Pretend (Renato Briffa / Doris Chetcuti)

2nd Place: Anna Azzopardi - My Hero (Renato Briffa / Keith Zammit)

1st Place: Domenique - Back To... (Mark Scicluna / Emil Calleja Bayliss)


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