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San Marino: Fans Submitting Videos for Competition

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San Marino is one of the countries that continues making headlines day after day for a number of issues, whether positive or negative but nevertheless, the promotion is somewhat quite interesting especially when Valentina Monetta, this years' representative has also decided to include her fans in the proceedings. He is organizing a Social Network Video Contest with the lucky winner given a trip for two to the Oktoberfest in Munich. Apart from that, there will also be a €1000 cash prize and also some prizes for the runner-ups. The videos can be submitted until the 14th May 2012 meaning there is not a lot of time left. You can watch those submitted thus far through the official YouTube page of the artist whilst we are going to tell you how you can apply for such a project.

Step by step, this is of course possible therefore, the first thing that one has to do is to download the song through the medium of iTunes, either as an instrumental or as it will be presented at the Eurovision Song Contest. Then make sure to use your iPhone, iPad, Android , Camera, Webcam or Camcorder to create a music video for the song itself. The team behind the song has also given the option of downloading the special green screen of the music video and then one could edit himself within the video. This could be done through iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, FinalCutX, Premiere, AFX or any other video editing software to create your own music video.

The third step is uploading the video to YouTube on a person account which can be obtained for free and when tagging the keywords,make sure to invlude these: 'EUROVISION 2012' 'SAN MARINO' 'SOCIAL NETWORK MUSIC VIDEO CONTEST'. In order to be eligible to compete, all of the keywords have to be put in correctly. Last but not least, the participation registration page has to be filled out with the personal details of the submitted video and the individual behind it. Do not forget to read all of the respective terms and conditions. The video will then be added to the playlist on the YouTube page of Valentina if accepted.
The prizes are quite interesting especially due to the fact that the runner-up will take €700, the second runner-up will win €500 and then the prizes from fourth till tenth will vary between €100 and €200. It has also been revealed that a special prize will be given for the person with the most views on YouTube which will be a long weekend in San Marino inclusive of flights and hotel and a dinner with Valentina Monetta herself. They jury who will be picking the winner will vote for each video in top ten format as is the case at the Eurovision Song Contest. The members of the jury are as follows:
Valentina Monetta (singer of The social network song)
Ralph Siegel (Composer and producer of the Sammarinese entry)
Timothy Touchton (Lyricist)
José Juan Santana Rodríguez (Lyricist)
Carmen Lasorella (Director General of SMTV San Marino)
Alessandro Capicchioni (Head of Delegation of SMTV San Marino)
Source: SMRTV


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