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Italy: San Remo 2011 Won by Roberto Vecchioni

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Ciao Tutti e Bonasera, welcome to our live coverage of the annual San Remo competition which is being staged at the beautiful Teatro Ariston which is situated in the city which bears the same name at the events' name. A total of fourteen acts were competing at the start of the week but following the elimination and the re-entry of some acts, we now stand at ten. I think that it is nice to see Italy really putting the effort this year and it shows with viewing figures improving quite a bit.

The hosts of the evening are singer/songwriter Gianni Morandi along with the ever so beautiful models Belen Rodriguez and Elisabetta Canalis who has been making headlines with her high profile relationship with actor George Clooney. We have been keeping you posted over the last couple of days about the shows but this evening marks the grand finale with the act to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest Final on the 14th May 2011 to be announced. You can watch the show through RAI UNO which could also be found through satellite.

Here we are for a long and surely exciting evening as we will finally know the first Italian entry in Eurovision since Jalisse magnificent 4th place in the 1997 Eurovision with 'Fiume di parole'. The show is starting with a dance act and looks very nice. The presenters come on stage and an act is being performed in honour of the presenters, but obviously we are all waiting for the finalists to perform their song. The presenters are opening the televoting, so just like in Eurovision one can vote from the very first moment.


01. La Crus – Io Confesso
02. Giusy Ferreri – Il Mare Immenso
03. Davide Van De Sfross - Yanez
04. Luca Madonia ft Franco Battiato – L’Alieno
05. Nathalie – Viva Sospesa
06. Anna Tatangelo - Bastardo
07. Modá and Emma - Arrivera
08. Albano – Amanda e libero
09. Roberto Vecchioni - Chiamami ancora amore
10. Luca Barbarossa & Raquel del Rosario – Fino Il Fondo

We are off for the first performance...

01. Davide Van De Sfross - Yanez
A nice opening for the festival but in my opinion in view of Eurovision not the song to go for. I'm pretty sure we are heading for better songs.

02. Roberto Vecchioni - Chiamami ancora amore
I really adore Italian music, it's one of my favourite languages to listen to, but with all respect to Roberto, i don't believe for a minute that this would be a wise decision to send for Eurovision. Undoubtably a good performer, but in terms of Eurovision no way.

03. Anna Tatangelo - Bastardo
Comparing to the first two songs the song is already much more appealing to me. Quiet good performance although i believe Anna is forcing a bit too much herself. But overall not a bad performance.

A first commercial break is currently done.

04. Luca Barbarossa & Raquel del Rosario – Fino Il Fond

Luca Barbarossa, the 1988 Italian ESC entry is back with Raquel and it's clear the level is going only up tonight. Quiet a nice performance of the two singers. In terms of Eurovision, i'm not sure if this would be the song, but i like the performance. It has a nice build-up, like it! And a big compliment that the orchestra is here, how much we miss it at the Eurovision!

05. Albano – Amanda e libero
And here we have the great Al Bano, he represented Italy in the seventies together with Romina Power and being a backing singer in 2000 for the Swiss Entry in Eurovision. This week he first got eliminated but through a second chance still got into the finals and it's clear why: still a great performer and definately a great Italian artist. A nice song however i don't think this is a song for Eurovision.

We have a break with a guest peformance by Belen Rodriguez and Fernando Alonso, the Fomule 1-driver is asked on stage.

06. La Crus – Io Confesso
A nice performance by La Crus, a male singer accompanied by an opera singer. I like it, but again in terms of Eurovision i don't think it would work completely although i think one of the better songs though, kinda confused.

07. Giusy Ferreri – Il Mare Immenso
Giusy Ferreri is bring a rock-ballad. I don't know about this one, i might be totally wrong but i dont' have any connection with this song and performance. It's not bad in terms of performance but i think this would  not be a good entry for Eurovision.

08. Nathalie – Viva Sospesa
Now this is an interesting entry. The last Italian winner of X-Factor is performing playing the piano. I like this a lot, this has Eurovision all over it and i believe this could be a great entry for Italy in Düsseldorf! Nathalie is leaving the piano and performing strongly on stage. This could work out very good for Italy in Germany! And i admit i was expecting a lot on this as Nathalie is half belgian (her mother is belgian) but objectively this is the best entry for now in terms of Eurovision.

And we are off again for a commercial break.

09. Modá and Emma - Arrivera
This duet is not bad at all, i'm happy to be able to judge the songs on a first hearing so without any prejudice. This is really well done and i believe this entry could be a dangerous contender for the Eurovision Contendor.

10. Luca Madonia ft Franco Battiato – L’Alieno
The last participant is not bad either bad with all respect for the performers we've heard better songs. Especially in terms for Eurovision i don't believe this would work at all, for this the song is too much ordinary and has nothing special.

We had all the songs for now and we're off for some typical talking and comic talking. Hopefully this is not taking too long and they'll tak us to the important part of the show...the results!

There is again a call for televoting and the cd with all songs of this year's festival is being promoted. And now we are off for a interval-act with many dancers, amongst only one female, looks pretty good actually! We are having another guest performance before waiting results for the superfinal!

The presenters are now talking about the selection for Eurovision we'll be seeing now any moment the entry for Eurovision!

And there it is, it's Raphael Gualazzi who will represent Italy in this years Eurovision Songcontest! He is the winner of the new coming category! Very funny though that this is briefly mentionned during this show! I wonder about the real interest of the Italians for the Eurovision actually. If 'Follia d'amore', Raphael's song in San Remo is really the song for Eurovision, this is a HUGE disapointed for the returnal of Italy in Eurovision. Actually i honestly believe they'd better had been out for another year. Shame on you RAI!

In the meanwhile, the televoting has stopped for determing the winner of this years San Remo Festival.

Avril Lavigne is called on stage now to give a performance. With all respect to this singer but in the past we had more big stars in the festival, i expected more about it.

The top 3 are announced... They are:

Al Bano

Moda and Emma

Roberto Vecchioni

On the first two i can agree, but such a pity Nathalie didn't make it, especially in terms for Eurovision! And a long talking from the presenters we are off again for a dance-act. Well the italians surely know how to keep on dragging a show for ages!

And again the top 3 are performing again: first Roberto Vecchioni, then Moda and Emma and finally Al Bano! Hope this will not take too much long anymore! At least Maltese Television learned how to keep a show more compact this year, my compliments on it, but shame on RAI!

After another performance televoting has finally come to an end. Let's cross fingers this never ending story is coming to end soon now!

Finally!!! The results are being announced!

Third place is: Al Bano

Second place: Moda and Emma

Winner is Roberto Vecchioni!

So that concludes this never ending evening. A very disapointing evening in regards for the return of Italy in the Eurovision Songcontest. There were much better songs that could have given Italy a great result in my personal opinion. We'll see now, goodluck anyhow!


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