23 January 2018

In just over 24 hours, the Grand Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest will be taking place with 26 participants; 10 from the 1st semi-final, 10 from the 2nd semi-final, the 'Big 5' and the 'host country' all vying for the trophy, and the chance to host the international spectacle next year.

Following the aftermath of the Thursday show, the production team of the competition led by SVT sat down with the EBU and created a running order based on the halves that they drew at the post show press conference.

As a matter of fact, the proposed draw was unanimously approved by the EBU Executive Supervisor, Jon Ola Sand and the Chairman of the Reference Group, Dr. Frank-Dieter. This year's final will be taking place at the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden and will be hosted by Mans Zelmerlow and Petra Mede, who have led the two semi-finals successfully.

01. Belgium

02. Czech Republic

03. The Netherlands

04. Azerbaijan

05. Hungary

06. Italy

07. Israel

08. Bulgaria

09. Sweden

10. Germany

11. France

12. Poland

13. Australia

14. Cyprus

15. Serbia

16. Lithuania

17. Croatia

18. Russia

19. Spain

20. Latvia

21. Ukraine

22. Malta

23. Georgia

24. Austria

25. United Kingdom

26. Armenia

On behalf of the escflashmalta.com, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for following the minute-by-minute commentary on Facebook and Twitter, led by Claudia Faniello and Karen DeBattista during the 1st semi-final, and by Janice Debattista and Brooke Borg during the 2nd semi-final. In the final, it will be conducted by Julie Pomorski and Franklin Calleja.

We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news about Malta's participation in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, led by singer/songwriter Ira Losco who will be performing "Walk on Water", co-written alongside Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren, Molly Pettersson Hammar and Lisa Desmond  in slot #22.

Source: eurovision.tv

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In Vienna, the capital city of Austria, dress rehearsals for the final night of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 are currently taking place, as twenty (20) participating countries were selected from the semi-finals through a mixture of public and jury voting in order to join the seven (7) pre-determined finalists, who secured their place as part of the guidelines of the event, as set forth by the European Broadcasting Union.

As participants drew their part of the running order in the post semi-final press conferences, the excitement grew with regards to how the final line-up will look like, and in the wee hours of morning, the European Broadcasting Union made public the running order in which each of the finalists will be presenting their respective entry.

01. Slovenia

02. France

03. Israel

04. Estonia

05. United Kingdom

06. Armenia

07. Lithuania

08. Serbia

09. Norway

10. Sweden

11. Cyprus

12. Australia

13. Belgium

14. Austria

15. Greece

16. Montenegro

17. Germany

18. Poland

19. Latvia

20. Romania

21. Spain

22. Hungary

23. Georgia

24. Azerbaijan

25. Russia

26. Albania

27. Italy

Unfortunately, Malta is not part of this line-up, despite the fact that Amber gave a stunning interpretation of her entry "Warrior", her original entry penned by Matt 'Muxu' Mercieca to the composition of Elton Zarb. Nevertheless, we urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter as our LIVE blogging continues, with Antoine Farrugia, Marc Calleja Bayliss, Brooke Borg and Davinia Pace during the final night of the worlds' most prestigious event in Malta.

Source: eurovision.tv

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On an unsuspecting Friday, France Televisions, and most notably, France 2 made public the name of the artist, and the entry that will represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, Austria. The undoubted honour has been given to Lisa Angell, who will be performing the chanson, 'N'Oubliez Pas', a ballad with an uplifting message.

Written by Robert Goldman, the man responsible for 'Je n’ai que mon âme', France's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001, performed to perfection by Natasha St-Pier, the nation hopes to rekindle their former magic. 'N'Oubliez Pas' is a hymn to peace which strongly criticize violence and though it has been recorded in December, it has now a peculiar resonance further to the events which happened recently in France.

Lisa Angell, a 46 year old female singer, is experienced in the music industry, having released three solo studio albums with major record label backing, albeit little chart success. Succeeding TwinTwin might not be a diffiicult effort, considering that they finished at the bottom end of the scoreboard despite their energetic performance of 'Moustache'. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Source: France Televisions

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The European Broadcasting Union made an official announcement this morning that 39 countries have submit paperwork to participate in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria. Despite the withdrawal of Ukraine, this is relatively exciting news, as the event will feature two more countries than last year, following the return of Serbia, Cyprus and the Czech Republic. Malta is one of the few countries to have selected both the singer, and the entry, with Amber set to perform "Warrior" written by Elton Zarb and Matthew Mercieca in one of the two semi-finals.

The participating countries are as follow; Albania, Armenia, Austria (Host), Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (Big 5), FYR Macedonia, Georgia, Germany (Big 5), Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy (Big 5), Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain (Big 5), Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (Big 5).

The European Broadcasting Union has also divided the semi-finals with respective number of participants, due to the fact that the number of participating countries is odd. As a result, 16 countries will partake in the 1st semi-final on the 19th May, as opposed to 17 countries which will partake in the 2nd semi-final on the 21st May. The allocation draw will take place on the 26th January, and will be streamed live through the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: eurovision.tv

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After an eventful contest on Saturday, we decided to look at the bottom end or right-hand side of the scoreboard. A quick analysis if you like. Firstly, San Marino’s first appearance in a Eurovision final was not a great success but marked a massive achievement for the tiny microstate. Whilst the song was not highly regarded, one cannot detract from the gargantuan efforts the Sammarinese delegating put in to their entry. I would say they should be very proud and although they did not win or come close. For San Marino, it is most definitely the taking part that counts.

Montenegro also had their first appearance in a final and their final position could have been a lot worse. I for one enjoyed the song. Although they have yet to manage a top ten placing, this is most certainly a step in the right direction.

France scored just two points. Twin Twin came across as very genuine and it was evident that they enjoyed their performance. However, I believe this is the first time that France have come last. I have to admit though the tune and the lyrics were stuck in my head for while after watching them. As a part of the big five, France can’t do any worse next year.

Azerbaijan have their lowest placing to date 22nd. Azerbaijan are one of the most successful countries and currently have a 100% qualification rate from the semi-finals. They do send decent songs so no doubt they will be aiming to do a lot better next year.

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I also notice that four of the big five are in the lower half of the scoreboard. The UK only managing 17th place. I am not sure what happened there, the same with Italy, but I guess even with all the hype – you win some, you lose some. 

The Greek performance was in my opinion a bit messy and all the camera movements were a bit off-putting. I have heard people say that the live performance was a bit week. However, I was too busy trying to focus at the screen properly. Greece is also a very successful country in terms of qualifying from the final and have entered some great songs in the past ten years. So, once again Greece will be aiming to better than 20th in 2015.

Poland and Iceland just missed out on places in the left-hand side of the scoreboard, but it was hard to take heed of what was going on, given all the hype around the top 3. 

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Slovenia did not fare so well, but this seems to have been a year where there has been a bit of an ex-Yugoslav states void. With Bosnia & Herzegovina withdrawing, Serbia and FYROM not qualifying. The song was pleasant; I actually quite liked it, I am not exactly sure what happened. I guess it was overlooked as it was placed in the bottom five by both the juries and the televote. 

As for Malta, after seeing their semi-final performance I was a little worried that they lack a certain “oomph” to the performance. However, I was pleasantly surprise on Saturday and I really enjoyed the song. Admittedly, it was one of my more preferred songs in the competition and I was pleased when it qualified. I was cringing though when Lise Rønne was offering them an English breakfast in the Green Room.  When I saw the jury/televote split results, I was gobsmacked!! So, the juries gave Malta a sixth place (119 points) whereas the televote languished them in 24th place (17 points).  I cannot seem to be able to recall where the jury and televote result had a discrepancy of more than 100 points. Regardless, Malta seemed to be pleased to be in the final and they sang well. A thoroughly deserved 10 points from the UK.

An eventful competition to say the least. A dramatic top 10 and plenty happening at the bottom end too. We will have to wait until May 2015 for the next round. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even on Facebook & Twitter.

Source: eurovision.tv

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It is almost 2 o'clock in the morning and the energy levels are slowly dwindling but nevertheless, we had to stay up in order to note down the running order for the final of the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, as decided by the European Broadcasting Union. Following each of the semi-finals, a partial draw took place where the respective artist of the qualified country picked out a piece of paper stating whether they would perform in the first or the second half.

Performing first during the second semi-final was actually the right call by the European Broadcasting Union considering that it gave the show a feel good factor, one which definitely got the crowd in the arena and at home going. As the qualifiers were revealed, Malta was the sixth nation to be called out, calming down the bundle of nerves that had built up over the course of the evening. During the press conference, Richard drew the second half of the draw, which creating exciting prospects. We are now pleased to confirm that Malta will perform in slot number #22.

  1. Ukraine
  2. Belarus
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Iceland
  5. Norway
  6. Romania
  7. Armenia
  8. Montenegro
  9. Poland
  10. Greece
  11. Austria
  12. Germany
  13. Sweden
  14. France
  15. Russia
  16. Italy
  17. Slovenia
  18. Finland
  19. Spain
  20. Switzerland
  21. Hungary
  22. Malta
  23. Denmark
  24. The Netherlands
  25. San Marino
  26. United Kingdom

The editorial team of escflashmalta.com would like to thank our esteemed readers for following the comments of Karen DeBattista, Simon Casey and Christabelle throughout the course of the evening. We encourage you to visit our social media pages on Saturday when Daniel Testa, Matt Mercieca and Danica Muscat will be the guest writers. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: eurovision.tv

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Yesterday in France, one of the elite big five countries to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest saw their OGAE fanbase meet up to view and listen to the songs competing in this years' edition of the international spectacle. The event which featured around sixty people took place at the Adyar Theatre. In the morning, the fans chose the twenty songs from the semi-finals, before finally submitting their votes for the final round of the competition.

After a lunch break, the guests of the afternoon were revealed to be none other than the group Twin Twin whose entry Moustache was selected by a mixture of jury and public voting to represent France in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. They took to the main stage and performed an acoustic version of their entry for the international competition as well as two songs; Je Vais Très Bien and Moi-Même from their upcoming album set for release on the 14th April 2014. 

1 point: Denmark

2 points: Norway

3 points: Greece

4 points: Ireland

5 points: Austria

6 points: Italy

7 points:  Sweden

8 points: Belgium

10 points: Hungary

12 points: Israel

Fans in attendance were clearly overjoyed at this surprised and Twin Twin promised a colourful, fresh and surprising performance in Copenhagen. It is worth noting that those in attendance believe that the group could achieved a very good result in Denmark. They finished their visit by answering a couple of questions and then performing the Eurovision version of the song Moustache. Only time will tell whether this success will happen of course, but in the meantime, we urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more of the latest news.

Source: OGAE France

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After five (5) long weeks of expectation in France, the suspense finally came to an end with Twin Twin, consisting of twin brothers Lorent Idir and François Djemel and their friend Patrick Biyk, selected to carry the flag in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 10th May. They will be performing the catchy tune Moustache written by Pierre Beyres, Kim N'Guyen, Lorent Idir and François Ardouvin.

Twin Twin managed to succeed over the other contenders; Destan and Joanna, who were competing with the songs Sans Toi and Ma Liberté, the latter written by Philip Vella, Sean Vella, Gerard James Borg and Yann Guillon. The last French victory was thirty-seven (37) years ago with Marie Myriam and France expects a good result with this very catchy tune based on a true story of a guy who has everything in his life but still expects to have a Moustache. TwinTwin has already let us know that they intend to bring lot of fun on stage in Copenhagen, Denmark. France finished twenty-third (23rd) last year in Malmö and no doubt that TwinTwin will rock the stage and place France much higher on the scoreboard. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: France 3

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In France, a selection process was unveiled a couple of weeks ago, featuring three (3) entries, all of which hope to represent the nation in this years’ edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. In recent weeks escflashmalta.com had the pleasure of speaking to two (2) of the acts; Joanna and Twin Twin, both considered to be the frontrunners. Whilst we appreciate the authenticity of both entries, our support goes towards the former, due to the fact that the song-writing team comprises of Gerard James Borg, Philip Vella and Sean Vella, all being local.

Joanna is busy promoting her entry Ma Liberté, having had a special performance on Le Mag on NRJ 12, one of the most popular broadcasters in the country, especially where music is concerned. The vocalist has recently been in touch with the editorial team, and recorded a specific video directed to YOU, our readers, to call for your support and votes, something which could be done through the Official Website of France 3. You may also purchase a copy of the single through digital store, iTunes in Malta and help it climb up the local charts, considering that the product is indeed local.

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Apart from promoting the single, and hoping to become the next representative of France, with the hope of improving recent results at the international competition, Joanna is hoping to revive her career, and therefore, also launched an English version of the song entitled Re-Invented as well as a brand new version of Ma Liberté which has more punch. The idea is to re-create a bond-like feeling in this new take, one which I believe is extremely powerful, especially in comparison to the one presented before it. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: Joanna (Facebook / Twitter)

Thursday, 06 February 2014 15:50

France: Interview with TwinTwin

Earlier this year, escflashmalta.com had the pleasure of speaking to Joanna Lagrave, one (1) of the three (3) artists hoping to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest, and today, we are proud to present another act who is competing to try and become the first winner of the western nation since Marie Myriam back in 1977. The act, TwinTwin has received a lot of positive feedback prior to the presentation of their entry Moustache yet the follow-up has been rather mixed. Patrick Strouk speaks to the group about their career, their Eurovision Song Contest plans and what lies ahead in the future.

TwinTwin, would you introduce yourself to the readers of escflashmalta.com and explain how you came about in the music industry?

The band consists of Lorent Idir (lead singer and composer), François Djemel (bass) and Patrick Biyik (beatbox and guitar) . We have been composing our songs together for three years now and we have started  TwinTwin story by playing in squats, then on bigger scenes, like the Ricard SA live tour (VV Brown, BB Brunes), festivals , (Francofolies, Printemps de Bourges, Solidays, Rock en Seine…) and we have support artists for many artists (Philippe Katerine, Catherine Ringer, Martin Solveig, Stromae, Soprano, Shaka Ponk and Nina Hagen amongst others). We are also directing our own clips and I have to say that we enjoy it very much.

Who influences your music the most, and what kind of music do you listen to the most?

Our musical influences are very broad and rich. We love Music overall so we  can list French singers like Georges Brassens or Bobby Lapointe, rap (NTM, Lunatic), rock, metal , Deftones, Pantera, Noir Désir.  Electro music also influences us and we can name Major Lazer or Daft Punk. In fact, music is so interesting and wide that we could spend hours  speaking about it.  Oh yes, I forgot, we get influences from Folk music ians also (Neil Young, Bob Dylan), as you see that’s an unending subject (laughter)

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How did you decide to partake in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest and was Moustache especially written for this purpose?

We first started talking with our Team then with our record company which sent our song Moustache to France 3. The song and participation were validated and hmm…here we are !!! We are delighted with this project and really expect to bring our up-to-date and dynamic touch to the very Top.

What are your feelings about Eurovision? Do you watch it every year?

We watched the show last year and Eurovision is really a big extravaganza  and we want to be part of it this year . It’s a fun event  where you can get another image of Europe. Countries are uniting to offer together a massive show. This is a totally unique moment.

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Several artists have stated that participating in the Eurovision Song Contest is not a smart move due to the aftermath of a possible negative result. Don’t you fear that your participation might affect the positive image that you currently occupy in the national media?

We have always enjoyed to face new challenges and  actually we are absolutely not afraid as in France,  is not as popular as it is in some neighbouring countries. Younger people are rather watching reality shows like Nouvelle Star or The Voice. We think that promotion mainly matters but also the background is essential.

We have more than 250 concerts in two years behind us and we did the first part of many famous artists. Whatever people may think and say, they just have to look at our  career but we are focused on the future! We played in festivals, in established concert halls, in Colombia, Canada, Reunion Island. We toured in jails and even in retirement houses.

The song in itself might have a deeper lyrical understanding; hence, we would like to know what that message actually wants to define. Would you tell us?

Lorent Idir has written the lyrics . It is based on a true story . A friend of us told us once the story of a guy he knew. He was a very handsome guy, wealthy, with a nice apartment and many friends. While having a drink, he once made this surprising confidence. Well, I enjoy my life very much, I have everything which I need but there’s something  I  really miss ; … a moustache. I am dreaming to have a moustache.

At first it made us laugh to death. However, when we thought back about this anecdote, we realized it could be an interesting song theme which summarized the current era. People always dream to get  what they are not able to get. Even if you have everything which you need, you still want to get more. In fact, if you listen to the tracks of our album « Vive la vie »,  behind cheerful tunes, all the texts tell stories about our daily life and the world in which we are living.

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In France, you are famous as a scene band, do you think that it might be an advantage with a lot of contrived performances with very little space for improvisation especially at such an international stage?

TwinTwin is a whole package, it is the visual, the sound, the live and the style. Live music is something you intensely feel with your audience. Sometimes you are connected, sometimes you are not it depends. TV is something more organized, you cannot fail, therefore there will be no improvisation. We are preparing a tailor-made show ! Dance, Fun, Energy this is our cocktail for Eurovision!

One of the most important aspects at the Eurovision Song Contest is the look, and therefore, this leads to the main question; how did you choose yours and do you think that this particular look will help you garner a positive stance with the juries and the viewers?

Only a very strong project and and a good performance can make the difference in Eurovision. We are a band with a strong image, our music aims at international audience mixing electro codes, hip hop and rap and lyrics in French. Foreigners who don’t understand French, immediately adhere to the image and the energy, this is our strenght in a music contest mixing so many countries and cultures.  Our taste for entertainment and brightful show is also an asset to touch a wider audience. We have had many positive feedbacks from various countries like U.K , Finland, Sweden, Russia or Spain. The secret is to stick into people’s mind with something strong and innovative

Do you already have a precise idea of the way you wish to present your entry in Copenhagen, Denmark should you be selected to represent France?

Oh Yeah! We already have so many ideas, we are working hard on it ! So send us to Copenhagen!

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Why should people vote for TwinTwin to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest and what is the message you wish to send to our readers at escflashmalta.com to vote for you?

We have so many support for foreign countries. They greet the creativity and the modernity of our project. This is great ! We have toured in several countries like Colombia and Canada and have received a warm welcome everywhere. We believe in us !!  We wan’t to travel, visit new countries and our goal for 2014 is to visit Denmark !! So please send us there and we can be a big surprise.

Do you think that the Eurovision Song Contest would prove to be a career springboard for TwinTwin in the hope of reaching fame as well as a wider audience?

We really feel a strong infatuation for our song on Twitter and Facebook. In addition and for the first time in many years, France 3  is putting a lot of efforts in order to generate interest. This is really important. We do not see Eurovision as a springboard but we would be very proud to represent France and to prove that our country can be amongst the top ones with a powerful artistic proposal.

Source: TwinTwin (Twitter) 

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