24 January 2018
Emil Calleja Bayliss

Emil Calleja Bayliss

Tuesday, 27 September 2011 21:41

Malta: Thea Garrett is back with ‘Walk On By'

It’s been over a year since Thea Garrett took the local music scene by storm and surprised everyone when she triumphed in the Malta Eurovision with the song You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video. Although failing to make the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest; Thea didn’t look back and from then onwards she started working hard on making her stamp on the local music scene.

Her first single release after her Eurovision experience You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video hit the headlines on the local radios, making it all the way to the top on Bay Radio which is considered as a penultimate success in the local music scene. With ‘Frontline’, Thea Garrett showed that she is not a one trick pony and surprised everyone with her new style that was very different from her Eurovision entry.

The sweet girl singing ballads was now the cool chic on the block singing her contemporary number. The audience understood that Thea Garrett is versatile and can do different styles and different numbers yet she was still the sweet down to earth individual that made her popular with the public and this won her a number of fans.

The team behind ‘Frontline’, Dean Muscat and John Galea have been working on a new track called ‘Walk on by’ which Thea Garrett released on the last edition of this Summer of ‘Clint On One’. The new track was warmly received and the feedback on both Thea Garrett’s Facebook page and Clint on One’s page has already been very positive.

The song is another contemporary number yet very much different from ‘Frontline’. When speaking about the song, Thea said she surprised herself because she thought it was a style she never thought she would actually sing yet it suited her perfectly. It’s just the beginning of something new for the young artist but surely will emulate the success she achieved with her last hit – so look out for ‘Walk on by’ on the local airwaves.

Source: Clint on One & Gil Camilleri (Image)

Saturday, 11 June 2011 16:21

Malta: Tonight WAFA Singers in Concert

Fourteen local singers will join another fourteen foreign singers in a concert aimed at celebrating music; in fact the local singers will be singing a song from their repertoire in Maltese – some of the songs will be an exclusive to the concert whilst others will be performing new songs or songs with new arrangements.

WAFA invited all its local members to participate in this concert and only two turned down this great initiative on the basis that they had prior engagements, the other members all accepted and will be entertaining the crowd present with some of the finest local music. These will be joined a total of fourteen foreign singers coming from different parts of Europe.

These fourteen acts will also be singing songs from their repertoire, most of them will be singing in English whilst some of them opted to sing in their national language. Concerts and festivals like these are a great initiative because local artists can make a number of contacts which in the past proved to be fruitful.

Below you can find the list of all the participants. The concert was held on the 30th of April at the CNL, Hamrun. The concert will commence on ONE TV at 20.20 and it will be presented by none other than the formidable experienced duo of Norman Hamilton and Josette Grech Hamilton.

01. Zeljka Katavic Pijl – Bosnia Herzegovina
02. Deborah C –  Malta
03. Margarita Hristova – FYR Macedonia
04. Adie – Int Qaddis – Malta
05. Bruce Barner –  France
06. Geordie – Malta
07. Teona –  Georgia
08. Ina Robinich –  Malta
09. Sarah Class – UK
10. Roger Tirazona – Malta
11. Guarino Papa – Italy
12. Fabrizio & Claudia Faniello  – Malta
13. Teodora Gancheva – Bulgaria
14. Corazon – Malta
15. Daveman – Germany
16. Audrey Marie Bartolo – Malta
17. Paulius – Lithuania
18. Dario Mifsud Bonnici –  Malta
19. Hande Undar – Turkey
20. Dominic Cini  – Malta
21. Mista – Slovakia
22. Neville  – Malta
23. Robert Matchez – Canary Islands
24. Romina Mamo – Malta
25. Nicu – Romania
26. Rita Pace – Malta
27. Anastacia Burmina – Russia
28. J Anvil - Malta

Source: Robert Cefai & WAFA

It seems that the classical sphere of the local scene will also be representing Malta in a way, since Joseph Calleja has been chosen to star in the post card that will introduce Malta exactly before Glen Vella appears on stage to sing the 2011 Maltese Eurovision Song ‘One Life’ penned by Fleur Balzan to the music of Paul Giordimania.









The concept of each post card is quite innovative. A personality or a building has been chosen to represent each Eurovision country. Joseph Calleja appears going around the city, walking in a German theater and prepares to go on stage to give a performance and a later clip shows him delivering the performance. Just before the Maltese songs begins, Joseph Calleja gives the Maltese translation of the Eurovision Slogan “Feel Your Heartbeat” by saying “Ħoss lil qalbek tħabbat”. Joseph Calleja is the most established artist Malta has world wide, and he has performed in Germany numerous times.

To have an artist of such calibre, introducing Malta, and in a way showing his support to Glen and all the team of ‘One Life’. Glen will be accompanied on stage by Pamela Bezzina, Isabelle Zammit, Angela Spiteri, Sandro Zammit & Simon Law. It seems that the Maltese delegation are quite happy with the first dress rehearsal although there is still room for improvement from the producers of the show in regards to the camera shots and the backdrop. Hopefully everything will be resolved in time for tomorrow’s first semi-final were Glen will try his best to be one of the ten qualifiers from the nineteen competing countries.

Source: ONE Television


It was no surprise when the electronic envelopes were being read out, the envelope containing the name ‘MALTA’ did not come up. Some will start finding excuses and blaming the neighbourly voting, other will try to find faults within the performance, whilst others would just bash ‘One Life’ and Malta without any reason. One has to undertand that Eurovision is like a lottery where you invest an amount of money but most of the time you end up on the loosing side.

This year, the Maltese delegation worked really hard to promote the local entry. Glen was sent to different countries to promote our entry and for the first time ever, a different strategy was used to push the Maltese entry forward; this included USB sticks, sunglasses, shirts, sweets and the usual press packs. Glen sang his heart out, holding back tears as he was living his dream; he was clearly enjoying every second on stage. All the rehearsals went great and although there was some issues on how it was looking on the cameras, on the night it looked awesome.

Most people criticized the Maltese entry from not being strong enough and most people said there is nothing to fault in the Maltese entry, the only issue was that there are ten better songs and I guess tonight this proved to be vital. A number of countries which were touted to do well and qualify with relative ease also failed to make it through. Countries, who relied on their so called neighbours and never failed to make it through like Turkey and Armenia, this year, they were not so lucky. Norway seems to have suffered the Kate Ryan syndrome - after being one of the early favourites to win the show it failed to make the finals even though the whole hall was shouting for Stella and Norway.

Some people say that the tele-vote plays an important role but tonight the whole European audience witnessed some what of a positive shock. Both Switzerland and Lithuania were not expected to go through and surprised everyone with their qualification. Lithuania was classified last in different polls, betting sites and also the official press poll, but they still made it with their disney like ballad. I’m pretty sure the song picked up a lot of votes from the jury after her excellent interpretation of her entry. Switzerland on the other hand was sweet, charming, and well performed. It surely picked up most of it points from the jury but in a way it also appealed to the audience.

The styles of the songs that made it through varies although the majority of them have a relatively slow tempo. It seems that one of the few years in which Malta went for an up-tempo song, the mid-tempos and ballads were received better – this continues to proof how much of a game the Eurovision actually is. I guess the Maltese delegation from now on has to evaluate on how the song is actually chosen, as sometimes the artist interpreting the song plays an important role on the actual decision and than it is useless to cry over spilt milk for having made the wrong decision.

We should try to reevaluate on what should be done in coming years to try and change our run of bad luck and try to achieve some form of Eurovision glory. We just need to move step by step; we have to try to make the finals and than try our best to move towards the top of the Eurovision table. Every simple thing helps, including the commentary, which this year left a lot of people wondering what was going on in regards to certain comments passed on our national broadcaster which were seen done in bad taste. Every single thing counts and one cannot expect to change things over night – it will take time but with the right decisions we can get there. Until next year...


It seems that Glen Vella’s ‘One Life’ was well received by the general public and the juries who voted at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Glen and the Maltese team were the first country not to make to the finals on Tuesday as our country scored the eleventh position. After Thea Garrett’s twelfth place last year, Glen's extensive promo tour along with the hard work of the Maltese delegation managed to move Malta a place higher and brings us a single point away from qualification.

Hopefully this trend continues and with the right song and the right strategy for Malta we can get into the finals. Many wrote off Glen’s chances, claiming that Malta was in a tough semi-final but with a polished performance and hard work, he managed to get Malta as close as he could, that is the closest possible, just one point away. One Life managed to score the same amount of points as Armenia, and more votes than Turkey – two countries which were seen as sure qualifiers.

In one of the closest Eurovisions in recent history, Azerbaijan managed to triumph in the finals after coming just second in the first semi-final. The votes this year were all over the place, and even though we had the occasional twelve points go to our neighbours so and so, it was not a common sight and many were dazzled  how most of the votes were given out. This Eurovision was a strong one and the mixture between juries and televoting left a much anticipated positive impact.


The return of Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest was a definite success coming in second place with a song considered the weakest from the Big 5 countries. A result like this will surely encourage future Italian participations in the Song Contest. Sweden’s song 'Popular' was also well received as it proved to be popular with the Europeans, scoring a third place finish. Ukraine ‘Angeli’ came in fourth whilst Denmark’s ‘New Tomorrow’ ended up in fifth place. Blue’s Eurovision bid ended up eleventh whilst Jedward’s ‘Lipstick’ did a tad better coming in eighth place.

Here are the full results of the semi-finals, and if you want to know how each country votes you can click here for more details.

SF 1 Results:

01.    Greece – 133
02.    Azerbaijan – 122
03.    Finland - 103
04.    Iceland - 100
05.    Lithuania - 81
06.    Georgia - 74
07.    Hungary - 72
08.    Serbia - 67
09.    Russia - 64
10.    Switzerland - 55
11.    Malta - 54
12.    Armenia - 54
13.    Turkey - 47
14.    Albania - 47
15.    Croatia - 41
16.    San Marino - 34
17.    Norway - 30
18.    Portugal - 22
19.    Poland – 18

SF 2 Results:

01.    Sweden – 155
02.    Denmark – 135
03.    Slovenia – 112
04.    Romania – 111
05.    Bosnia Herzegovina – 109
06.    Ukraine - 81
07.    Austria – 69
08.    Ireland – 68
09.    Estonia – 60
10.    Moldova – 54
11.    Belgium – 53
12.    Bulgaria - 48
13.    Slovakia – 48
14.    Belarus – 45
15.    Israel – 58
16.    FYR Macedonia – 36
17.    Latvia – 25
18.    Cyprus – 16
19.    The Netherlands – 13

Source: Eurovision.tv

Friday, 03 June 2011 23:58

Malta: Doubt Over Local Festivals

As the Eurovision Song Contest hype slowly fazed out and the Summer months approach, avid fans of local music have been putting forward some questions about  what is happening in regards to the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest and also the International Maltese Song Festival. After last year’s disappointing result at the Junior Eurovision, rumours spread out that Malta will be withdrawing from the event but until this day the Public Broadcasting Services haven’t issued an official announcement.

Some countries are already planning out their national finals or conducting internal selections, whilst one of the countries have already chosen the song that will be representing them at this year’s show case. The local contest has been described as the only show case on a national scale for children, so if PBS decides not to participate in this year’s contest, it would leave somewhat of a void – as a number of young artists started off from this festival and some of them managed to establish themselves within the local industry as the years went by.

Considering it is the only show case, if the broadcaster decides to stop Malta’s participation it would be a great idea to hold something similar, in order to help young artists show their talents and start gaining confidence on a large platform. Opportunities like these are priceless to the children and even though sometimes the parents over do it when it comes to the actual competition, the children enjoy it and live off a dream even by just participating in a local festival which is organized on a large scale such as the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Another outcry in recent months, surely more evident and bigger than the latter has been for the International Maltese Song Festival, which used to include some of the finest compositions interpreted by some of the best local artists. It was a festival organized on the national tv station and since it stired clear of any political affiliations, a lot of artists used to submit their best material. The only two contests that come close to this are the ‘L-Ghanja Tal-Poplu’ and the ‘Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza’ but none are considered as prestigious as International Maltese Song Festival.

Thus far no announcements have been made, but a number of composers, authors, singers and fans have been asking whether this festival will be held. It was rumoured it will return this year, but we are almost half way through the year and since nothing has been announced yet things do not really look promising for its return in 2011. It’s time to slowly start investing more in our local talent and appreciate what we have more, apart from that, investing in education in all forms of music can only help to create as much awareness as possible, as well as see improvement in the material produced.

Hopefully in the upcoming days, PBS will issue official statments in regards to both the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest and also the International Maltese Song Festival. The Eurovision experience surely meant a lot of hard work and thus has taken a lot of energy from all those involved but it’s time to slowly start moving forward and look ahead – first to see what’s going to happen to these two festivals and later to start planning out Malta’s bid at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

The preparations for Dusseldorf and Malta’s Eurovision participation continue as it seems that Glen Vella will be accompanied in Germany by the same team that joined him during the Maltese national final namely; Pamela Bezzina, Angela Spiteri, Isabelle Zammit, Simon Law and Sandro Zammit. This means that for the second year running, all the team representing Malta will be made up entirely of Maltese and rightly so. All the team has supported Glen throughout this adventure, they were part of the winning package, they complimented the stage act well and therefore it was an obvious choice.

The only two members in the team who have experienced Eurovision before are Paul Giordimania, the composer of the song who represented Malta back in 1991, exactly twenty years ago. The other member is Pamela Bezzina, who joined Thea Garrett last year as one of her three backing singers; so for the second year running Pamela will be on the Eurovision stage. This will definitely be a great experience for the whole team, one which they all will learn from and one that they will enjoy and cherish. Thus far, we have no news in regards to the performance but one expects that the team will take some of the suggestions put forward by a number of fans and improve on the performance the team gave in Malta.

Source: Facebook

Saturday, 12 March 2011 19:08

Sweden: MF 2011 - LIVE

This evening, the national finals season will be coming to an end as Sweden will be selecting their entry through the annual Melodifestivalen which takes place in the capital city of Stockholm and the Globe Arena known as the host of the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2000. This evening, ten entries will be fighting it out for the coveted spot but it will be the first year in quite some time that Sweden does not get to announce their entry last as Azerbaijan and Belarus who will make the final announcements tomorrow and Monday.

God Kväll Europe and welcome to the live report of the Melodifestivalen where a number of acts have been fighting it through to this final stage of the competition. The favourites, the underdogs and more are all trying their best although it seems to be a two way-race between Eric Saade and The Moniker. In the meantime, the final result will be decided by 50% International Voting and 50% Public Vote. Malta will be one of the eleven jurors in this evenings stake for the voting. Alas, it seems that we are all set to commence. Enjoy the show which could be seen here.

The Show (Part 1):

The presenters are on stage and they introduce each entrant with a grand entrance; certainly a fantastic start to possibly the best national final in Europe. Each entry is introduced with a comical sketch well off we go...

Running Order:

01. Danny Saucedo - In the club (Figge Bostrom, Peter Bostrom, Danny Saucedo)

The show starts with a very polished choreography. Danny is joined on stage by two female dancers and three male dancers and all of them are dancing to this pop number. The song carries the name ‘In the Club’ and certainly this atmosphere is created on stage. He gives a strong performance although his vocals were a bit strained in some points. He seems to have enjoyed every second of it. After winning one of the semi-finals it is surely one of the strong contenders for tonight.

02. Sara Varga - Spring for livet (Sara Varga, Figge Bostrom)

Sara Varga managed to get through to the finals through the second chance round. The song is only one of the two songs performed entirely in Swedish and after its triumph in the second round, it is expected to score well. Sarah is joined on stage by a male guitarist in the background. The focus is on her and she performs her ballad to perfection. She is very likeable and sells her song to the public perfectly.

03. The Moniker - Oh my god! (Daniel Karlsson)

Fun, happy and possibly crazy are the best adjectives which can describe this song. The Moniker is joined on stage by a four piece band and two female dancers. We have a black out and a costume change. The song also qualified from the second chance round and after its qualification it became the second favourite to triumph tonight. It is great and although I am not sure how Europe will react to this pop number, it is a strong and fun entry which can take Europe by surprise. Look out for this one.

04. Brolle - 7 days and 7 nights (Brolle)

Slow start but the song picks up tempo quickly. The colours used on stage also reflect this. The singer takes the stage all by himself. Smoke is used to create an interesting atmosphere on stage. The song is interesting and quite strong but it seems like it is more of a tribute to the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley – this is even reflected in the singer’s image. The vocals were quite strong though and he receives a good cheer in the hall. The audience is very warm.

05. Linda Bengtzing - E det fel pa mej (Pontus Assarsson, G:son, Ringqvist, Daniel Barkman)

Swedish pop at its best. Linda is joined on stage by two backing vocalist and with the key change towards the end of the song four dancers join in. Not Linda’s best performance but it was still strong and looked amazing. This is the second and last song to be sung in Swedish and will surely attract a number of votes especially keeping in mind it has the schlager feel to it. Europe might think it is slightly dated though and she said she won't translate the song to English if it wins.

06. Nicke Borg - Leaving home (Jojo Larsson, Nicke Borg, Fredrik Thomander, Anders Wikstom)

Nicke Borg takes the stage all by himself. He performs his contemporary number well and if the Swedes want to go for something different and original with a rock feel to it, this is certainly the one. The entry creates a great atmosphere and is very strong. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if this triumphs. The audience gets into it and the torches created a beautiful atmosphere in the hall. It reminded me of the atmosphere it was created with Sanna Nielsen’s ‘Empty Room’. Will the result be similar? Well he has a great chance to repeat the feat.

07. Swingfly - Me and my drum (Teron Beal, Patrick Magnunsson, Johan Ramstrom, Swingfly)

Swingfly is joined on stage by five cheerleaders playing drums. The entry is very original – it has a nice tune to it even though it is basically rap with some pop elements into it. I am not sure Europe will get this though. Swingfly is joined by two other vocalists in the song, a male and female who have lead vocals too. It is an international effort and might pick up a number of votes tonight, especially by the international jury.

08. Sanna Nielsen - I'm in love (Bobby Ljungern, Thomas G:son, Irini Michas, Peter Bostrom)

Sanna Nielsen gives a killer smile to the camera to start her song with. She starts the song on her own surrounded by a diamond structure that is used as a prop. Later on four dancers join in and they compliment the act well. Sanna performs her song almost to perfection. It is another schlager number, typical for Sweden. This might appeal more to the European audience though. The lyrics are a bit cheesy and I think that Sanna will not challenge for victory this time round – the entry is not original and sounds a bit dated.

09. The Playtones - The King (Fredrik Kempe, Peter Kvint)

A five piece band with two female backing vocalist and dancers perform in this number. It is a very happy cheery song which one can easily start singing to its tune. Another pop rock number which is performed well and the staging was also brilliant. It seems like something that has come a bit of centuries late though. Will it be enough to score well tonight? Well i doubt it but will certainly still be appreciated by a number of people.

10. Eric Saade - Popular (Fredrik Kempe)

Eric is the big favourite for tonight’s show and performing last will certainly boost his chances. The choreography for this number is simply amazing, it is really polished and Eric joins in the choreography and manages to keep good control on his vocals. The pop number is strong and the stage performance is fit for Eurovision, as the five male dancers compliment him well. Eric also breaks through glass for this one. With girls voting like crazy for their heart throb, I think it is only the international jury which can stop this number from winning. The cheer in the hall was probably the loudest tonight.

The Show (Part 2):

A recap of all the songs is shown with the voting numbers for each song. Who is going to be popular tonight? Who will the audience fall in love with? Which song will be played 7 days, 7 nights in the club? We’ll see later on... The interval act is now on.

The interval act is made up of Nanne Grönvall, Christer Sjögren, Lena Philipsson and Ola from The Ark. They perform ‘The Hurricaine’ and they certainly sent the crowd rocking. Tonight the international juries have 50% of the final vote and here are their top votes.

Russia's Jury gives 12 points to Oh My God.
Ukrain's Jury gives 12 points to I’m In Love.
France's Jury gives 12 points to Popular.
Greece's Jury gives 12 points to I'm In Love.
Malta's Jury gives 12 points to Popular.
Croatia's Jury gives 12 points to Et Det Fel Pa Mej.
San Marino's Jury gives 12 points to Me and My Drum.
Germany's Jury gives 12 points to InThe Club.
UK's Jury gives 12 points to Popular.
Ireland's Jury gives 12 Points to I'm In Love.
Norway's Jury gives 12 Points to Me and my Drum.

Standing by the Jury:
1. Popular
2. In The Club
3. I'm in Love
4. Oh my God
5. The King
6. Me & My Drum
7. Et Det Fel Pa Mej
8. Spring For Livet
9. Leaving Home
10. 7 Days & 7 Nights

The interval act continues and we have the rock group Dynasty giving a rock interpretation of last year's Swedish song and incredibly enough this version sounds better than the original. The artists are now being interviewed in the green room which is found next to the stage. Now the big moment awaits...

These are the votes from the public:

16 – E Det Fel Pa Mej
21 – 7 Days 7 Nights
27 – Spring For Livet
33 – The King
37 - Leaving Home
39 - I'm in Love
49 - Me & My Drum
69 – Oh My God
70 – In The Club
112 – Popular

ERIC SAADE will fly the SWEDISH FLAG in GERMANY with POPULAR which wins both the televote and the international jury vote achieving in total 193 points with In The Club with 149 points and The Moniker in third place with 124 points. I'm In Love by Sanna Nielsen finished in 4th with 114 points.

Saturday, 12 March 2011 22:00

Sweden: Eric Saade's Proves He's 'POPULAR'

The Swedish national final is organized on a huge scale and it is considered the best national final in Europe by most Eurovision fans. This year SVT, the Swedish broadcaster did not disappoint with their show as they organized a fantastic show. A lot have said that there are a number of entries which can triumph although a lot considered the contest to be between Eric Saade and Danny Saucedo with The Moniker becoming a favourite with these two later on. The result did not include any surprises but the race was quite close, especially with the votes from the international jury being scattered round different songs.

The public vote had the chance to change everything around but it seems that the international jury and the public were in agreement. Eric Saade triumphed in both and will therefore be the Swedish representative in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with his up-tempo pop dance number ‘Popular’. Eric is twenty years old and he has already achieved a lot in his short career. He made his debut in last year’s Melodifestivalen with ‘Manboy’ where he finished in third place, before going on to top the Swedish charts for three weeks. It seems he was destined for fame and destined to win the biggest showcase in Sweden.


He also released his first debut album last year which reached the second position in the charts. ‘Popular’ proved to be popular from the start as it is already occupying the top spot in the Swedish charts. His performance would need to be reworked though for Eurovision as at the moment he has more people on stage than the stipulated number of six performers but most probably they will keep it along those lines as it proved to be successful. The young artist is a very capable performer; he can sing and dance with no difficulty whilst being very charming. The Swedes will probably have no difficulty to reach the final this year after missing out for the very first time last year.



The preparations for Malta's Eurovision participation are reaching their peak with all the Maltese team working hard to try and impress Europe in the most positive way. Everyone is pondering on one thing; how can we be successful abroad? Recent polls and bets suggest that Malta unfortunately won't be amongst the ten qualifiers and this matter has been bothering the Maltese delegation for quite some time. Although these polls and bets don't really have a direct effect on the result, normally they are quite accurate on what they predict. The only time they failed was when someone came out with something extraordinary and managed to beat everyone to the punch.

Well, Eurovision has always been about having fun in a competitive environment. Everyone has done its fair share to impress Europe; from the most stunning outfits, impressive routines, gruelling masks and other different types of crazy props. What no one possibly ever thought of was in fact to do a tribute. One might ask, but in what sense? What kind of tribute? Glen Vella will face his critics head on at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. A lot of critics and fans have been criticising the Maltese entry for a number of factors and the team decided to use these factors to their advantage. How? Show them on the actual Eurovision night.

Last year, Glen received heaps of criticism about his song sounding similar to one of Michael Jackson’s hit and this year some die heart fans again compared Glen’s voice and style to the late King of Pop. Others said that the masks the dancers were wearing were ripped off Kylie Minogue’s video of ‘I Can’t Get You Out of my Head’ whilst the backing singers’ outfits were certainly inspired by Lady Gaga. On a local television show, they confessed they are in fact the “Gaga Mammas”. Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga are huge mega stars known throughout the entire world – so Malta will pay homage to these personalities on the night.


Malta’s ‘One Life’ is all about ‘Live and let live’ and these three stars have received all kinds of criticism from different tabloids, critics and even fans. The idea of the Maltese delegation is basically to accentuate these points in the Maltese performance. Therefore all the elements that have been mentioned above will basically be given more importance on the final night. The team is also debating on whether to use photos of these three stars during the Maltese performance. The Maltese video showed different people from different walks of life, and even though these three are celebrities they had their own fair share of craziness – something portrayed in the clip that is representing our country.

So what are your thoughts on such a matter? Do you actually agree with all this, or do you think that the team should basically scrap the whole idea and work on a totally new concept that may help Malta more to achieve Eurovision glory; something that we have been deprived from for a couple of years?

[Update: This article is an APRIL FOOL HOAX. Some of you might have realised whilst others it simple went over their head without even thinking about it. This year our website did the second local Eurovision joke. Last year, we announced that the hunters were complaining about Thea Garrett’s stage performance which featured a massive seagull and this year we decided to play again on Glen Vella’s performance. On behalf of Escflashmalta.com we wish all the Maltese delegation the best of luck in their preparation for Dusseldorf and each one of us will be rooting that the Maltese performance would shine out in the best possible way. Good-Luck Glen.]

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