24 January 2018
Emil Calleja Bayliss

Emil Calleja Bayliss

Saturday, 19 February 2011 16:04

Georgia: Eldrine to fly the flag in Germany

The Georgian representative at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest will be none other than the group Eldrine which is made out of five musicians and a female vocalist. One of the musicians later joins Eldrine for a bit of rap whilst they perform the song. The song can be described as a typical rock song which features some elements of rap.

The national selection was being touted to be one of the weakest this year and it seems that this prooved to be the point. Some of the live performances and songs were weak in general and things did not look professional. It seems that Eldrine was one of the favourites to begin with so it was no actual surprise that they triumphed with One More Day.


Personally I don't believe that Georgia have made the right decision in sending this kind of song this year but if reworked a bit and given a stronger performance at the Eurovision stage it might appeal to different people who like music in this genre. After all, Eurovision is a surprise and entries which one would think will score badly might end up scoring well. You can judge for yourself in regards to the Georgian entry.

Source: GPB

Thursday, 24 February 2011 21:16

Germany: Lena Releases Music Video

Lena Meyer-Landrut will be returning back to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and she will be trying to become the first ever participant to win back to back for her country. Germany has won the Eurovision back in 1982 with Nicole’s ‘Ein Bisschen Frieden’ and last year with Lena’s ‘Satellite’. The artist performing in his home country always receives major support in the hall and Lena will surely be no exception this year in Dusseldorf.

The winning song ‘Taken by a Stranger’ managed to win out of twelve songs that competed in two semi-finals, with six qualifying to the final and two songs making it to the super-final. The winning song received 79% of the public vote casted on the night and it was a song that created a lot of attention from both German and international fans. The subject is quite avant-garde and the style of the song is quite modern and different to the style Lena won the Eurovision Song Contest with last year.

The Germans seem to be taking this experience quite serious and they are trying to pull out all stops to try and win the contest for the second time in a row – something that has been achieved by Spain, Luxembourg, Israel and Ireland in the past. The home nation has just released the video promoting this year’s entry and this video is looks very professional and much more elaborate than last year’s video which was filmed in a studio. If you like to watch the video you can press here.

Source: Lena Meyer Landrut Official Website

The Eurovision week is looming closer as the days go by and almost all countries have made their choices – with different countries opting for different approaches to select the best possible song and singer to represent them at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf. With the entries being chosen thus far, one surely expects a few changes come the Eurovision week.

Most countries are in fact putting online the re-mastered version of their songs whilst others would opt for a language change as they believe the song will attract more people at the Eurovision. Videos are also being published and with the heads of delegation meeting coming up this week, one expects to have different announcements every day. Here are the songs chosen and competing in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Keep following these links as when the new versions of the songs are published we'll be updating them.


Semi-Final 1

•    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

•    Finland – Paradise Oskar – Da Da Dam

•    Georgia – Eldrine – One More Day

•    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

•    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

•    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

•    Switzerland – Anna Rossinelli – In Love for a While

•    Turkey – Yuksek Sadakat – Live It Up

•    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

•    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

•    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

•    Greece – Loukas ft Stereo Mike – Watch My Dance

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•    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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•    Hungary - Kati Wolf - What About My Dreams

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Semi-Final 2

•    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

•    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

•    Bosnia Herzegovina – Dino Merlin – Love In Rewind

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•    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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•    Estonia – Getter Jaani – Rockefeller Street

•    Ireland – Jedward – Lipstick

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•    Romania – Hotel FM – Change

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•    France - Amaury Vassili - Sognu

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•    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

The record number of countries that of forty-three equals the record set in 2008 and the Germans are doing their best to organise an event of a lifetime this year. Below you can comment and tell us who are your favourites thus far and how do you think Glen's 'One Life' will do in this year's competition.

Wednesday, 02 March 2011 20:57

Greece: Ellinikós Telikós 2011 - LIVE

Minutes, hours and days continue to pass us by as more nations continue making their selections for the Eurovision Song Contest. Today, the turn goes to Greece, which is actually one of the most successful countries int he event especially when taking into account the last ten to eleven years. This year, they have changed their approach and with a multi-national format, they have decided to call upon newcomers and artists from reality television shows such as local versions of 'Idol' and 'X Factor'.

Kalispera and welcome to our live coverage of this evenings' Greek Final which bears the name "Ellinikós Telikós 2011". Six acts are all vying to represent their home country of Greece in this years' Eurovision Song Contest hoping to add to the rich history of the event as many others have done in the past. In the meantime, a number of special guests will also be present this evening including this years' entrants from Bulgaria being Poli Genova, Cyprus being Christos Mylordou and our very own Glen Vella for Malta. You can the show online here.

The show kicks off with a number of drums playing some dramatic beats. Everything seems to ready to kick off the Greek Selection. The female host appears on the huge stage, and moves on to introduce the jury that will help decide on the entry that shall be chosen to represent Greece this year. All singers appear on stage sitting on stools and along with some drum beats played on a huge plastic water bottle, the singers sing acapella parts of their entries with harmonies coming from all the other participants in this year's selection. After a commercial break, we get a shot of all the participants in what appears to be the green room, and later a link with a male host in what seems to be another green room where all the participants will go after they have performed their song.

Lena gets some promotion now, as a video of last year's winning performance is shown - the Germans really know what they’re doing as Lena is recognisable all over Europe now, and this 'free' promotion might actually help in aiding Germany to another great result. Okay, now this is where the selection starts getting weird. A man with a guitar is joined on stage by a cellist and a violinist and two dancers. Nothing weird in that, what is weird is that one of the dancers is wearing a pig head. Carnival spirit hits Greece perhaps!? Oh well they need to keep their television audience entertained especially since there is no live audience present at the closed studio but we learnt that the song the singer was interpreting was in fact called 'Pigs' which stands for a metaphor that symbolized the economic crisis. Fun eh!?

A short video message is shown to the audience from the singers of Italy, Finland, UK and San Marino who sent in their greetings and excused themselves for not being there. Sakis also recorded a video message and sent his wishes to all the singers participating this year. After that, another commercial break. Seems will be having more commercial breaks rather than singers interpreting their songs tonight. Okay we're back and we start with the songs....


1. Kokkina Halia - Come With Me

The singer is joined on stage by a three piece band. They seem to be wearing casual black and white clothing. The predominant colour is blue although other shades are used. The song overall is relatively boring and it goes nowhere. It has a pop-rock touch but it is the kind of pop-rock that no one would really like.

2. Valando Trifonos - The Time Is Now

Off to the second song. Valando is joined on stage by two bored looking backing vocalist wearing short boring black dresses. Valando is wearing a white gown, and she performs her ballad strongly. The main colours for this number are blue and purple and everything seems to work well. Certainly one to watch out for tonight; it is a song that could have easily been a winner's single for Idol. One thing is sure - it is miles better than the first entry we heard.

3. Triimitonio - Hamogela

This song is very Greek and sets up a happy atmosphere. The three male vocalists are joined on stage by three female drummers. The drum-kits have a big yellow smilie which will help people remember them. The predominant colours are orange and yellow. Something tells me that this will be the song that will represent Greece at this year's Eurovision. It is fun, very Greek and the performers seem to be enjoying themselves.

4. Antigoni Psyhrami - It’s All Greek To Me!

A song written by a fellow Malteser, I mean Maltese. The tune is strong and the singer does her best to give this song a good vocal rendition. It does have Greek elements but the dance elements dominate more in this number. The main colours used are blue and purple with white touches. The singer is joined on stage by four female dancers and all of them are dressed in sexy black outfits. I think they are trying to hard to appeal to a Eurovision audience though. Will it work?

5. Loucas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike - Watch My Dance

This sounds very Greek now and makes mockery of the title the previous song had. It is a modern traditional kind of ballad, with rap elements that fit the song perfectly - something completely different to what we are used to seeing from Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest. All members are dressed in black and overall the number looks very strong. Considering he is one of the favourites this might actually get the ticket tonight. It will be interesting to see how Europe will react to such a number.

6. Nikki Ponte - I Don’t Wanna Dance

Nikki is one of the favourites for tonight but the song and the choreography might have been a bit too much for her and she clearly does not deliver her best vocal performance. The song is a strong one though and will surely be successful at all the nightclubs in Dusseldorf if it gets chosen to represent Greece. Nikki is joined on stage by four male dancers and the overall choreography was quite impressive - pity the vocals were not as strong.

After another commercial break, we're back and a recap of all the songs along with a commentary introducing the voting is shown on screen - 20 minutes left to vote. Another recap. The Cypriot entrant Chrisot Mylordos takes the stage now to perform his entry and although the douze points are not guaranteed since they're in different semi-finals, the entry will surely go down well in Greece as it has various Greek elements in the music. Now, we have a short interview with the singer. Can you please fast forward this bit...... as a Maltese I'm looking forward to see Glen Vella performing 'One Life'. Good-luck Glen. Make Malta PROUD.

There's our Glen. He is wearing black trousers, blue jacket, black waist coat and a greenish top underneath. The version sounds different from the way we heard it during the national finals and overall the entry sounds much stronger. The singer tried to win over Malta's 12 points and Glen diplomatically answers that the Maltese have always supported the Greek entries and will surely do so this year as all entries are strong. She tells him that Greece will also support Malta. Let's all hope they do. Glen looked confident and enthusiastic, he tried his best to charm the presenter who is looking more bored as the times goes on. Maybe she's past her bed time and wants to head to bed!?

The Bulgarian entrant is on stage now performing her song. Probably the presenter is taking a nap during this entry so she can charge her batteries to have energy to announce the result of the televote and the jury vote that amount to 50% each. Okay, the host is back to interview Polly Genova and she asks her why she wants to participate in the contest. What an interesting question. NOT! She does her best and tells her she loves performing to big audiences. The host wishes her all the best even though she clearly didn't like her entry. I think she is secretly supporting Malta as she made effort to ask Glen a decent question and try to get the Greeks to vote for Malta although she was clearly more comfortable speaking in Greek to the Cypriot entrant but we didn't understand what went on there.

Okay, no we have a middle aged men trying to sing different Greek songs in an innovative way. It looks cool for starters but it gets damn boring. He's sitting down and looks really bored but atleast he's being different and giving his touch on the songs but when you think it cannot get any worse it kind of does until six drummers join the stage and the singer is given a saxophone by the host - it than starts to pick up again. It seems that they are running out of ideas on what to have as an interval act but the take on 'Opa', last year's Greek song is interesting and I hate to admit that I kind of like this. The green room host is conducting interviews and the singers are singing some famous songs from all around the world. Nice to see them enjoying this experience.

Okay, results time. The most important part of the show. The team behind song 5 seem to be happy. So I guess they are doing well... if not they won't be happy or celebrating right. Okay it seems that the team behind Song 5 were happy because they just won the selection. I thought the announcement would be far more exciting and the singers would actually be really happy that they won it. Oh maybe some people show their happiness in different ways. The host keeps on chatting and chatting and chatting. Go to bed please. OKay the winner is FINALLY on stage, she gives him her congratulations and calls them "BRAVO". The winner's performance closes the show tonight.

It is interesting to see how this entry is received in Europe. It is a very unusual song and quite different to what one expects from Greece but it is very modern and yet the Greeks keep firm to their roots. On behalf of the editorial team of Escflashmalta we wish Loucas Giorkas and Stereo Mike  the best of luck with Watch My Dance. I am sure Europe will be watching their dance.

Saturday, 05 March 2011 18:08

Armenia: Emmy to 'Boom Boom' in Germany

One of the three national selections that are set to take place this evening is occurring in Armenia where an internal choice of the artist was made quite a couple of months ago. This year, the national broadcaster, C1, decided to choose Emmy who was one half of the duo that finished as the first runner-up in the national selection last year with the song 'Hey, Hey' along with the popular Mihran. Described by many as the Armenian Pop Princess, she is ready to take Europe by storm.

Pari yerego and welcome to our live report of the selection where a total of four songs all performed by none other than Emmy. Following a couple of weeks of song submissions, the broadcaster decided on a set of four entries that best represent the vocal capabilities of the singer or maybe just the different genres available. The four songs feature songwriters from a number of nationalities. Anyways, it seems that we are starting, enjoy the show which you can view on the official Eurovision Song Contest website.

The show kicks off with the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest Winner, Vladimir, who sings his winning song 'Mama'. This was Armenia's first Eurovision win and tonight they will try to choose the best entry that might actually win this year's contest and be the first nation to do the Eurovision double. Emmy is introduced on stage and she draws tonight's running oder.


01. Hi (Vahram Petrosyan)

It seems that the Armenians are also hit by the crisis. Emmy sings the good up-tempo song all alone on stage. She wears the little black dress with some gray touches and walks around the stage to try and get the studio audience in it. With a good choreography this can look really strong and might stand out enough to get a good result at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

02. Boom-Boom (Apricota)

Emmy is wearing the same outfit and we have the same staging for this one. She is all alone singing "BOOM BOOM CHAKA CHAKA". The lyrics sound cheesy and a bit childish. The stage looks empty and they seem to have destroyed the good entries they have tonight by not thinking of putting any backing dancers. The song is sensual though and has the good feel factor. Will it compete directly with Haba Haba if this wins?

03. Ayo (DerHova)

The third song in the same style to the ones we heard before but the tempo changes slightly in this one from slow to fast. The tune is not new, and sounds similar to Hillary Duff's 'What Dreams Are Made Of' and Cheryl Cole's 'Fight for This Love'. It is not a bad tune but I personally prefer one of the first two songs although this receives a high cheer from the audience.

04. Goodbye (Martin Kesici)

The show opened with 'HI' and finishes with 'GOODBYE'. The ballad is nice and although she seems to be singing in playback, she still struggles to reach some notes on the recording. It is a nice song, but might struggle to stand out at the Eurovision and Emmy is certainly not the one who can carry this song well. Although it is the only ballad, I really don't think it can actually win although she gives it a very emotional performance - possibly the song reminds her of her father whom she lost recently.

Don't really know why they decided to bother and put up a show to choose the best song. The four songs were sung quickly right after each other, Emmy sings in the same outfit and none of the songs had some form of backing dancers which would have certainly created a nicer atmosphere and the audience could make a better judgement on which song can represent them best at the Eurovision Song Contest. The vocals were not live either and although this must have been done in order to avoid the singer from giving a better live performance for one of the songs, it is still strange to see a national final with the singer performing in playback. A recap of the four songs is shown and it seems that the televoting is open for 15 minutes.

Andre who represented Armenia with 'Without Your Love' takes the stage and performs one of his recent songs and ends up singing part of his Eurovision entry in acapella with the audience enthusiastically joining in. Sirusho who was in Malta for last year's selection is now on stage performing one of her recent releases which sounds very traditional. The hosts say hello to the rest of Europe watching from the web and Sirusho, like Andre sings a short part of her Eurovision entry 'Qele Qele' which finished fourth at the Eurovision Song Contest. Another recap is shown to the viewers and that brings the televoting to an end. Another singer takes the stage, this time the 2007 representative Hayko who performs an Armenian ballad; hopefully we'll soon get to the results. Off to a commercial break and this time another popular Armenian singer takes the stage.

Vladimir is on stage with the results and the winner is BOOM BOOM :) Quite a good song chosen for Armenia. The song needs a good choreography and will surely do well at this year's Eurovision. Emmy performs the winning song and she seems happy with the result.


The big day is here and finally all the fans and followers of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 will get the chance to watch and hear each entry. This usually brings along the numerous discussions between both local and foreign fans on who should be Malta’s next Eurovision representative. It is quite interesting to see what the fans are thinking as unlike previous years where there have always been someone mentioned as the favourite, this year one can say it is a complete different story and it seems that the fans are waiting to hear the songs before passing any judgements. The reason for this might actually be that last year numerous people were mentioning four names in particular but in the end, it was the unknown newcomer, seen as the dark horse that ran away with victory over singers who enjoyed more popularity and thus were expected to score much better.

After an exclusive 30 seconds clip on ‘Xarabank’, where the songs were heard in the public for the very first time; from tomorrow one can find the clips online on the official website for this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest which is www.MaltaEurovision2011.com. The videos previewed on the website were filmed last Wednesday and they will also be used in the promotional activities leading up to the actual festival on the 11th and 12th of February. The schedule of this promotion includes the following programmes; "12:05", "Sibtek", "Hadd Ghalik", "Xarabank", "Bongu" and "Bla Agenda". This was done to ensure that each song is presented professionally in the public eye and one can actually see that each video looks really professional and each song is presented in the right way. These were directed by Reuben Sant.

It is interesting to note that from next Monday the 24th of January exactly before the TVM News, a short programme presented by Peter Carbonaro will be held to introduce the singers and their songs. In this manner, the public will start getting used to the songs more and therefore one can make up his mind better when picking up the phone to vote on Friday and Saturday night. In each programme there will be 2 artists and viewers will be able to watch the full video of the song there. The programme will be held on a daily basis and will run for twelve days. PBS are simply trying to ensure that the artists that made the finals for this year's selection get as much exposure as possible. More information will be published in due time, so make sure to keep following us.

Here are the 24 Entries...

•    Amber - Catch 22 (Ray Agius / Godwin Sant)
•    Jessica Muscat - Down Down Down (Philip Vella / Jessica Muscat)
•    Wayne - Everybody Sing (Wayne Micallef)
•    Richard Edwards - Finally (Richard Edward / Jan Van Dijck)
•    Cherise Grixti - Heart of Glass (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)
•    Marilena ft. Michael - He's A Demon (Michael Henry / Anthony Grech)
•    Eleanor Cassar - Hypnotized (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)
•    Raquela - If I Could Do It All Again (Marc Paelinck / Mathias Strasser)
•    Domenique - I'll Follow the Sunshine (Ralph Siegel / Bernd Mienunger)
•    Jamie - Lost Without You (Marco Debono / Aidan O'Connor)
•    Kelly Schembri - Love Me Like Your Money (Sven Lundholm / Gerard James Borg)
•    Sophie - Love to Love You (Elton Zarb / Sophie Debattista)
•    Baklava - Moon Dance (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)
•    Claudia Faniello - Movie In My Mind (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)
•    Fabrizio Faniello - No Surrender (Johan Stentorp / Johan Bederholm)
•    Ally - Numb (Ally)
•    Glen Vella - One Life (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)
•    Kurt Calleja - Over & Over (Johan J'amtberg / Kurt Calleja)
•    Klinsmann & Ben - This Love (Jonathan Spiteri / Klinsmann Coleiro)
•    J.Anvil - Topsy Turvy (Jonas Gladnikoff / Niall Mooney / Andrew Zahra / Deo Grech / Natasha Turner)
•    Amber - Touch Wood (Ray Agius / Alfred C. Sant)
•    Anna Azzopardi - Unfaithful (Renato Briffa / Keith Zammit)
•    Petra - Unintentional (Elton Zarb / Rita Pace)
•    Rosman Pace - You'll Never Know (Jordan Milnes / Stephen D. Cook)

Source: PBS

Saturday, 15 January 2011 22:31

Malta: Tickets Out On Sale Next Saturday

The tickets for this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest will go on sale as from the 22nd of January as announced earlier by PBS in this evening’s news.  The public has been waiting for this news in earnest. Unlike previous years where the tickets were either sold online or from the venue itself, this year the tickets will be sold from PBS quarters at 75, St Luke’s Road, G’Mangia.

Since the contest will be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, the availability for tickets will be much less this year. One would therefore expect to queue to manage to grab hold of the tickets to attend such a prestigious event. Tickets will be available for both semi-finals on Friday 11th February where 24 songs will compete where only 16 songs will make it to the final the following day. The finals will be held on the 12th of February and only one song can win the right to succeed last year’s winning entry ‘My Dream’ performed by Thea Garrett. Other details will be announced in due course.


Saturday, 22 January 2011 23:56

Norway: Second Semi-Final Takes Place

The Eurovision Song Contest is only a couple of months away now and the countries have started presenting potential songs that might be representing them in Dusseldorf, Germany come May. Following the commencement of the semi-final stages in Finland on Friday, last week, the attention turned to another two Scandinavian nations but the focus here is Norway. The second semi-final of this country took place today and we have decided to give these nations the attention their deserve.

The grand Melodi Grand Prix preparations continued within an arena in the city of Floro. The selection of songs in this week's semi-final was quite good again  and the seven songs were quite varied but in the end, there were no surprises as the most popular acts managed to make it through to the finals. The list of the qualifiers is divided between those who will compete in the second chance semi-final and the ones who made it directly to the finals. The Finalists are; Babel Fish with "You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video" and Hanne Sorvaag  with "You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video". Hanne experienced Eurovision last year as she was one of the  one of the composers of the Norwegian and Georgian songs whilst Babel Fish is a popular Norwegian act from the Ninetees. In the second chance round there will be Endre with the song "You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video" and Mimi Blix with "You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video". Keep following ESCflashmalta for more news about the Scandinavian selections being showcased for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Sources: NRK

Monday, 24 January 2011 03:25

Malta: Eurovision Fever Gathers Pace

The lead up to this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest continues to gather pace from tomorrow onwards – as the singers will get the opportunity to present their entry to the local viewers in a short programme on TVM prior to the eight o’clock news. This is something new organised for the very first time this year by the Public Broadcasting Services, this will certainly generate more interest to this year’s festival. Something similar is organised during the lead up the actual Eurovision Song Contest where all the focus would be on the Maltese representative, this time round the focus will be on the 24 entries in this year’s local final. The programme will be hosted by Peter Carbonaro who is the press relations officer and also responsible for the artists in this year's selection. This will certainly add to the excitement and give the artists more exposure on local media - this will be another opportunity for the public to get to know them along with guest appearances on; "12:05", "Sibtek", "Hadd Ghalik", "Xarabank", "Bongu" and "Bla Agenda".



Coinciding with this event as we announced earlier this week, ESCflashmalta.com will also be introducing the entries, with two entries being featured every day. Each feature will give some background information on the singer, some history, some short comments from each act and the opinion of our expert panel who will share their opinions on this year’s entries. To be equal and fair to everyone, the results of this expert panel will be revealed a day after the finals where we’ll see how they fared when giving their judgement. Our expert panel consists of Lina Eriksson, Keith Mills, Renee Pelendritou-Pozzi, Nathan D and Eurovision Winner Niamh Kavanagh - all of whom have different backgrounds and thus different tastes, so their opinion is going to be worth keeping an eye on. For more background information about our expert panel please click on the link here.

Source: PBS

Monday, 24 January 2011 09:15

An Expert Opinion: “Down Down Down”

Malta is known of having a number of singers with promising talent and every now and then an artist manages to breakthrough to the local music scene by reaching the finals of the local contest that selects the entry for the Eurovision. Three years ago, a little known Jessica Muscat managed such a feat and tried to build on this momentum to keep her career alive – in fact those who follow the local music scene know that Jessica has taken part in a number of festivals, campaign songs and also is a resident singer in some hotels and bars around the island.

Jessica first appeared in the local scene thanks to the Malta Junior Eurovision back in 2003, and from than onwards she did not look back. She achieved one of her ultimate dreams when she made it to the finals of the Malta Song for Europe for the very first time in 2008 with ‘TYou need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video penned by Gerard James Borg and composed by Philip Vella. In 2008, Jessica also released the single ‘You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video’ which she entered for the Malta Hit Song Contest and it achieved the second place after having impressed the judges for its unique and contemporary style.

In 2008 Jessica was close to achieve yet another dream when she took part in ‘DOPO’ a programme organised to select a singer to join a local band to go record in Ibiza, but even though she was more popular with the band members in the finals, she lost out due to tele-voting and ended up in second place yet again. Riding on such a momentum, during the summer of 2008 she auditioned and got chosen to interpret the song ‘One Life, One Chance’ alongside Ramon Mangion; used to launch Red Touch Phone. In 2009 Jessica went up to England for some gigs and later also had the opportunity to go to Hollywood to participate in a Vocal Camp with the renowned Seth Riggs. Another feat for Jessica was when she released her debut album in 2009 titled ‘Home Run’ which topped one of the local shops’ selling charts.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 – An In-depth Analysis

Jessica will be performing the self-penned entry ‘You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video’ which is written to the music of Philip Vella. This is not the first attempt of the team as they also worked on one of Jessica’s tracks on her album; including 'You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video'.  Philip Vella is quite a renewed artist when it comes to the Eurovision stage. He has experienced Eurovision several times being a guitarist in 1997 and the composer behind Malta’s 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007 and 2008 Eurovision entries – all coming with none other than Gerard James Borg. How will this team fare in this year’s selection? So far, our online readers seem to be approving of such collaboration as Jessica’s entry is one of the front-runners in our poll.

Many singers are excited at making it to this stage and this is the reason why we decided on taking up the comment of each artist with regards to their current feeling and this is what Jessica Muscat had to tell us “Ecstatic in other words super happy!!” In the meantime, we have also taken the liberty to get a personal message for her fans and our readers with regards to the song itself and this is what she told us “It's a modern pop song, the lyrics describe emotion of love at first sight in a nightclub. It has a catchy tune.”


Through the Eyes of Our Experts

Niamh Kavanagh: This song reminds me of so many in this decade of Eurovision, the pop style that cries out for dance routine and will no doubt have people moving during it’s performance, but how memorable it will be after I am not sure.  The hook is good and the singer sings well.

Nathan D: This song reminds me of Cristina D'Avena! … needs more pace…  again, another good voice..  image wise, 8/10 … about time we send a nice blond to the finals.

Lina Eriksson: I like the verses a lot more than the actual chorus. I feel as though the verse builds up and promises more about the coming chorus than actually is delivered, sadly. The singer has got a good voice-ID, cool vibrato. Still the production combined with the chorus feels like out-of-date “Mr.Music” from the 80’s/90’s to me.

Keith Mills: Lovely ethnic atmosphere in the backing track here. The tempo reminds me of “Every Way That I Can” (Turkey 2003) and Jessica has great charisma. This is a really strong contender with some decent choreography and a good live vocal.

Renée Pelendritou-Pozzi: I’ve heard Jessica in a few other Maltese contests but I am not very impressed with “Down Down Down”. The song has a nice beat and ok rhythm but melody wise, I don’t find it catchy at all. I don’t find the lyrics particularly interesting either. On the positive side, the chorus is catchy in parts but the song doesn’t draw me in at all. Jessica has chances to make a nice choreography with this song so maybe it will have an eye-catching live performance.

Final Message

We will also be bringing you an exclusive comment from the respective artist or act that will be one of the twenty-four (24) taking to the stage on Saturday 11th February 2011 and current turn goes to Jessica Muscat as you might have noticed whose message to her fans and readers here at www.escflashmalta.com reads something like this “Thanks so much for all the wonderful messages and support that you are showing me and I promise to give my best performance on the night.”

We would like to wish Jessica Muscat as well as her composer Philip Vella the very best of luck with their project “You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video” this year which will be performed as one of the final entries in this years’ Malta Eurovision Song Contest actually with it being set somewhere between positions 19-23 leaving it’s taste near the end for the people to remember.

Source: PBS

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