22 January 2018


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Thursday, 06 May 2010 13:52

Sweden: Brita Borg died last tuesday

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Brita Borg died last Tuesday at the golden age of 83. She had represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1959 with “Augustin”. She reached 9th place back then which despite not being that amazing, managed to become quite well known. Brita Borg (full name Brita Kerstin Gunvor Borg) was born in Stockholm in June 10, 1926. She was singer, actress and variety show artist. Her variety show career spanned from 1943 into the 1970s, while her singing career trailed away at the end of the 1960s. However, she was still an active actress in the 1980s. {youtube}XCV6XpiU_54{/youtube} Source: Esctoday.com, Oikotimes.com
The popular magazine Life & Style which is normally released on every second Sunday of a new month will be released next week and apart from the typically interesting editorial work with titles ranging about every possible subject. The focus though turns to the Eurovision Song Contest this month knowing that the event will soon be staged. This months' magazine will also include an interview with the Maltese representative in this years' Eurovision Song Contest set to be held in Oslo, Norway. The interview deals with all her aspects since her victory, her personal life, the way she will tackle her performance abroad and other things so make sure to buy a copy of the "Mument" newspaper to get a free copy. Source: Media.Link Communications
Another Nordic nation has now held their own set of previews and this is none other than Finland whose broadcaster YLE has appointed a number of well known people in the music industry in order to see the video clips of this years' participating entries and giving them points. It is quite interesting to note the similarities between the results achieved in Sweden and Finland. Qualifiers: 1st: Portugal - 19 points2nd: Latvia - 18 points2nd: Finland - 18 points4th: Iceland - 16 points4th: Albania - 16 points6th: Greece - 12 points6th: Malta - 12 points6th: Slovakia - 12 points9th: Serbia - 11 points10th: Moldova - 10 points It is interesting to note that Malta placed quite well with both Scandinavian nations and one should keep in mind that the Juries will be playing an important role this year and therefore Thea Garrett's chances of qualification are improving day by day.…
Thursday, 06 May 2010 00:32

Sweden: Expert Panel thinks Malta will fly to Final

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Like in the previous years, SVT is making four preview shows featuring all the 39 countries participating in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest which will be held on the 25th, 27th and 29th of May respectively. These shows started on April 27th till May 18th. There are five experts reviewing the songs weekly. The show is hosted by Melodifestivalen producer Christer Björkman. Last April 27th and last night, these five experts voted for all of the 17 songs participating in the first Semi-final. These are the results: 19 Points to Latvia 18 Points to Portugal 18 Points to Albania 16 Points to Iceland16 Points to Moldova 16 Points to Malta 13 Points to Greece13 Points to Slovakia 13 Points to Belgium 13 Points to Belarus--------------------------------12 Points to Russia 09 Points to Bosnia & Herzegovina09 Points to Finland 09 Points to Poland 08 Points to Serbia 04 Points to Estonia 03…
Our site has only been open for a few days yet we have managed to garner quite a nice amount of readers thanks to the massive Press Relations work that is being carried with mentions on X Fm, Radio 101, Radju Malta, Favourite Television and more still to come. We are in the process of contacting professional people within the music industry to help us out with Guest commentating during this years' Eurovision Song Contest. At this moment in time, we are in a position to confirm the first person. The Guest commentator for the second semi-final on the 27th May 2010 will be featuring a man who started to perform on the Talent Show in Ireland entitled You're A Star which went on to select the entrant and song for that years' Eurovision Song Contest. Following his appearance on the show, we studied speech and drama scoring some charting…
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 14:37

Lithuania: Inculto to release album

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The Lithuanian representatives in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest are quite busy promoting their entry at the moment and therefore they would like to improve their promotional by releasing an album which is actually an EP Pack consisting of remixes and other songs. Tracklist: 1. Eastern European Funk2. Keep on Dancing3. Sabroso4. Welcome to Lithuania (Live)5. Eastern European Funk (Acoustic)6. Eastern European Funk (2Foxy Rmx)7. Eastern European Reggaeton (Morlenka Remake)Video: Eastern European Funk (Official Video)Eastern European Funk (Live at ESC National Final)Keep on Dancing (Live in Studio)Keep On Dancing and Sabroso are previously unreleased tracks. Welcome To Lithuania almost took InCulto to Eurovision in 2006 (the band came second in the National Selection that time). Morlenka Remake is a remix of the title song produced by InCulto bass player Aurelijus Morlencas and 2Foxy Rmx was made by Lithuania's biggest house music producer Mario Basanov. You can buy the CD at…
Popular web portal www.di-ve.com, has just reported that Dr. Isabelle Gatt has resigned from the Malta Eurosong team with immediate effect. The reason given for this resignation is personal work commitments that Dr. Gatt has. One would like to note that Dr. Gatt has been part of the advisory team since 2008, which coincides with the year PBS took over Malta's participation at the Eurovision Song Contest. This resignation is rather a surprise bearing in mind that Thea Garrett shall leave our shores around mid-May to represent Malta in this year's Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Oslo on the 25th, 27th and 29th of May. Escflashmalta.com will try to contact the Head of Delegation Joe Dimech to see whether he would like to pass on a statement on the issue, and see whether Dr. Gatt will be replaced in such a crucial stage of the competition. Source:…
Marc Calleja Bayliss has spoken to the duo who will be representing Romania in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. This is what they had to tell us whilst wishing everyone a pleasant couple of weeks with regards to what will be coming up soon. This years' Romanian selection was quite complicated for fans to understand because despite the fact that it was open to everyone, the broadcaster namely TVR heard the submitted entries and also decided which songs were good and had unsuitable singers. Do you think that this kind of system worked in the organization of the selection in your opinions? I think this is a smart decision for TVR because this makes the whole process more efficient. First of all, the decision is favorable to the young composers who can't afford to have an experimented artist singing their song, because we all know that a good song can…
One of the most anticipated events on the Maltese musical calender surely has to be the Konkors Kazunetta Indipendenza which is an open air event held in the Floriana Granaries during the Independence festivities. Several local stars participate in the event promoting Maltese culture and lyrics. It is truly a spectacle for all. The 2010 edition is in it's preliminary stages actually and the organisers are getting ready to gear up for another year. We are in a position to reveal that this years' edition of the Konkors Kazunetta Indipendenza received a total of 125 Entries, 32 of which are in the Teen Category whilst a total of 93 entries were submitted in the Established Category. The submission procedure was open from 08:00 CET till 19:00 CET yet was just a tad longer until everyone who had entered till the final minute got his song registered. It is important to…
One of the most important promotional events of the year took place in Belgium, a nation which is competing within the first semi-final of this years' Eurovision Song Contest. The event brought together the delegations from Armenia, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ireland, Belgium as well as Malta. The schedule included performances on the television un the show TVL as well as a live performance during the Pink Nation event. Our representative for 2010 namely Thea Garrett performed her entry My Dream written by Jason Paul Cassar and Sunny Aquilina looking extremely charismatic during the performance. According to reports, the artist really did well within the country and was received well by both people as well as the media present. In the meantime, you can see the performance from the program through the youtube video below which has just been uploading in an extremely high quality version. {youtube}heSkgKicEAY{/youtube}

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