22 January 2018
ESCflashmalta Team

ESCflashmalta Team

In less then two weeks the first rehearsals of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest will start at the Esprit Arena in Düsseldorf within the nation of Germany. On Sunday, 1st May everything will be kicked off and it looks like that we will be having an amazing show according to the preliminary pictures of what we have seen of the stage. The use of a main area and a catwalk is not the most original idea ever but it looks brilliant this year.

The stage construction is under full preparation and the set will be spectacular being a circular with a 13 meter diameter and a 20 meter catwalk spreading out half way through the audience  in the middle of the arena ending in a smaller stage. On top of that there will be 2 LED Screens looking over the stage. The people attending the show will be involved actively and thus playing a key-role in the production. A video report on the construction of the stage can be seen here:

Source: Official Eurovision Website, NDR


Saturday, 19 February 2011 16:05

Italy: San Remo 2011 Won by Roberto Vecchioni

Ciao Tutti e Bonasera, welcome to our live coverage of the annual San Remo competition which is being staged at the beautiful Teatro Ariston which is situated in the city which bears the same name at the events' name. A total of fourteen acts were competing at the start of the week but following the elimination and the re-entry of some acts, we now stand at ten. I think that it is nice to see Italy really putting the effort this year and it shows with viewing figures improving quite a bit.

The hosts of the evening are singer/songwriter Gianni Morandi along with the ever so beautiful models Belen Rodriguez and Elisabetta Canalis who has been making headlines with her high profile relationship with actor George Clooney. We have been keeping you posted over the last couple of days about the shows but this evening marks the grand finale with the act to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest Final on the 14th May 2011 to be announced. You can watch the show through RAI UNO which could also be found through satellite.

Here we are for a long and surely exciting evening as we will finally know the first Italian entry in Eurovision since Jalisse magnificent 4th place in the 1997 Eurovision with 'Fiume di parole'. The show is starting with a dance act and looks very nice. The presenters come on stage and an act is being performed in honour of the presenters, but obviously we are all waiting for the finalists to perform their song. The presenters are opening the televoting, so just like in Eurovision one can vote from the very first moment.


01. La Crus – Io Confesso
02. Giusy Ferreri – Il Mare Immenso
03. Davide Van De Sfross - Yanez
04. Luca Madonia ft Franco Battiato – L’Alieno
05. Nathalie – Viva Sospesa
06. Anna Tatangelo - Bastardo
07. Modá and Emma - Arrivera
08. Albano – Amanda e libero
09. Roberto Vecchioni - Chiamami ancora amore
10. Luca Barbarossa & Raquel del Rosario – Fino Il Fondo

We are off for the first performance...

01. Davide Van De Sfross - Yanez
A nice opening for the festival but in my opinion in view of Eurovision not the song to go for. I'm pretty sure we are heading for better songs.

02. Roberto Vecchioni - Chiamami ancora amore
I really adore Italian music, it's one of my favourite languages to listen to, but with all respect to Roberto, i don't believe for a minute that this would be a wise decision to send for Eurovision. Undoubtably a good performer, but in terms of Eurovision no way.

03. Anna Tatangelo - Bastardo
Comparing to the first two songs the song is already much more appealing to me. Quiet good performance although i believe Anna is forcing a bit too much herself. But overall not a bad performance.

A first commercial break is currently done.

04. Luca Barbarossa & Raquel del Rosario – Fino Il Fond

Luca Barbarossa, the 1988 Italian ESC entry is back with Raquel and it's clear the level is going only up tonight. Quiet a nice performance of the two singers. In terms of Eurovision, i'm not sure if this would be the song, but i like the performance. It has a nice build-up, like it! And a big compliment that the orchestra is here, how much we miss it at the Eurovision!

05. Albano – Amanda e libero
And here we have the great Al Bano, he represented Italy in the seventies together with Romina Power and being a backing singer in 2000 for the Swiss Entry in Eurovision. This week he first got eliminated but through a second chance still got into the finals and it's clear why: still a great performer and definately a great Italian artist. A nice song however i don't think this is a song for Eurovision.

We have a break with a guest peformance by Belen Rodriguez and Fernando Alonso, the Fomule 1-driver is asked on stage.

06. La Crus – Io Confesso
A nice performance by La Crus, a male singer accompanied by an opera singer. I like it, but again in terms of Eurovision i don't think it would work completely although i think one of the better songs though, kinda confused.

07. Giusy Ferreri – Il Mare Immenso
Giusy Ferreri is bring a rock-ballad. I don't know about this one, i might be totally wrong but i dont' have any connection with this song and performance. It's not bad in terms of performance but i think this would  not be a good entry for Eurovision.

08. Nathalie – Viva Sospesa
Now this is an interesting entry. The last Italian winner of X-Factor is performing playing the piano. I like this a lot, this has Eurovision all over it and i believe this could be a great entry for Italy in Düsseldorf! Nathalie is leaving the piano and performing strongly on stage. This could work out very good for Italy in Germany! And i admit i was expecting a lot on this as Nathalie is half belgian (her mother is belgian) but objectively this is the best entry for now in terms of Eurovision.

And we are off again for a commercial break.

09. Modá and Emma - Arrivera
This duet is not bad at all, i'm happy to be able to judge the songs on a first hearing so without any prejudice. This is really well done and i believe this entry could be a dangerous contender for the Eurovision Contendor.

10. Luca Madonia ft Franco Battiato – L’Alieno
The last participant is not bad either bad with all respect for the performers we've heard better songs. Especially in terms for Eurovision i don't believe this would work at all, for this the song is too much ordinary and has nothing special.

We had all the songs for now and we're off for some typical talking and comic talking. Hopefully this is not taking too long and they'll tak us to the important part of the show...the results!

There is again a call for televoting and the cd with all songs of this year's festival is being promoted. And now we are off for a interval-act with many dancers, amongst only one female, looks pretty good actually! We are having another guest performance before waiting results for the superfinal!

The presenters are now talking about the selection for Eurovision we'll be seeing now any moment the entry for Eurovision!

And there it is, it's Raphael Gualazzi who will represent Italy in this years Eurovision Songcontest! He is the winner of the new coming category! Very funny though that this is briefly mentionned during this show! I wonder about the real interest of the Italians for the Eurovision actually. If 'Follia d'amore', Raphael's song in San Remo is really the song for Eurovision, this is a HUGE disapointed for the returnal of Italy in Eurovision. Actually i honestly believe they'd better had been out for another year. Shame on you RAI!

In the meanwhile, the televoting has stopped for determing the winner of this years San Remo Festival.

Avril Lavigne is called on stage now to give a performance. With all respect to this singer but in the past we had more big stars in the festival, i expected more about it.

The top 3 are announced... They are:

Al Bano

Moda and Emma

Roberto Vecchioni

On the first two i can agree, but such a pity Nathalie didn't make it, especially in terms for Eurovision! And a long talking from the presenters we are off again for a dance-act. Well the italians surely know how to keep on dragging a show for ages!

And again the top 3 are performing again: first Roberto Vecchioni, then Moda and Emma and finally Al Bano! Hope this will not take too much long anymore! At least Maltese Television learned how to keep a show more compact this year, my compliments on it, but shame on RAI!

After another performance televoting has finally come to an end. Let's cross fingers this never ending story is coming to end soon now!

Finally!!! The results are being announced!

Third place is: Al Bano

Second place: Moda and Emma

Winner is Roberto Vecchioni!

So that concludes this never ending evening. A very disapointing evening in regards for the return of Italy in the Eurovision Songcontest. There were much better songs that could have given Italy a great result in my personal opinion. We'll see now, goodluck anyhow!

Monday, 21 February 2011 19:22

Armenia: National Final Moved Once More

A very sad news reached us today as Davit Bejanyan, Emmy's father passed away last Sunday after having a heart attack. The Armenian broadcaster, ARMTV, has obviously decided to delay the National Final which was scheduled for this Saturday, 26th February in Yerevan in order for the artist to mourn and grieve in this time of sorry. Such a decision might also affect Glen Vella's promotional visit to the country which was announced during the last program of "Bla Agenda" presented on ONE Television by Public Broadcasting Services consultant, Norman Hamilton.

Despite such tragic news, the broadcaster revealed the names of the songs which will be fighting it out for the ticket to represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest set to take place in Dusseldorf, Germany. As always, please keep in mind that all songs will be performed by Emmy and these are:

- Ayo (DerHova)
- Hi (Ahram Petrosyan)
- Boom boom (Apricota)
- Goodbye (Martin Kesici)

As soon when the new date of the National Final is determined, we will inform you immediately. In the meantime, the Editorial Board at Escflashmalta would like to offer their condolences to Emmy and her family over this loss. One should note that Emmy was also the runner-up in last years' national selection where along with Mihran, she performed "Hey Hey". Stay tuned for more information about the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany as it becomes available.

Source: ARMTV

First of all, one should compliment Dejan Kukric, the Head of Delegation of Bosnia & Herzegovina for a very professional show from BHRT studio's. It was very clear that the team has worked hard to bring an appealing show which looked very up-to-date.

The show started with a nice clip and after the presenter Maja Šengić made an introduction with also a welcome to the European viewers, Vukasin Brajic performed again his song 'Thunder and lightning' which gave Bosnia & Herzegovina last year again a place in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. The show had further performances by a young band Maximum Power, as well as the last Italian entry Jalisse who ended 4th in the 1997 Eurovision with the magnificent song 'Fiume di parole'. Also Turkish star Mustafa Sandal gave a performance as a special guest of Dino who seem to be good friends. He's performing a song from Dino. Mustafa Sandal is married also to Serbian singer Emina Jahovic. Also Dino performed his 1999 entry 'Putnici' which ended 7th in Jerusalem.

Although what we all were waiting for was the performance of this year's Eurovision entry for Bosnia & Herzegovina. 'Love in rewind' starts very quiet but develops quickly in a very happy mood song with a group of people behind Dino seeming to enjoying themselves very much. Again a very surprising entry from Bosnia & Herzegovina. With the general low level of entries currently in the Eurovision submitted, i can see this being qualified actually, although it will be awaiting till the semifinal on 12th May. Goodluck Bosnia & Herzegovina! The show is ended by Beauty Queens (backing singers for Marija Serivovic the serbian esc winner of 2007) who are singing their own version of the song, it sounds very good good actually!

Source: BHRT


Saturday, 26 February 2011 19:54

Latvia: Eirodziesma 2011 - LIVE

Several nations have been making attempts at changing their selection methods this year and one of them comes in the form of the Baltic Latvia following it's neighbouring nation of Lithuania. Following three shows which featured two semi-finals and then a second chance round, this evening a final is set to take place within the city of Ventspils. All in all twelve acts have made it to this evenings' show which will see someone heading to the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

This years' selection which will be aired on LTV 1 will be quite an interesting spectacle to watch although many pundits say that there is really just one man to look out for and he has already been to the Eurovision Song Contest in a group. This time he is back as a solo performer but I won't say more. It seems like it is about to start so, Labvakar, and enjoy the show through the official web-cast of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The show has started and we're off for a definately intersting evening. Valters Fridenbergs and Ugis Joksts are two of the presenters on stage and are welcoming the audience. We are off for a musical piece after which valters and ugis are joined by jolanta strikaite the third presenter.  One should note that Valters Fridenbergs was one of the singers next to Kazha who gave Latvia a splendid 5th place in 2005 with the song 'The war is not over', composed by Martins Freimanis, who passed away some weeks ago at the age of 33.

We have a first look in the greenroom where the atmosphere is still great, at least at this moment! The presenters are explaining now about the voting procedure, we'll have a first round where 3 song will make it to the final after a televoting and jury vote. And off we go with the voting! The judges are being presented at this moment, so now it's awaiting for the first song to be performed.


  • Evija Sloka - Don't stop the dance
  • Elina Krastina - Grence - Look back at me again
  • Ivo Grisnins - Grislis - Cinderella
  • Trianas Parks - Upside Down -> withdrawn
  • The Secretz - Summer night
  • Pienenu vins - You are
  • Janis Stibelis - Let it be me
  • Oksana Lepska - Live on!
  • Musiqq - Angel in disguise
  • Blitze - Hop
  • D-Family - Daylight
  • Lauris Reiniks - Banjo Laura

1) Evija Sloka - Don't stop the dance-

We are off for the first entry. Evija is a nice singer and the vocals from this first entry are way better than the overall level we had in bulgaria for instance. Don't stop the dance is a nice easy listening song, but in terms for Eurovision i don't think this stands any chance. But not a bad first entry in Eirodziesma i must say.

2) Elina Krastina - Look back at me again

The second entry in tonight's final now. Always a very difficult spot to sing but Elina is doing her best. The song is however nothing special and would be totally lost in the international competition. But again a positive things and compliments to LTV, The Latvian broadcaster, they tried to get a level that is acceptable for a national final.

3) Ivo Grisnins - Cinderella

The third song is again not a bad song - what a difference to the bulgarian final - a nice melody, easy listening song and sympathic singer. However i think the vocals are not always at its best, it's still not a bad entry in this final. A winner for Germany however i don't think so.

And we are off for a commercial break....

4) The Secretz - Summer night

The 4th song tonight seems to be the weakest of all the songs we've heard till now, especially in terms of vocals. It doesnt sound very harmonic and also the melody is somehow strange and outdated. The three girls might be goodlooking but that won't save them surely to have any chance to qualify for the superfinal.

5) Pienenu vins - You are

This is a very good singer actually, she's not looking Latvian at all but the singer has a very good voice! The quiet uptempo song is however very weak and the production could really have been way better. Should this be selected for Eurovision, it would turn out as a drama for Latvia. Still waiting for the song that can do it.

6) Janis Stibelis - Let it be me

This is a very promising beginning actually of the song. A nice melody, not a bad singer. But these sunglasses are somehow over the top. And when the midtempo song is turning towards its end it's starting to get annoying actually. No sorry Janis, this won't be your year.

7) Oksana Lepska - Live on!

This is a very good song, very carrying and giving a special atmosphere! I'm only very song to say that the vocals of Oksana are destroying any chance of having an option to be a hot favourite for the superfinal or even winning Eirodziesma. Pity as this ballad song is very good actually!

8) Musiqq - Angel in disquise

This is seeming like a hot favourite in the audience. With all the lighting in the hall it reminds me of the swedish entry in Oslo but we all remember it didnt bring her that luck :). However this is a pretty good song of the two male singers, quiet up-to-date, well sung and i could see this in another stage, being the superfinal and who knows more. If this is however a song that can bring luck for Latvia i'm not convinced at this stage, but it's definately one of the better choices!

And we're off for another commercial break before a surely emotional moment in Eirodziesma

9) Blitze - Hop

This is a very emotional moment for me i must say. The composer of 'Hop' is  no less than one of my best friends ever in my Eurovision past, Martins Freimanis, who passed away recently. I'm sure he would want me to be straight and fair in my comments. Well i cannot say not else that this is a definate qualifier for the superfinal. A very happy song, well performed and good feeling. If this will the winning song for Latvia we have to wait but i dont exclude it.

10) D-Family - Daylight

Save the best for last? Well definately it might count, as after Hop i like this song a lot! Quiet Eurovision style but well performed actually. A happy feeling and i can see this on this Eurovision stage. One song left however and definately a strong contender.

11) Lauris Reiniks - Banjo Laura

And now the last song, but who! Lauris Reiniks is definately the most popular tv-personality and solo artist in Latvia but also popular in Estonia and Lithuania. The singer won earlier this week a Latvian Music award for his recent album and is aiming again for Eurovision. Banjo Laura is surely a very strong melody, a very happy feeling and strong performance! After the semifinal he changed his backing singers and it definately shows! This is definately my top favourite to win tonight in Latvia! Lauris knows how to play with the camera, he's a great performer and would surely make the Latvian people proud in Latvia! Let's see now what will happen and who is going to the superfinal. But let me allow for once, vote Lauris!

We are having now a recap of all the song in tonight's final.

The current televoting are quiet clear : Angel in disquise in first place and banjo laura in second place with big difference to the rest of the songs.

We are having a recap of some recent Latvian participants, starting with Marie N.  But with the performaing of F.L.Y. with 'Hello from Mars', it's again an emotional moment seeing Martins Freimanis performing with his close friends Yana kay and Lauris Reiniks, one of the big favourites of tonight's final.

We are having the performance of Sarlotte Lenmane who represented Latvia in the last Junior Eurovison.

We are about to know the 3 superfinalists...the tension is getting high! All participants are called on stage!

The three superfinalists are....

- Lauris Reiniks: Banjo Laura

- Pienenu vins - You are

- Musiqq - Angel in disquise

And we're off for the superfinal!

Lauris Reiniks is performing again his Banjo Laura! This song makes me so happy and gives such a good feeling. You can simply not hate this song or singer, i think personally this is thè song for Eurovision. Well done Lauris!

Pienenu Vins is performing again her song 'you are'. I must say Latvian jury and public did not a bad job at all as i could see this song in the superfinal. Again not a bad performance, although i think the final battle will be between lauris reiniks and musiqq who are still to perform for their second time.

The final performance is from Musiqq and 'Angel in disquise'. As i told before i saw them in the superfinal and they deserved it totally! Very good performance actually again so a though competition for Lauris reiniks. But when i must be honest there is no doubt who will win this superfiinal. It's going to be Banjo Laura for Germany!?

We are having a recap now and a first view on the televoting. Musiq in disguise is leading but closely followed by banjo laura. keep in mind though there is a 50% televoting and 50% jury, so my vote still goes to Lauris.

We see a number of entries chosen already, amonst the entries from the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland and Iceland

Now is the time for a last recap of the superfinalists as the televoting is about to end very soon! The voting has ended!

We are having again a very emtional moment in this show as Valters is performing again 'The war is not over' with kazha, the song that Martins Freimanis wrote back in 2005 and gave Latvia a 5th place in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The winner is...... Musiqq with Angel in disquise. Lauris reiniks in second place

Source: LTV



Saturday, 26 February 2011 20:48

Serbia: Nina gets the Ticket to Dusseldorf

This year Serbia has gone to the Kovac family to help select its entry  as Kornelije Kovac and his two daughters Aleksandra and Kristina were each asked by Serbian Broadcaster RTS to write a song for the Eurovision Song Contest. All 3 are famous musicians in homeland Serbia, but its Kornelije Kovas himself who is no stranger to the eurovision circles. He himself represented Yugoslavia in 1974 as part of the group Korni Grupa. They came in 12th place and lost out the Abba from Sweden.

Tonight “Pesma za Evropu - Dizeldorf 2011” will take place.  It will be our first opputunity to hear the Serbian songs in the running for eurovision.  Kornelije has drafted in the group “The Breeze” to perform his entry Ring Ring Ring. Nina (Danica Radojčić) will perform the song Caroban composed by Kristina Kovac, and Aleksandra Kovac herself will perform her composition Idemo Dalje. It will then be up to SMS voting in Serbia to decide the winner. Nina Badric, Dado Topic(Croatia 2007), Aleksandra Radovic, Jelena Tomasevic (Serbia 2008), Karolina Goceva (FYR Macedonia 2002,2007), Boris Novkovic (Croatia 2005), Tanja Banjanin, and Ana Stanic.

The Show (Part 1):

This evenings' show is being hosted by none other than the charming Maja Nikolić who introduces the way that the songs are set to be performed this evening but quickly after her presentation, former Eurovision Song Contest winner Marija Serifovic takes to the stage to perform the song 'Molitva' which brought the contest to the nation of Serbia.

Running Order:

01. The Breeze - Ring Ring Ring

Well this first song is somewhat boring actually. The group are doing the best possible work with it but it surely does not sound current and therefore sounds old and outdated. I hope things will only get better because at the moment, we are looking at a possible snooze-fest. The song would probably go down well in these region of countries but it won't appeal to a wider Eurovision Song Contest audience. Well being honest, hearing the song for the third time made me like it but it should be instant.

02. Aleksandra - Idemo Dalje

Now this is more like a proper performance actually. The song is very beautiful and I must say that if this song is chosen then it would easily be the best ballad in the competition. Similarly to last nights' Austrian winner, the song oozes charm and emotion and cannot help but remain amazed at the amount of talent that the singer emits on the stage. A very good performance and possible Serbian representative.

03. Nina - Caroban

This song is completely different form the one performed just before it because it is a typical cabaret-ish type of song actually featuring a partial big band. The vocals are strong and it will be quite interesting what the people will be making of this one. The international acclaim seems to be mixed but I think that she sells the song well. It will also be quite interesting to see whether the act could develop further. Going back to this one, I am reminded just a tad of the song by Michelle Gayle, "You Make Me Woo" which finished as the runner-up in 2009.


Well that is it for the songs this evening with regards to possible winners that is because an array of guests will take to stage now but before, we have a behind the scenes look at the choices of the artists and the recording process of the songs which have been just presented. The people have an hour to make up their mind so make sure to cast your vote wisely if you live in Serbia. The acts will now perform once more the entries that might go to the Eurovision Song Contest. The show continues with the live orchestra present doing some beautiful instrumentals for those present.

The three members of the Kovac family are now on stage and being interviewed by the presenter. Former Croatian representative Dado Topic makes an appearance performing one of the ladies' tracks. Another singer in the form of Tanja Banjanin is now on stage. Well yet again, more guests, more talking as me move into the final ten minutes of the voting. The guest performances keep on accumulating and I must say that Jelena Tomasevic was inspiring and could try for the contest another time in my opinion. A clip from the orchestra playing 'The Nutcracker' is currently going on.


I cannot say that it was the best final this evening with regards to song quality but I must say that that two of the three songs were right up my street and would work quite well on a bigger stage at the annual Eurovision Song Contest. In the end though, quite surprisingly, the winner is none other than Nina who will be performing the song "Caroban" composed and penned by Kristina Kovac. The other sister had been the favourite but an upset was caused once more.

Source: RTS
Saturday, 26 February 2011 23:52

Latvia: Musiqq Beat the Odds


Latvia has decided. After quite a good final with a number of very nice guest performances at the end apart from a good crop of songs, the group Musiqq won the national final with 'Angel in disguise' before favourite Lauris Reiniks with 'Banjo Laura'.

After hearing all 11 songs 3 songs were selected and it was pretty clear the battle would be made between Musiqq and Lauris. In the end Musiqq won the battle with their uptempo song 'Angel in disguise' which is not bad but it's still to wait if this tune will be strong enough to go the finals of the Eurovison Songcontest. Latvia will perform in the second semifinal of the Eurovision songcontest on thurday 12th May,

Source: LTV



Tonight, the respective broadcaster, ERT, organised the Greek National Final live from the ERT-studio's in a modest way but still it looked as an attractive program with a deserved and clear winner in the end.

The participants of tonight were:

1. Kokkina Halia - Come With Me

2. Valando Tryfonos - The Time Is Now

3. Triimitonio - Hamogela

4. Antigoni Psychrami - It's All Greek To Me

5. Loukas Giorkas Feat. Stereo Mike - Watch My Dance

6. Nikki Ponte - I Don't Wanna Dance

We saw a variety of songs and singers with a special attention to Antigoni Psychrami as the lyrics of 'It's all greek to me' was written by no less than Gerard James Borg. Unfortunately he didn't win the prize but still can be proud to have achieved this result of getting to the greek final with the song. Top favourites were Nikki Ponte and Loukas Giorkas Feat. Stereo Mike. Nikki Ponte was a clear fan-favourite but one must say that the vocals were not at its best and something was missing to make it a real winner. In the meanwhile we saw some guest performances from amongst Cyprus, Bulgaria and also our own Glen Vella who performed 'One Life' to the Greek audience.

The final winner was Loukas Giorkas feat Stereo Mike with 'Watch my dance'. Maybe a more risky choice, but all worth it in my opinion. The singer has the charismatics, the looks and the voice and will surely fly towards the final. Wouldn't even be surprised if this ends up very high on 14th of May in Düsseldorf. The singer was born and raised in Cyprus and got fame as he won the very first edition of the Greek X-Factor. Now the next step in his career is Eurovision. We wish him all the best of luck in the first semifinal on Tuesday 10th May!

Source: ERT



Today is quite a special day for all fans of the Eurovision Song Contest with a crowning moment of the annual event taking place. Many fans will be doing their best to witness the Semi-Final allocation draw through the confines of twitter this year knowing that the European Broadcasting Union as well as host broadcaster, NDR, will not be providing a webcast as has been done in recent years. In the meantime, there has also been official confirmation that 43 nations will be present in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The landmark moment of being given the hosting will take place tomorrow as a representative from Oslo will be handing over a symbol of the event to a representative from Düsseldorf. This is a very interesting moment and something which the people do look forward to all round the year as it marks the union and respect between two nations. Following this procedure though, a draw will decide in which semi-final, the nations will be competing in and that includes Malta of course.

Pot 1

* Albania
* Bosnia & Herzegovina
* Croatia
* FYR Macedonia
* Serbia
* Slovenia
* Switzerland

Pot 2

* Denmark
* Estonia
* Finland
* Iceland
* Norway
* Sweden

Pot 3

* Azerbaijan
* Belarus
* Georgia
* Israel
* Moldova
* Russia
* Ukraine

Pot 4

* Armenia
* Belgium
* Cyprus
* Greece
* The Netherlands
* Turkey

Pot 5

* Ireland
* Latvia
* Lithuania
* Malta
* Portugal
* Romania

Pot 6

* Austria
* Bulgaria
* Hungary
* Poland
* San Marino
* Slovakia

Such an event took place within the Apollo Theatre and was hosted by none other than one of the three comperes for the event, being none other than Judith Rakers. Apart from the respective nations knowing within which semi-final they will be competing, the new "Big 5" comprising of the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany and Italy will be allocated to show a semi-final and vote in it as well. Therefore, in total there will be 37 countries which will be allocated to one of the two shows with Israel already given a place within the second semi-final due to the festivities within the country. Above one could find the respective pots in which the nations have been divided in based on the voting patterns established in Oslo, Norway.

Semi-Final 1 - SPOTS 1 to 10

Albania, Finland, Armenia, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Georgia, Serbia, Russia, Poland

Semi-Final 1 - SPOTS 11 to 19

Croatia, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, San Marino, Iceland, Greece, Portugal

Semi-Final 2 - SPOTS 1 to 10

Netherlands, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, Cyprus, Austria, Sweden, Moldova, Belgium, Slovakia

Semi-Final 2 - SPOTS 11 to 19

Israel, FYR Macedonia, Belarus, Denmark, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Slovenia, Ireland


SF 1 Voters - UK / Spain

SF 2 Voters - France / Italy / Germany


Source: Eurovision.tv

Friday, 21 January 2011 10:52

Belgium: Final on Saturday 12th February

Yesterday, it was announced by Belgian Head of Delegation, Leslie Cable, that the National Final is going to be held on Saturday 12th February in 'Palais des Congres' in the city of Liège, which is situated close to the German border, featuring 14 finalists.

30 songs have qualified for the semifinal which will be broadcasted live on Belgian radio-station Vivacité as well through web-stream on rtbf.be. A 50/50% jury and tele-voting will decide on which 14 songs will qualify for the big final on 12th. It seems like that will be a very busy day as also Malta, Iceland, Norway and Finland are deciding on the song for Düsseldorf. The show will be called 'Eurovision 2011: Oui? A vous de décider' (Eurovision 2011: Yes, it's up to you to decide). The 30 songs in the semifinal can be heard here: http://eurovision.akamusic.com/

The most remarkable name for the Eurovision people is Chloe. She was the runner-up in the National Final for Junior Eurovision 2008 with 'Un nouveau rêve' which you can hear and also see through the video below. The 15 year old Chloe (who will be 16 at the time of Eurovision, so no problem for competing) will be competing with the uptempo song 'Just one chance' which can be heard You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video. The announcement of the final can be watched through this link here.

Source: RTBF


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