17 November 2017
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The annual, interactive, televised music contest, with participants from countries all over Europe known as the EuroVoice is currently being held. The President of EuroVoice is Eric Serra who is one of the worlds' most renowned producers and composers having scored the soundtracks to the films Leon, Nikita, Joan of Arc, and The Fifth Element. Now the Maltese Islands will be represented by none other than Lawrence Gray in this years' edition.

The Popular Maltese singer Lawrence Gray is one of the most noted vocalists on the Maltese Islands with a record to show for it having participated in the Maltese selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2010 managing several top ten positions including two runner-up finishes with the songs The Right Time losing out to the Times Three and their entry Believe In Peace as well as Why Not losing out to Lynn Faure and her entry To Dream Again. In the meantime, his entry in the EuroVoice European Music Contest  is none other than his Eurosong 2010 entry Stories composed by Ray Agius and Godwin Sant who are gaining quite the popularity at the moment. We are going to keep you updated on this matter as soon as more news comes in from our partners at Oikotimes.com

Source: EuroVoice, Oikotimes


Maltese singer Roger Tirazona (who is also half Filipino) has just returned from representing Malta in the 11th New Asian Singer contest, which this year was held in Beijing, the Capital of the People’s Republic of China.  In a very tough competition of singers coming from virtually every continent, Roger managed to go through 2 elimination phases and classified in 6th Position out of 35 contestants of extremely high level.

He was also awarded the “Most Promising Singer” award.  Roger representing Malta managed to get where countries like Japan and Korea didn’t manage, even though they are the two greatest contributors to the Asian music market.  Contestants came from countries like China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Philippines, Finland, Canada, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Slovenia, Australia and the United States.  The winner of the contest was the singer from Philippines who is sure to be a next Asian Superstar.  The contest was aired on Satellite Channel Yunnan TV (YNTV) which covers the Asian continent and billions of viewers.

In the contest, Roger got to perform the Malta produced song “Silver Rain” (Composed by Paul Abela and Lyrics by Joe Julian Farrugia) which was extremely well received in terms of music, arrangement and lyrics and commented by the jury as “a lovely European style pop ballad with poetic lyrics”.  Other Asian singers and impresarios in the contest have requested to record this song to be released in their own Market.  “Silver Rain” was performed in the first elimination where Roger was chosen in the top 15 singers.  After that he performed his cover versions of the songs “Alla Luce Del Sole”, “You Raise Me Up” and the Filipino song called “Anak” which all enabled him to keep advancing to the next phase till the Super Final.

When asked about his experience in China Roger says: “The 11th New Asian Singer contest was one of the most pinnacle experiences in my life where I can say that I have sung with some of the best voices in the world.  All of the contestants were of world class level and all were remarkable in their own style and musical genre.  To be very honest I did not expect to manage to reach the very end of the contest as all the contestants were of extremely high level.  But I kept believing in myself and giving my best and I am very proud to have taken the Maltese flag to the very final stage of this prestigious, eurovision-level, Asian contest and gotten a very high placing for Malta and myself.  However this just scratches the surface of my experience there.  The meeting of professional producers, making new friends from all over the world and appreciating the wonderful hospitality of the Chinese people and the beauty of their country cannot be compared to any festival result.  While in China we did not just sing.  It was a great pleasure to show my respects to the Chinese people suffering drought in Yunnan Province.  All of us singers from around the world planted trees and used water brought from our countries to water them.  I have first handedly experienced an amazingly produced and organized Festival and one of the best hospitality in the world.  It will be an experience I will never forget.”

Roger is a member of the World Association of Festivals and Artists (WAFA).

Source: Press Release


Our site has only been open for a few days yet we have managed to garner quite a nice amount of readers thanks to the massive Press Relations work that is being carried with mentions on X Fm, Radio 101, Radju Malta, Favourite Television and more still to come. We are in the process of contacting professional people within the music industry to help us out with Guest commentating during this years' Eurovision Song Contest. At this moment in time, we are in a position to confirm the second person following Simon Casey.

The Guest commentator for the first semi-final on the 25th May 2010 will be featuring a man whose has managed to experience two different Eurovision Song Contests, one in 2003 and one in 2006. The well-known Polish artist has already made an appearance in two movies within his home country whilst he has also been in two reality shows, one for TVN in the form of I Am What I Am as well as on VIVA! Poland in the form of Show Your Face. In December of 2003, he disbanded the band Ich Troje founding another band entitled Red Head in 2005 before deciding to re-unite Ich Troje later on that year. I am of course speaking with the well known and talented performer Michal Wisniewski. The Maltese have a personal significance for Michal and he had showed this in the 2003 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest wearing the 8 pointed cross of the Knights of St.John.




We were the first website to come up with the details of the number of submissions in this years' Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza which amounted to a total of 125. We are also going to be the first form of media to announce the details of this years' program in relation to the popular festival bearing the name Indifest.

This years' program which will be presented by Christine Haber, Ronald Briffa and Frank Zammit will be seeing a lot of alterations. It is important to note that due to a misunderstanding we would like to clarify that the Jury and Tele-voting awards are still separate in the "Stabbiliti" Category while the "Zaghzagh" category will be 50% Jury and 50% Tele-Voting. The production of the show kicking off on Tuesday 13th July will be within the hands of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza Committee Chairman Frederick Zammit as well as Anthony Busuttil.

Joining Frederick Zammit on the Committee for 2010 will be none other than former Malta Song For Europe secretary Mildred Micallef, ESCflashmalta Chief Editor Marc Calleja Bayliss, ESCflashmalta International Relations Officer Emil Calleja Bayliss as well as Ray Cassar. They will be working together in order to bring out the best possible festival a year prior to a milestone 20 years since it's inception.

Source: KKI Committee, Frederick Zammit

Sunday, 09 May 2010 20:22

Poland: Remixes Galore

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Marcin Mroziński, who represents Poland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has prepared a special surprise for his fans just a week before his departure to Oslo. At the request of many DJs and radio stations in Poland Marcin, with cooperation with Mafia Mike, presents 3 remixes of his entry Legenda. We provide them for free use and hope as Marcin Mroziński does that you will enjoy the music.

Preparation of the Polish team to Eurovision Song Contest is well advanced. In the last episode of Marcin’s show ‘Coffee or Tea’ on Friday morning viewers have known among others Dariusz Lewandowski who is choreographer of the performance and a new hairstyle of Polish singer. The weekend continued on final matching of the stage outfits.

On Sunday morning Marcin said goodbye to listeners of Polish Radio One in music program ‘Lazy Sunday’ as well. The Polish Radio One traditionally supports national artists during the Eurovision in special reports. Being the guest of the radio show, Marcin announced that TVP prepares a special weekend devoted to Eurovision and its representative on May, 22-23. He also presented some of this year’s Eurovision entries underlining among others his friendships with Niamh Kavanagh and introducing her music carrier.

And finally in connection with the participation of Marcin in the contest a special postcard will also be published in Poland with his photo and Legenda’s lyrics. Download the material just by clicking here.

Source: Oikotimes.com

As part and parcel of our 2010 Eurovision Song Contest coverage, we have contacted all of the former Maltese representatives at this prestigious event and some of them came to us with their greeting for the jolly Thea Garrett who will be performing My Dream penned by Sunny Aquilina and written by Jason Paul Cassar  in the first semi-final of this years' event. Today we will be bringing you the greeting of Chris and Moira.

The dynamic duo first burst onto the scene as a duo in the 1994 Malta Song for Europe when they performed the song their self-penned entry More Than Love which blew away the judges of the national selection toppling people such as Ray Caruana who represented the United Kingdom in the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest finishing in second place. Alas, the duo went to Dublin and finished in 5th place which was another brilliant result for our country with the performance being outstanding. The duo would go on to write the 1999 entry Believe In Peace to which they accompanied as backing vocalists and also an entry within the Malta Eurosong competition in 2008 entitled All Right Now which failed to make it through to the final round of the competition. They are currently working on a new album which will be released in due course.

"All the best for the Contest, we are sure you will do your utmost but whatever the result, you make sure you enjoy every bit of it cos that's what you will carry along with you all your life, the great moments!!

Take care and break a leg, regards
Chris & Moira"


Safura had to flight to Athens on 7th May but turmoil in the Greek capital forced the Azerbaijani participant to called of her trip. The Azerbaijani artist was poised for intensive promotion in the Greek capital, with numerous high-rated TV and radio shows lined up to receive her. Among others, Safura would’ve appeared in various shows on ERT, Greek public broadcaster, MAD TV, ALTER TV, MEGA Channel, STAR Channel, and ALPHA TV. Safura was also about to meet with the Greek Eurovision representative George Alkaios.

Safura and team were sorrowed from the tragic events taking place in Athens. Greece was a very important country in singer’s promo tour schedule but social and political situation made this trip impossible. Safura sends all the best wishes to her Greek fans and hopes that all conflicts will be solved in near future. Safura hopes to visit the Greek islands after Eurovision 2010 for her summer holidays. For now Safura is getting ready to proceed with her promo tour. She will visit Switzerland, Poland and Russia. Check Safura’s updated schedule and all news about tour at www.eurovisiontalents.com


Source: Konstantin Hudov (Euromedia)

The newly created website has contacted most of the former Maltese Eurovision Song Contest representatives in order to pass on their message to this years' representative namely 18 year old Thea Garrett who will be performing the song My Dream during the first semi-final in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest being held in Oslo, Norway.

Paul Giordimaina has managed to establish a name for himself as both an artist and a songwriter having been the main individual to look out for in recent years having been nominated for Album of the year as well as impressing people when speaking about the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest having finished in second place in 2009 with Eleanor Cassar and her song Someday as well as 2010 with Glen Vella and his song Just A Little More Love. He had taken part along with Georgina Abela in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest garnering 106 points and finishing in 6th place.

Paul Giordimaina: "Hi Thea, I wish you and all the team the best possible for a great performance in Oslo. No matter what you see  and hear when you're there, STAY FOCUSED only on your song believe in your song like I'm sure you do,believe and be true to all those who will be with you on and off the stage and express your opinion how you are feeling on stage. Don't be afraid to speak out whats bothering you  and what may be adjusted during the performance. Be yourself with the media and talk with feet on the ground, to them. Malta will be with you all the time. Good luck Thea."


Despite being a brand new website, we have decided to start awarding our local readers with some prizes following the massive input and feedback that we have so far with regards to the way that the site has been designed as well as the way it has been run. As you all know the Eurovision Song Contest is not that far away and therefore, we would like to send us your predictions for the top 10 qualifiers in each semi-final.

We have been in contact with several local artists such as Eleanor Cassar, Pamela Bezzina, Jessica Muscat and Paul Giordimaina amongst others who have offered us a copy of their latest album. In the meantime, we can also say that we have in our hands a copy of the Albanian press pack along with some Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza compilation discs and therefore, we are ready to give away these prizes to those who are closest within their prediction. We are not looking for placings but we are looking for the qualifiers. Therefore send us your emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put your name in the possible winners' circle.

Thursday, 06 May 2010 23:32

ESC 2010: Stage Unveiled to the Media

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A few hours ago NRK presented the stage for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. In 10 days from now the first participants will rehearse their song in the Telenor Arena on the Eurovision stage. It consists of a performance area, which is a circle with an 18 meters diameter, surrounded by various layers of light & physical material.

The stage floor is made of glass and mirrors which has an in depth effect specially combined with the lights. The light design was again taken care of by Al Gurdon & his team. Riggs of light surround the stage and are stretched far into the arena with light elements attached to them, so the audience becomes a part of the stage. The riggs have a capacity of 16 000.

Source: Eurovision.tv


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