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Wednesday, 11 April 2012 01:05

Latvia: Reviewing the track 'Beautiful Song'

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These reviews gives one notice to look even closer to the competition and the first semi-final is actually quite an interesting round with many tracks standing out for their uniqueness. All of the first three entries were so different from each other. Nevertheless, moving onto the next song which comes from the Baltic nation of Latvia. The issue with this country is that they have also been financially struck in the past couple of years but with the help of a major sponsor, they have managed to come out on top each time and participate. Their history is actually not too bad except for recent times but that will be further analysed later on actually. This year, they will be represented by Anmary who will be performing the track Beautiful Song composed by Ivars Makstnieks and penned by Rolands Ūdris.

Anmary begins singing her life story during Beautiful Song, it tells the story of a girl who dreams about walking on to the world stage, but allowing herself some humble pride while imagining life as a superstar. She was born in the rural town of Gulbene. She admits that music has been a part of her world since childhood. Her father would sing lullabies and play the guitar for her, and her mother encouraged her to enrol in music school, where she learned to play the piano. She started her stage career in the televised reality show TheTalent Factory, where she earned the runners up spot.

In the past Anmary has taken part in a variety of musical projects, has performed in the musical West Side Story, and been the lead vocalist for the groups Sunny Sense and Mash Mash. She has demonstrated her vocal skills to listeners elsewhere in Europe too. Dr. Christoph Schönherr, composer and professor at the Hamburg College of Music and Theatre, chose Anmary to sing solo in his work Magnificat, which toured with the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra around Germany, Spain, France and Belgium.

Anmary continued to develop her vocal skills while studying and today works as a vocal coach and singer. Her greatest fan is her two-year-old son Marts Gabriels. A number of Latvian music professionals have acknowledged her vocal mastery, while listeners are drawn to the quality of her voice, her always pleasant demeanour, and the sincerity of her emotional range,which can be heard throughout her performance. "Music is my oxygen. Singing is a delight, and I get that indescribable feeling of goosebumps before any stage performance. And then this overwhelming sense of satisfaction and pleasure that somebody may be enjoying those same goosebumps while listening to my songs.” says Anmary.

The Critics Voice Their Opinion

Jan Van Dijck

  • I can’t hear the “beauty” in this “song”. It really annoys me this one and if I was Mick Jagger, who is mentioned in the lyrics, I would complain about that matter, and inform for not to be wanted associated in such a silly song. Hence following this, my first three (3) points.

Knut-Oyvind Hagen

  • Oh my. I took part in the Latvian final in 2008 and fell in love with the country, but lately they have been miserably out of tune with this competition. The video starts up in such an amateurish way that it hurts, and it isn’t a very “Beautiful song” either. The chorus is hummable, but that’s it. Come on, Latvia. You can do miles better and agreeing fully with my colleague, three (3) points it is.


  • Nice melody, with a good acoustic pop sound. It does however become boring after a while, probably because of small variation in the vocals. Still, it is quite decent and therefore five (5) points are somewhat deserved.

Entry Background

Performer: Anmary

Composer: Ivars Makstnieks

Author: Rolands Ūdris

Song: Beautiful Song

Language: English

Broadcaster: LTV 

History of the Nation

The first glimpse of this nation at the Eurovision Song Contest came in 2000 when the group Brainstorm won over a number of fans from all over the continent with their rendition of the track My Star finishing in third place. They do not repeat their performance, the second time round unfortunately but nevertheless, manage to win on their third attempt with what is described to be the worst ever commercial winner of the event, not even managing to reach the top thirty in Latvia. The song entitled I Wanna by Marie N flew under the radar and pipped Malta at the very last minute. The results have not bee so sublime in recent years especially since they have failed to qualify for the past three years. It will be interesting whether Anmary can turn around that bad fortune bestowed on the former winning country.

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